Enthusiasts Depreciation Appreciation: 2011-2017 Ford Mustang GT

18:51  12 june  2018
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Next-Gen Ford Mustang Might Get AWD And Spawn Electric Version

  Next-Gen Ford Mustang Might Get AWD And Spawn Electric Version Meanwhile, current generation will get a hybrid powertrain in 2019. While we’re patiently waiting for Ford to finally take the wraps off the 700-horsepower GT500 monster, the world’s best-selling sports coupe in the last three years is already gearing up for some major updates. First, the current generation of the beloved pony car will receive a hybrid powertrain scheduled to be launched at some point in 2019, so it should be available on the 2020MY.The major announcement was made Ford Group Marketing manager, Corey Holter, during an interview this week with The Detroit Bureau.

From 2011 , the engine was updated with a lighter aluminum block and other revisions, to deliver 550 horsepower. Depreciation Appreciation : 2003-2014 Volvo XC90 - July 13, 2017 . Illustrated Guide to Potholes - July 12, 2017 . More Related Articles. Find of the Week: 2,000 km 1987 Ford Mustang GT .

chask7, 6/28/ 2011 . Tale of Two Mustangs . In fall of 2010 I bought a 2011 GT with the Brembo package and 3.73 gears. This spring I traded that car for one with standard 18" wheels and 3.31 rear. Ford Mustang 2017 .

2018 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet Set to Burn up Drag Strips

  2018 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet Set to Burn up Drag Strips To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the very first Mustang Cobra Jet, which ruled the drag strips in 1968, the automaker will once again release a modern-day take of this legendary racing pony car. According to Ford Performance, the 2018 edition will be the most powerful and the quickest factory-built …According to Ford Performance, the 2018 edition will be the most powerful and the quickest factory-built Mustang Cobra Jet of all time. The beast will rely on a supercharged 5.2-litre V8, a variation of the Coyote engine that equips the Mustang GT, not the Voodoo V8 that’s found in the Shelby GT350.

Based on the Mustang GT Premium, the 2011 GT /CS boasts Ford 's brand-new 5.0-liter DOHC V-8 that produces 412 horsepower. Like in previous years, the '11 GT /CS featured a variety of unique enhancements to help differentiate it from the standard Mustang .

2017 Ford Mustang GT 2dr Coupe (5.0L 8cyl 6M), 6-speed manual, premium unleaded (recommended) 18 compined MPG, 15 city MPG/25 highway MPG. Ford Mustang 2011 . Related Ford Vehicles.

Welcome to Depreciation Appreciation! Every month, your pals at autoTRADER.ca dig up an instance of how depreciation can make for an extraordinary used car deal.

This time around, we’ll answer a popular question from readers: what’s a good pick on a lightly used, high-performing plaything with a six-speed stick, power to spare, and boatloads of fun dialled in? In our opinion, recent versions of the Ford Mustang GT nicely fit the bill – and that’s where we’ll focus today.

Here’s the magic of a used Mustang GT: reliability looks fairly solid on models that have been well maintained and treated, these machines are a total hoot to drive the pants off of, and where performance sights, sounds, and sensations are concerned, the bang-for-the-buck is off the charts.

2018 Roush JackHammer Ford Mustang is a 710-HP Pavement Pounder

  2018 Roush JackHammer Ford Mustang is a 710-HP Pavement Pounder Supercharged 'Stang also gets cosmetic upgradesWe know Ford is bringing out a Mustang Shelby GT500 with more than 700 hp next year, but for those that can't wait that long for a Hellcat-challenging Mustang, there's another option. The folks at Roush Performance have put their R2560 Supercharger in the Mustang to give it 710 hp and 610 lb-ft of torque.

One of the best additions for the 2017 Ford Mustang is Apple CarPlay and Android Auto phone connectivity, part of the Sync3 infotainment system available across the 2017 lineup. The formerly optional Track Package for Shelby GT 350 models is now standard

After a 16-year hiatus, the 5.0 has returned in the 2011 Mustang GT and, yes, at 4951cc, it now officially displaces five full liters. Exclusive Look: How a Ford GT gets delivered ( 07:05 ). 2017 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 vs. 2017 Ford Shelby Mus

The Sticky

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We’re focussing on the Coyote-powered Mustang GT variants specifically, which rock a screamer 5.0-litre V8 with horsepower into the 400 range, a provocative 7,000-plus rpm redline, and some magnificent sound effects. Have it your way – this generation of Mustang offered up automatic or six-speed manual transmissions, coupe or convertible body styles, and no shortage of accessories, options, and trim grades for fine-tuning to any need, taste, or budget.

Notable feature content included the Ford Sync connectivity system, a potent Shaker audio system, and cabin mood-lighting provisions with driver-selectable colours. Owners rate performance very highly, especially with the 5.0L V8, though the Mustang’s cabin may feel cramped for larger drivers, and especially for rear-seat passengers.

Approximate New Value

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When new, early Coyote-powered Mustang GT models would relieve owners of no less than about $39,000, before any optional add-ons. Convertible models tended to clock in at a roughly $3,800 premium. Through the years, and thanks to several reconfigurations of equipment collections and trim grades, the Mustang GT’s entry pricing fell slightly, though new Premium models were introduced to value-bundle high-end features, driving the price of this variant up well into the $40,000-range. In terms of price when new, let’s call this one a $40,000 car.

2018 Ford Mustang design breakdown: How it got that sleek new look

  2018 Ford Mustang design breakdown: How it got that sleek new look As time marches on, even icons needs a little nip and tuck now and then. Such was the case for the 2018 Ford Mustang, which, three years removed from the biggest update ever made to a Mustang (independent rear suspension, finally!), received a restyling to keep it looking fresh. The results felt controversial at first blush, but as reality set in and we've started seeing the stallions in the wild, it now seems like a natural progression of the pony car.© Provided by AOL Inc.

This is a 1 year UPDATE to the original review of my Mustang GT /CS Premium Convertible. Ford Mustang 2017 . Ford Mustang 2011 . Related Ford Vehicles.

2017 Ford Mustang . The Mustang was redesigned for 2015, featuring an independent suspension to replace the live axle in the rear end, and introducing a turbocharged four-cylinder in addition to the V6 and V8 engines.

Approximate Used Value

Today, depending on feature content and mileage, you’ll find no shortage of selection on Mustang GT models from this generation on offer from $20,000 or less, often with highly reasonable mileage.

Here’s a nicely loaded unit with automatic transmission and less than 51,000 kilometres of use for under $20,000, at six years old. Here’s another example with less mileage and similar pricing at only three years old. Pricing is highly variable and depends on the year, condition, and equipped options, but put simply, you can do very nicely in a Mustang GT for $25,000 or less.

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If your budget is closer to the $30,000 range, you’ll find younger units like this or this, with reasonable miles, from the high twenties. Right at the $30,000 mark, you’ll find models like this low-mileage Mustang GT Convertible. Just four years and 35,000 kilometres ago, this particular example would have relieved its original owner of at least $44,799.

Put simply, here’s a high-performing car that once cost $40,000 or (likely) more, available today after just a few years, for as little as half of its original price. Note, too, that most Mustang models aren’t winter driven – meaning that unlike some used cars, most miles are free of salt, sand, and harsh winter use.

Report: Ford Mach 1 Crossover to Sit on Focus Platform

  Report: Ford Mach 1 Crossover to Sit on Focus Platform Mustang-styled crossover will debut relatively soonBy now, you've probably heard Ford is axing most of its cars here in the U.S. in favor of SUVs and trucks. Ford will offer a Focus Activ crossover hatchback, but the Mustang is the only true traditional car that will survive. Now the automaker is focused on capitalizing on the Mustang's brand value by introducing an electric SUV that will borrow styling cues from the pony car. And while Ford hasn't released many details on this vehicle, Autocar may have unearthed a few nuggets of information about the model's underpinnings.

Posted in Car Reviews, Ford Tagged as 2011 , Driven, Ford , gt , Mustang , Review, Road Test. I want one… In about five years when I’m out of college and depreciation has taken its toll. Hopefully these 5.0s are as reliable as the Modular motor they’re (loosely) based on.

The Ford Company will make the 2017 Ford Mustang GT 500 is more stylish, beautiful, and aggressive. This sport car comes with a larger hood power bulge, a larger heat extractor hood, the air intakes, and traditional fastback coupe and convertible.

Test Drive Tips

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To avoid potential headaches, bear the following in mind during your shopping and test drive process.

Owners have expressed frustration at the need to reboot, reload, and even replace the Ford Sync infotainment system, thanks to laggy performance, inconsistent operation, and a buggy interface. Learn how to hard-reset the system in case it gets moody, and ask your local Ford dealer about ensuring that all applicable system software updates have been installed.

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Earlier copies of models with the 5.0L engine (2011–2012) should be triple-checked for manual transmission operation and condition. Be sure the shifter doesn’t pop out of position, bite back at you while you shift, and that no unwelcomed noises or sensations are present as you work the gearbox. Take any unwelcomed noises and sensations from an early Mustang GT’s six-speed manual as a signal to have it investigated by a professional, or to move to another unit. An NHTSA investigation revealed that possible transmission problems may have been the result of abusive driving, not the transmission. If in doubt, add any extended warranty coverage that may be available to cover the powertrain.

Is your potential used Mustang GT convertible concealing a leak? Inspect the fabric for signs of rips, tears, and abrasions, and inspect all vehicle carpeting, the trunk, and the area where the roof stores, for signs of moisture and mould.

Ford's Mustang-Inspired 'Mach 1' Electric SUV May Not Be Based On The Focus After All

  Ford's Mustang-Inspired 'Mach 1' Electric SUV May Not Be Based On The Focus After All On Tuesday, Autocar reported that Ford’s upcoming Mustang-inspired electric performance SUV for 2020—a real thing, yes—will be built on the new Ford Focus platform. But! A source with knowledge on the matter told Jalopnik this may not be the case after all. The Ford Mustang-Inspired Mach 1 Electric SUV Will Be Based On The Focus: ReportThe Autocar report said Ford’s Mach 1 electric SUV project, its nickname derived from a performance badge Ford’s used on the Mustang, had a company code name of “CX430.

Exclusive Look: How a Ford GT gets delivered ( 07:05 ). 2017 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 vs. 2017 Ford Shelby Mus Our tester needed just 4.3 seconds to accelerate from 0-60 mph — a tick faster than the last 2011 Mustang GT we tested.

See the Ford Mustang depreciation curve along with new & used pricing analysis to find which model years have the most value. 7. 8.47. 2011 . ,330. 2017 Ford Mustang . GT Premium 2dr Fastb 7,861 miles. 7 Day / 250 Mile Money Back Guarantee.

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Finally, beware newer Mustang GT models that have any extensive modifications applied by past owners. Though intake and exhaust systems are typically safe, bigger or more extensive modifications can cause problems, and may void any remaining warranty. The average shopper is typically best to stick to a used Mustang that’s as close to factory stock as possible.

The Verdict

With fairly solid looking reliability and access to a sweetheart of a V8 engine with 400-plus horsepower for $20,000 or less, a properly cared-for Mustang GT is worth strong consideration by shoppers after performance to spare, on the relative cheap.

This Ford Mustang Is A 700-HP Tribute To U.S. Pilots In The RAF .
As a tribute to the American fighter pilots who served in the Royal Air Force during the Second World War, Ford and RTR Vehicles created the one-off Eagle Squadron Mustang GT. Like the RTR we saw last year, this one will also have 700 supercharged horsepower. Ford Dealers Will Soon Sell A 700+ Horsepower RTR Mustang With A WarrantyThe Eagle Squadron, in addition to having a badass name, will wear a coat of camouflage paint so you will have to keep careful track of it or else you might loose sight of it.

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