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18:27  09 august  2018
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  Eye Candy: 1969 Plymouth Barracuda <p>I’ve been a Mopar guy since my first car, a new 1969 Barracuda Formula S, purchased shortly after my wife and I were married. Grace, however, felt somewhat sad trading in her lovely 1964 Valiant V-100.</p>Occupation: Happily retired engineer

This 1951 Plymouth Cranbrook sedan is proof that really, really old cars still show up in America's self-service wrecking yards . Junkyard Gem : 1951 Plymouth Cranbrook Sedan . The top-of-the-line Plymouth sedan for '51, now retired at age 67.

The Plymouth Cranbrook is an automobile which was built by Plymouth from 1951 to 1953. It replaced the Special Deluxe when Plymouth changed its naming scheme and was essentially the same as the Plymouth Concord and Cambridge, but at a higher trim level.

1940s and 1950s cars do show up in the big self-service wrecking yards; for example, I was able to find a discarded 1941 Plymouth sedan to provide a complete set of body trim pieces for my 1941 Plymouth Special Deluxe project recently, and I have found everything from a '49 Kaiser to a '57 Mercedes-Benz 180 during my junkyard travels of the last decade. Here's a fairly complete and non-rusty '51 Plymouth in a Denver-area yard.

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K.T. Keller would be happy with this sedan ..it fulfilled what he felt was important in a family car chair high seats, lots of headroom for all those folks

A quick tour of my 1951 Plymouth Cranbrook 2 Door Club Coupe. 1953 PLYMOUTH CRANBROOK 4 DOOR SEDAN SOLD - Продолжительность: 6:48 dragersclassics 12 068 просмотров.

a close up of an engine© Provided by AOL Inc.

Under the hood is an engine I consider to be one of the greatest of all time: a Chrysler flathead straight-six. This very sturdy engine was made from 1929 through at least the middle 1970s (if you count engines made for industrial use), and was still being installed in military-spec Dodge trucks well into the 1960s. If this is the one that came with this car from the factory (not likely, but possible), it's a 217-cubic-inch version rated at 97 horsepower.

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As you'd expect with a car like this that sat outside for decades in the harsh summers and cold winters of Colorado, the interior is pretty bad. Still, this car could have been restored without completely breaking the bank... that is, if anyone wanted to put a lot of time and effort into a postwar non-Chevy with four doors, which few do.

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1951 Plymouth Cranbrook Instrument Cluster in Southern California Junkyard . I have a 1941 Plymouth Special Deluxe sedan project, and so I'm always looking for a few bits and pieces; unfortunately, nothing on this '51 (the body-number tag shows that it might be a 1950 model

Plymouth Cranbrook 1951 ‐1952 2dr Club Coupe, 4dr Sedan . This windshield gasket set contains the windshield gasket itself and the locking strip Sedan trunk weatherstrip to fit all 1933-1956 Plymouth and Dodge sedans .

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In 1951, Plymouth offered the low-end Concord, the mid-grade Cambridge, and the (relatively) swanky Cranbrook trim levels. This car is a Cranbrook with nice touches such as this sailing-ship badge on the dash.

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Sure, heaters weren't so great on cars from this era, but check out these gorgeous controls!

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The 1951 Plymouth Cranbrook four-door sedan listed at $1,826 new, or about $18,000 in 2018 dollars. It was underpowered, noisy, and unsafe by 21st-century standards, of course, but still a lot of car per dollar. Chevrolet's competitor for this car, the Styleline Deluxe, sold for $1,680 but had five fewer horsepower even with its futuristic overhead valves. Ford offered the Custom Deluxe sedan in 1951, equipped with a 100-horse flathead V8 engine, for a mere $1,633. That sounds like a steal.

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If it hurts your heart to see this car go to The Crusher, you can do your part by finding another early-1950s Detroit sedan and saving it... before it's too late.

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Nearly four inches longer than the '50 models!

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Which is the more stylish compact luxury sedan?The A-Class has a planted stance, and that starts up front with the low-slung hood. It also has narrow, angled-in headlights similar to the CLS-Class and a wide grille. This grille features a diamond pattern that gives off a 3D effect. On the Audi A3, the grille is taller and features more conventional bars. The headlights aren't as stretched out as those on the A-Class, making the entire front end look less wide. Character lines that run across the A3's hood are more subtle than those on the A-Class. The cut line of the hood extends all the way to the grille on the A3, but it stops short on the A-Class.

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