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The Lotus 340R Is Still One Of The Most Extreme Cars Put Into Production

Thursday  22:01,   01 march 2018

It's still refreshing to see the so-millennial-it-hurts 2000 Lotus 340R, one of the most extreme cars ever put into production. The 340R was based on the Elise, a car that was already designed to be as light and simple as a road car could get. I [...]

Junkyard Gem: 1977 Porsche 924

Tuesday  22:41,   27 february 2018

This one has double-digit horsepower and an old-timey four-speed transmission.This one had 2001 newspapers inside, indicating that it had been out of action for nearly two decades, prior to ending up in its final parking[...]

Zen and the art of a Motorcycle Collective

Monday  22:41,   26 february 2018

“I want to buy a bike but I don’t know how to work on it. And even if I did I don’t have anywhere to work on it.” The just launched Vancouver Motorcycle Collective hopes to solve those two issues for both prospective and longtime riders. And in the[...]

Forgotten 720-mile 2009 Corvette Z06 emerges from storage

Sunday  07:20,   18 february 2018

What you are looking at is a slightly scratched, but otherwise complete and never registered 2009 Z06. In all respects it's treated as an abandoned vehicle, and the Duluth-based seller says the VIN doesn't show it to be a stolen car. There's no[...]

How To Turn a Cargo Van into a Hotel Room

Sunday  07:20,   18 february 2018
Road & Track

In an area with bad hotel options, can a van fill the void? We borrowed a Mercedes-Benz Metris to find out.That meant I needed alternative accommodations, like a cargo[...]

Find of the Week: 1962 Jaguar E-Type

Friday  21:38,   16 february 2018

It was called the most beautiful car ever made by a man responsible for some of the most beautiful cars ever made. A lightweight classic sports car that was based on a Le Mans winner. It's also our Find of the Week, a 1962 Jaguar[...]

Christian von Koenigsegg Built the World’s Fastest Car, But Drives a Tesla

Friday  19:06,   16 february 2018

Christian von Koenigsegg is a 46-year-old Swedish entrepreneur who designed and built the fastest production car on the planet, the Koenigsegg Agera RS, which holds five — count ’em, five — public-road speed records. This particular hypercar, which[...]

One of 10,494: A 1963 Corvette Split-Window Story

Friday  18:14,   16 february 2018

There were 10,494 Corvette split-window coupes built for 1963.There were 10,494 Corvette split-window coupes built for 1963, so there has to be at least that many stories, and thousands more if a pass-around rate for Corvette owners is added to the[...]

Out of the Sinkhole: Corvette Museum Has Restored the Last of the Damaged Vettes

Friday  18:13,   16 february 2018
Car and Driver

Out of the Sinkhole: Corvette Museum Has Restored the Last of the Damaged Vettes Exactly four years ago, a massive sinkhole appeared directly under the National Corvette Museum, swallowing eight of the rarest and most special Corvettes on Earth. Of [...]

Rare 1971 LS6 Corvette is Uncovered

Wednesday  21:51,   14 february 2018

The legend[...]

Someone Already Stuffed A Corvette V8 Into The New Jeep Wrangler

Wednesday  18:53,   14 february 2018

That didn't take[...]

Will Someone Buy Tom Cruise a Helmet Already?

Wednesday  18:10,   14 february 2018

I'm sure he can afford basic motorcycle safety gear. I mean, he's got that Mission Impossible money.The Mission Impossible Fallout trailer aired during the Superbowl VII last Sunday. It’ll be the summer-blockbuster of its predecessors. The[...]

Now's Your Chance to Buy Those Like-New Barn Find Buick Grand National Twins on eBay

Tuesday  18:07,   13 february 2018

These consecutive-VIN time-capsule twins are looking for a new home.In classic car ownership, it's common to keep a junky parts vehicle on hand to donate the rare bits and pieces that inevitably need replacing. But this is something else entirely:[...]

Collector Clasics: Hiding in plain sight

Friday  23:09,   09 february 2018

I got my car trailer back. It was stolen from behind a rental house in North Coquitlam where I had stored it for 15 years. Never a problem. Just drive it in out of sight from the road, unhook the chains and electrical connection, jack it up and away [...]

F1 halo can withstand weight of double-decker bus

Friday  23:09,   09 february 2018

""It's a bit of an acquired taste, and we're still busy acquiring it""This is not a light piece of work, it is several kilograms of titanium that need to be put on the car," the Briton said in a video on the world champions'[...]