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Check Out the Amazing Stories Behind These Barn Finds & Hidden Gems at the 2016 MCACN Show

Tuesday  16:06,   17 january 2017

There are always a lot of very interesting cars at the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals, but regardless of what brand or make you personally appreciate, it seems everyone ends up in the Barn Finds & Hidden Gems section of the Donald E.[...]

The World's Rarest AMC Eagle Is Hiding in Colorado

Monday  17:36,   16 january 2017
Road & Track

Of the seven completely forgotten turbodiesel AMC Eagles built, only two are known to still exist. And the one in Colorado is in decent shape.The Rumbler Ranch is a 165 acre estate owned by Terry Gale and Greg Kissinger in Elizabeth, Colorado. It's[...]

Bobby Isaac’s Legendary #71 Dodge Daytona Returns to Bonneville

Monday  17:06,   16 january 2017

“If you mashed it at 180 MPH, it would still break the back tires loose.""If you mashed it at 180 MPH, it would still break the back tires loose," said Tim Wellborn, recalling what had just happened.. "You have to remember, we have 102 more[...]

The Amish Buggy Is a Technological Marvel. Yes, Really.

Friday  21:21,   13 january 2017
Popular Mechanics

The tech inside this 19th-century conveyance isn't stuck in the 19th century.So it is with the Amish horse-drawn buggy. You might have thought the technology inside this 1800s method of transportation stopped progressing right around then.[...]

This 1,300hp Beast is Not Your Father’s Shoebox

Friday  18:55,   13 january 2017

Some folks believe that eye for detail is a subject of quantity, but that’s a misconception. An eye for detail sees the reason behind going to the extremes or stopping at the subtleties. Pro Rides’ Denny Terzich has that eye, and it shows on his[...]

Reader’s Ride: 1966 Oldsmobile 4-4-2

Thursday  21:22,   12 january 2017

Reader’s Ride: 1966 Oldsmobile 4-4-2I found my 1966 Olds 4-4-2 Deluxe Holiday Coupe on the website. A buddy and I went to North Carolina to purchase the car and all the pieces. The body was decent, good gaps, and the car had a solid[...]

How the Internet Killed Canada's First Supercar

Thursday  19:46,   12 january 2017
Road & Track

In the 1990s, the MCV CH4 showed so much promise, but ultimately it failed. Because of the Internet.Canada's Autofocus recently wrote an in-depth feature on MCV that you should definitely, absolutely read, and it's[...]

Alex Short’s Modern Custom 1958 T-Bird

Thursday  19:45,   12 january 2017

Back in the day, some had an issue distinguishing traditional ’50s-’60s customs with what others had newly classified as custom rods, the latter typically being more modern performance-oriented. In other words, less kitschy custom, more muscle[...]

Mercedes 300SL Gullwing Exhumed From Aircraft Hangar After 40 Years

Thursday  19:45,   12 january 2017

You've heard of barn finds; how about a hangar find?Our story beings in 1955, when Sid Nygren, a former U.S. Merchant Marine engineer, purchased the Mercedes-Benz 300SL pictured here from Max Hoffman's dealership on Sunset Boulevard in Los[...]

Barn Find Rare 1970 Camaro

Wednesday  16:21,   11 january 2017

Sitting since 1977, this 1970 Camaro will soon once again be ready to hit the road. No doubt, most of us dream about that elusive barn find in hopes that dumb luck will lead us to a super cool piece of vintage automotive treasure. No doubt, [...]

How to Speak Muscle Car: a Glossary From AAR to Z/28

Monday  17:52,   09 january 2017

A conversation between two muscle car guys can sound positively military, with all the acronyms, slang, codes, and jargon. Imagine how that sounds to others, especially younger types who may be weighing whether the muscle car hobby is the place for [...]

7 Used Military Vehicles You Can Buy

Friday  20:50,   06 january 2017

Have you ever said to yourself, Boy, I wish I owned a fleet of military-grade vehicles"? Well, lucky for you, the ol' US-of-A is flush with retired military vehicles-and it's selling them to the general public! We combed[...]

A Classic Muscle Car Engine Is a Working Piece of Art

Friday  19:41,   06 january 2017

Having turned the big 5-0 earlier this year, I suppose that I shouldn’t be terribly surprised that the transformation into wistful geezer has begun. For some, that means pining away for the old days, a late-onset interest in beautiful flowers and[...]

Bikes to Watch in 2017

Thursday  18:51,   05 january 2017

If you’re a motorcyclist, 2017 is looking like a great year, especially if you’re looking to buy a new bike. Whether you’re a seasoned riding veteran or a novice fresh out of riding training, whether you’re on a student’s budget or have limitless[...]

Built Ford Tough, the 2007 Ranger Pickup Wasn't

Thursday  18:51,   05 january 2017
Road & Track

Powered by 3 liters of disappointment, this compact pickup created by Ford in cooperation with Mazda was never designed to last for a decade. But this one did, barely.Mr. Regular argues that these basic machines were supposed to get thrown away[...]