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Chicken Coop Find! 1969 Mustang GT R-Code Convertible

Friday  18:53,   09 february 2018

The car collecting community has coined the phrase "barn find" when referring to vehicles found in old buildings where they were stored away for years and, in many cases, even decades. On December 18, 1997, this GT drop-top was[...]

Please Don't Try Gordon Ramsay's Very Illegal Trick to Avoiding Speeding Tickets

Friday  18:53,   09 february 2018

Plastic wrap on the license plate? Rubbish, just rubbish.Video: Lexus celebrates 10 years of F performance (provided by Autoblog) Your browser does not support this video require(["binding"], function (binding) { [...]

A Washington Man Found An Ultra-Rare Collection Of The Ugliest Sports Cars Ever Made

Friday  18:24,   09 february 2018

A Washington car collector named Ralph found a lot of five Daimler SP250s at an estate sale, and now those cars—which had been stored on shelves in a warehouse for quite some time—are for sale on Craigslist. Video: New Ford Ranger Raptor made its[...]

Giant Photo Gallery: the 2018 Grand National Roadster Show

Thursday  18:56,   08 february 2018

For 69 years, the judges of the Grand National Roadster Show look to crown America's Most Beautiful Roadster.What people have begun to appreciate is the openly varied nature of the show. The AMBR will always go to a roadster and will always be[...]

Exploring the Porsche Effect Exhibit at the Peterson Automotive Museum

Thursday  18:21,   08 february 2018

New Petersen exhibition explores brand’s history, style, engineering, and dedication to family in order to inform the visitors that all of these are things that exist and that Porsche does so that we can let you know that Porsche is in consequence[...]

Here's A Simple Proposal: Make Corvettes With Straight Sixes Again

Thursday  18:21,   08 february 2018

One of my favorite car enthusiasts is currently starting a project to put a Toyota 2JZ, the legendary Supra motor, into a 1982 Chevrolet Corvette, and this got me thinking: what GM should do is make new Vettes with straight sixes. The logic is[...]

The Cars (and some trucks) of North Korea

Wednesday  22:37,   07 february 2018

North Korea has long been a secretive regime, with the little information getting to the rest of the world seeing heavy manipulation and censorship. But the pictures we do see from the country's cities are always short on cars. That's[...]

Extremely rare Allard J2X changes hands after 55 years

Wednesday  17:21,   07 february 2018

<p>Some cars you own. Some cars you lease.</p>Other cars, if I may borrow a term from former Wheels truck correspondent Cam McRae, you simply have “stewardship” over for a limited period of time. You then hand that responsibility on to someone [...]

Ultrarare 1967 Dodge Coronet R/T Hemi Convertible Bought, Sold, Then Bought Again 20 Years Later

Tuesday  21:25,   06 february 2018

The 1967 model year was pivotal in the North American specialty car market.&nbsp;The year also marked the introduction of the Coronet R/T. After the 1964 GTO's auspicious start, plenty of competitors rode on its coattails, but not Dodge. When[...]

Mazda SKYACTIV-X: The New Engine That Reduces Fuel Consumption by 15%

Tuesday  17:22,   06 february 2018

IRVINE, California – With the new SKYACTIV-X engine, Mazda’s engineers have created a gas-powered internal combustion engine that is as dynamic and efficient as a diesel engine, minus the toxic emissions. Last year, The Car Guide went to the Mazda[...]

Hit and Run Leads to Rollover, But Doesn't Stop There

Tuesday  17:21,   06 february 2018

It's a tale of road rage and what not to do from both sides of a collision.&nbsp;It's a tale of road rage and what not to do from both sides of a collision. And of just how strong the BMW 7 series is. A road rage video of a hit, a chase, a[...]

Porsche explains brake squeal with informative video, says deal with it

Tuesday  16:06,   06 february 2018

In the German engineering equivalent of Reddit’s “Explain Like I’m Five,” Porsche tells its owners to stop worrying about noisy brakes and enjoy their fancy sports car.Porsche fits its sports cars with some of the best braking systems in the[...]

This Should Settle The 4WD Vs. 2WD Winter Braking Debate Once And For All

Friday  19:37,   02 february 2018

Team O’Neil Rally School shared a video recently about the differences between braking with two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive, but people complained the test methods were unfair. So, the school tested it again, and drove home their surprising[...]

Survivor Muscle Cars Tucked Away In Iowa!

Friday  17:51,   02 february 2018

A few rare cars kept tucked away in a garage in Iowa. Research Research New Used New & Used Make Model Following up on a lead about a bunch of survivor muscle cars in Iowa, I met Bob, who took off work to show me his drag cars[...]

I Dunno About This 1997 Miata That's Been 'Converted' Into A 1965 Mustang

Thursday  18:11,   01 february 2018

The older I get, the more I try and subscribe to the “you do you” ethos when it comes to taste in cars.&nbsp; 1/8 SLIDES © Provided by Univision Interactive Media, Inc. 2/8 SLIDES © Provided by Univision Interactive Media, Inc. [...]