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Growing Up With The Fiat Everyone Warns You About

Friday  17:59,   20 october 2017

Before Fiat married Chrysler it was just Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino, but most people probably would have told you it stood for this: “Fix It Again, Tony.” My dad took this as a personal challenge and adopted a 1979 Spider 2000 in the ’90s.[...]

The Most Famous 1991 Acura NSX On The Internet Is For Sale

Friday  17:58,   20 october 2017

You might have noticed that the car community is rediscovering ‘90s design. As our love for all things wedged returns, first-generation Acura NSXs are enjoying a revived popularity (and surge in sale prices). One 1991 Acura NSX in particular has[...]

Cars of World Leaders: 2017 Edition

Friday  17:56,   20 october 2017

Cars of World Leaders: 2017 EditionWorld leaders get to drive around in cool cars. Or at least they get to be driven around in them. No average family sedans for the top elected (and some not elected) officials in the world. They get the best from[...]

Buying A Vintage Car For Fun And (Perhaps) Profit

Thursday  21:07,   19 october 2017

You might do better keeping your money in the market, but then you can't take that already skittish Tesla stock out for a weekend excursion.A 2004-vintage Ford GT Sports car that was valued at $190,000 in 2013 is now worth as much as[...]

Driving the Audi RS3: Behold, the World's Most Expensive Small Sedan

Thursday  21:07,   19 october 2017

<p>Would you pay Shelby GT350 money for a li'l Audi, even one with 400 horsepower?</p>The M3 owner enthuses over the Audi, as one might for a flame-red, fetchingly tiny sedan that happens to scorch from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 3.9[...]

1957 Corvette Really Found in a Barn!

Thursday  21:06,   19 october 2017

“She opened up the barn doors and it was laying there.”&nbsp;The old Vette looked ridiculous in Matt's mind. That was his impression of the scene, set inside a pole barn on a farm outside the small town of Glen Campbell,[...]

This Georgia Sheriff's Chevy Camaro SS Police Car Looks Like a Rolling Rave

Thursday  20:29,   19 october 2017

<p>How'd you like to see that in the rear-view mirror?</p>Related Video: Dubai police eye the skies with new 'hoverbike' (Provided by[...]

Matt Barba Spent 19 years on a 1960 Chevy Dad Told Him Not to Buy

Thursday  20:26,   19 october 2017

If car features were sung to the tune of a well-known country song, Matt Barba’s 1960 Chevy Impala would be sung to the tune of Merle Haggard’s “Mama Tried.”The first time around Matt took the advice of his father, a mechanic and auto shop owner, so [...]

Vintage Photos of the Corvette that Never Was

Wednesday  18:11,   18 october 2017

<p>There was no 1983 Corvette.</p>So when we saw a photo job labeled "1983 Corvette" by Eric Rickman, we were intrigued. There was no 1983[...]

Understanding the Ford 4.6L/5.4L 3V SOHC V8

Wednesday  17:51,   18 october 2017
Truck Trend

The Ford 3V SOHC Modular engine was a stop gap solution to power between the 2V SOHC and the 4V Coyote.When my buddy opened the hoods of these new ’04 F-150 pilot units, it was obvious Ford had a very different Modular planned for the new F-150 and[...]

VW Marks 50 years of Baja Racing

Wednesday  17:50,   18 october 2017

This November, hundreds of racers and thousands of motorsport fans will gather in Mexico for the running of the 50th BFGoodrich Tires SCORE Baja 1000, one of the most grueling and demanding races on the planet. And as always, the race will feature[...]

“Win on Sunday, sell on Monday!” Does the adage still work?

Wednesday  17:50,   18 october 2017

It’s all about developing brand loyalty for the long term, not just selling cars nowIt’s an age-old adage in motorsport: “Win on Sunday, sell on[...]

Enter Aston Martin's Secret One-Off Club at $2.6M

Wednesday  17:36,   18 october 2017
Road & Track

Aston Martin builds a pair of one-offs every year in complete secrecy, and the next four slots are already sold. Better luck in 2020!Remember the CC100, the speedster Aston built for its 100th birthday in 2013? The project got the green light from[...]

This Is a Great Example of the Ford Mustang SVO

Tuesday  20:03,   17 october 2017

<p>The original turbo Ford Mustang was geared toward a different kind of Mustang owner.</p>Rather than a V-8, power came from a 2.3-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder. This is the same formula applied to today's EcoBoost Mustangs, though obviously[...]

How To Live The Supercar Life In Tokyo

Tuesday  20:01,   17 october 2017

For a city that loves supercars so much, there aren’t really many ways to experience one in Tokyo without owning one yourself. Unlike other large cities in the world, supercar rentals or sharing services are practically non-existent here. There are[...]