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20:07  15 may  2018
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2018 Honda Accord Hybrid Gets 5 L/100km

  2018 Honda Accord Hybrid Gets 5 L/100km Not bad at all

Is Honda cool again ? by Alain McKenna May 9, 2018. Ironically, the car you’d expect to be the least cool in the lineup turns out to be the most promising one, if Honda truly wishes to revive a brand that has suffered a lot in the past decade.

2018 Honda Accord vs. 2018 Toyota Camry: Visual Comparison - Продолжительность: 3:40 Car Confections 61 340 просмотров.

The brand that used to be loved by younger car enthusiasts has lost its cool in the last few years, but that could change again. Here’s why.

Ironically, the car you’d expect to be the least cool in the lineup turns out to be the most promising one, if Honda truly wishes to revive a brand that has suffered a lot in the past decade.

Worldwide, Honda represented 7.25% of all the cars sold in 2005, and then it fell to 4.68% in 2011. It’s been stuck in the low 6-percent area since, until last year, when a redesigned Civic and new SUVs were introduced.

Honda Everus EV concept introduces a new car and brand

  Honda Everus EV concept introduces a new car and brand Honda's exhibition at the 2018 Beijing Auto Show includes theEverus is the name of GAC Honda's EV venture, and the car is a joint development with Honda's Guangzhou R&D center, Honda Motor China Technology Co, and GAC Honda, which itself is a joint venture between Honda and the Chinese GAC Group. All in all, the Everus EV will go on sale by the end of the year, and it will also be made available as a shared vehicle via Reachstar, a car sharing company in which Honda is investing. The car is Honda's first Chinese mass-production EV, and the concept looks pretty production ready to us.

ACE COOL , Lui Hua 俺ら 本田 ACE COOL , Lui Hua We Honda . 【ACE COOL 】 この道がBetter 死ぬまでPlayer This road is better, until we die we players.

— Honda (@ Honda ) September 12, 2017. Somewhat surreally, two horses appear round a bend up ahead, blocking our path. Jose Mourinho Loses His Cool ( Again ). Christian Bale Hates Rom-Coms. How to stay cool in New York.

This summer, the Clarity plug-in hybrid builds on that momentum. The sedan is among the best in its category, under the hood as well as behind the wheel. Enough to forget an exterior design closer to the former Insight hybrid than to the current five-door Civic…

A Volt from Japan

The Clarity starts at $40,000. That’s before the $13,000 rebate you get in Ontario for purchasing a plug-in hybrid, or the $8,000 you get in Quebec. In any case, it’s about $2,000 less than you’ll pay for a Chevrolet Volt, the benchmark in this segment, for similar performance.

On paper, Honda claims an all-electric range of 76 kilometres, for an average fuel-economy equivalent of 2.1 litres per 100 kilometers. Both figures are subject to variations based on how and where you drive.

Honda UK Builds Civic Truck-R

  Honda UK Builds Civic Truck-R The team at Honda's Swindon plant has come up with the brand's second pickup truck. The team at Honda's Swindon plant has come up with the brand's second pickup truck. It's just a concept, but the Civic Type R Pickup looks like the hottest new Ute around.

For 2016, the Pilot also gets top safety and crash ratings from both the federal government and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. So let's count down the five coolest things about the 2016 Honda Pilot.

So you guys have been requesting that I make this video for a while now, so here's a video of my daily Hondas exhaust. Its got custom stainless headers and

Based on a week-long test drive and national statistics, the real-life electric range of the Clarity is enough to get most of the workers living in the suburbs downtown, and back home, on one charge. Since 90% of plug-in hybrid owners charge at home overnight, it’s plenty enough.

Behind the wheel, the e-CVT transmission does not offer any kind of sensations you’d get from a more traditional, multi-gear manual or automatic gearbox (notwithstanding its push-button design, another trend being revived in the industry these days...), but the combined output of 212 hp will have you accelerating quickly enough in all situations.

By the end of the week, you will probably have used some of the gas in the tank. The average fuel consumption shown after our testing was of 2.6 L/100 km.

The end of the double touchscreen

For about $3,000 more, the Touring package adds leather to the seats, and a nice 8-inch touchscreen display to the centre console.

Honda Planning New EV Based on the Fit

  Honda Planning New EV Based on the Fit Partnering with major battery maker on new technologyHonda will work with Contemporary Amperex Technology (CATL) to create batteries and related technologies for the new vehicle, reports Japanese newspaper The Nikkei. By the first half of 2020, the vehicle will debut in China and other markets, although we don't know if this includes the U.S. or not. Range should hit 300 km (186 miles), which already puts it behind other electric vehicles including the Chevrolet Bolt.

Check out the new 2017 Honda Ridgeline pick up truck, Follow me as I show and demo most of the cool features of this new Honda Pickup. Thank You again to Honda and the staff in San Antonio Texas for all your help and for providing me access to the new Ridgeline.

2018 Honda Accord interior vs 2018 Toyota Camry interior - دورانیہ: 9:17۔

At last, Honda seems to have lost its despicable love for that double touchscreen setup it used for a few years in all its models. Now, the software interface is simple and efficient, integrates Apple’s CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto perfectly, and it’s all you really need.

If you need to change the climate settings, you can do so without looking at the controls.

The Clarity Touring also has a voice recognition feature, and a wireless connection allowing to control some features remotely, via a mobile application.

Nothing really stands out, here. No pop-up door handle like the ones you find on Tesla sedans. No futuristic cluster-less dashboard either. Simply great ergonomics, and performance at the top of its category.

A combination that has won Honda many fans 30 years ago. Ingredients its engineers and designers seem to have found again and put to good use.

2019 Honda Insight is Pricier, Less Efficient… but Possibly More Fun .
Canadian drivers who like Honda and green cars have the new Accord Hybrid and Clarity Plug-In Hybrid to consider, but when the company introduced the all-new 2019 Honda Insight at the beginning of the year, it signaled its intention to once again offer a smaller and more affordable option. Of …Of course, you remember that the first and second generations of the Insight failed to gain traction in the market. So, if the third time is supposed to be the charm, styling needs to be a lot better and more universally appealing—and it is.

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