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The great Canadian Volkswagen show

Friday  23:10,   17 august 2018

The great Canadian Volkswagen show 2/26 SLIDES © (Brendan McAleer) 3/26 SLIDES © (Brendan McAleer) 4/26 SLIDES © (Brendan McAleer) 5/26 SLIDES © (Brendan McAleer) 6/26 SLIDES[...]
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Collector classics: B.C. historic motor races

Friday  18:25,   17 august 2018

Vintage sports cars will be tearing up the circuit track at Mission Raceway this weekend beginning Friday with tuning and time trials.  It will be particularly eventful for Al Ores. There will be a special race in his honour[...]

Are You Rad Enough to Own an Aston Martin V8 Vantage Rally Car?

Thursday  23:16,   16 august 2018

This has got to be the best-sounding modern rally car in the world.Welcome to You Must Buy, our daily look at the cars you really should be buying instead of that boring commuter[...]

2018 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet First Look: One Fast Pony

Thursday  20:16,   16 august 2018

Only 68 of the $130,000 race cars will be madeWhat better place than Woodward Avenue during Dream Cruise week for Ford to unleash a limited-edition 50th anniversary Mustang Cobra Jet race[...]

Junkyard Crawl: Rare Merc & Olds Stock Car Racers

Thursday  20:08,   16 august 2018

Subscribers to our Motor Trend show Junkyard Gold will be familiar with the two NASCAR-themed relics on display this month. During our visit, a steady flow of Minolta-toting tourists wandered the place, grabbing images for use in personal[...]

Is Ford's 10 Millionth Mustang Really Number 10 Million?

Thursday  19:51,   16 august 2018

We get the lowdown on how the Blue Oval counts its cars. Ford recently celebrated a milestone, and unless you’re living under a rock on one of Saturn’s moons, you probably heard about it. The 10 millionth Ford Mustang was recently built, rolling off [...]

The Only Ferrari to Win Le Mans Twice Is up for Sale

Thursday  19:17,   16 august 2018

Ferrari 275 P Chassis #0816 might be the company's greatest sports racing car.Welcome to You Must Buy, our daily look at the cars you really should be buying instead of that boring commuter[...]

Here's Ten Disruptive Car-Related Business Ideas That Will Probably Make You Super Rich

Thursday  19:16,   16 august 2018

Are you sick of being broke all the time? Eating sandwiches with scraps of cardboard with the word “HAM” scrawled on them? I know I am. But I’m not here to complain; I’m here to solve problems and chew gum, and my debit card got declined when I[...]

First Drive: 1967 Shelby GT500 Super Snake Continuation

Thursday  19:06,   16 august 2018

Driving a bit of Shelby’s “unfinished business”Hope is a tenacious bug, and just as I round the corner toward recovery, I drive something neat, and the cycle of self-destructive daydreaming begins anew. My most recent relapse was at the hands of the [...]

First Ride: 2018 Kawasaki H2 SX SE

Thursday  18:26,   16 august 2018

A supercharger and saddlebags doesn't sound like a great combination for a bike, but it works wonderfully in this mad sport tourerWait just a nitrous oxided minute[...]

CSBK Round 5 Report: Redemption!

Thursday  18:21,   16 august 2018

<p>The past two years, I’ve gone to Canadian Tire Motorsport Park. The past two years, I’ve left CTMP and gone straight to the hospital</p>Originally published on Canada Moto Guide: CSBK Round 5 report:[...]

Future classics on display at Hampton Court Palace

Thursday  17:06,   16 august 2018

One-off Rolls-Royce joined by limited run Aston Martin and McLaren modelsVideo: 7 Reasons Why This '72 Dino Is the Ultimate Frankenstein Ferrari (provided by Motor Trend) Your browser does not support this video require(["binding"],[...]

Every American Parking Lot Has At Least One Terrifyingly Unsafe Car

Wednesday  22:55,   15 august 2018

What is the state of the American parking lot? Go out to one near you and you’ll probably find cars just like these, and at least one of them will have terrifyingly bald tires. That’s at least how things turned out for Regular Car Reviews, who took[...]

Technology is about to fog your car's windows — with ads

Wednesday  22:53,   15 august 2018

They could soon turn into a lucrative entertainment 'fifth screen'While automotive windows have slowly evolved over the past 100 year or so—starting with laminated and then tempered glass to protect occupants — they haven't really changed[...]

Tuner Transforms VW Atlas Into Lifted 350-HP Performance SUV

Wednesday  22:53,   15 august 2018

The company bolted on the turbo from a Golf R and tweaked the intake and exhaust plumbing to boost the output. APR specializes in tuning Volkswagen Group's products, and the firm's latest undertaking gives the Atlas seven-passenger SUV a lot more[...]