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Dale Earnhardt Jr. has battled through the worst. Now, he's ready to cement his NASCAR legacy.

Friday  21:05,   24 february 2017

Junior is back. [...]

Timeless Kustoms Built a Supercharged, Turbocharged, Widebody Mustang

Friday  18:26,   24 february 2017

<p>Like the current crop of ponycars and sports cars coming from Detroit, Pro Touring cars are in the midst of an arms race.</p>The Mustang came to be in early 2016 when owner Chris Marechal wanted a unique track car that could keep up with[...]

People still live in Henry Ford's failed jungle utopia

Thursday  18:31,   23 february 2017

Who needs[...]

This Instagram Account Is the Holy Grail of Creepy Vans

Thursday  18:31,   23 february 2017


First 1969 Dodge Charger 500 Remains in Amazing Unrestored Condition

Thursday  18:31,   23 february 2017

While organizing a special Icons of Design category for the annual Eyes on Design car show in 2016, I caught wind of a special Hemi-powered Mopar hidden away in the Great White North. Apparently a private individual has quietly built up a[...]

These Crazy 1550-Horsepower Engines Cost $200,000 Each

Thursday  17:36,   23 february 2017

<p>Mercury Racing's super heroic marine powerplants are works of machine art.</p>For power junkies, marine engines offer the best of all worlds: less-stringent regulations, unlimited cooling possibilities-for both engine and intake air[...]

After 35 Years in Storage, Day-Two 1967 Chevrolet Camaro SS350 Back Better Than Ever

Thursday  17:21,   23 february 2017

When Bruce Mercer purchased his 1967 Camaro SS350 in 1972, he could hardly have imagined that he would still own it in pristine condition some 45 years later. Like many other 19-year-olds fresh out of high school, Bruce was living more in the[...]

The story of the Risky Business Porsche 928

Thursday  17:06,   23 february 2017

What happens when a director deems the 911 "too mundane."The 928 was chosen for its part in the film not by a prop-master or picture car expert as many Hollywood vehicles are, but by the screenwriter/director, Paul Brickman, who had grown[...]

The Complicated, Expensive Ballet of a Presidential Motorcade

Wednesday  17:22,   22 february 2017

Motorcades are extremely impressive, even if Air Force One gets all the attention.As Wendover Productions explains, a typical presidential motorcade involves no less than a dozen different vehicles, including motorcycles that run ahead to clear the[...]

Rescuing a Rare 1979 Dodge Macho Power Wagon From Decades in a Garage

Wednesday  17:22,   22 february 2017

Macho Wagon Heading to New Home—Almost. Whoops! A friend from Michigan asked if I was interested in seeing a Dodge truck in an old garage. While I agree Dodge trucks are cool, it wasn’t something I was about to drive 4 hours to see––until he[...]

Stars in Cars: Hayley Wickenheiser

Wednesday  17:21,   22 february 2017

Stars in Cars: Hayley WickenheiserHockey legend Hayley Wickenheiser is one of the greatest female hockey players of all time. She’s one of Canada’s most decorated athletes - a six-time Olympian with four Olympic gold medals and a Women’s World[...]

The Nicest Toyota 2000GT in the UK Has a Mysterious Bullet Hole in the Door

Tuesday  19:22,   21 february 2017

If James Bond taught us anything, it's that you're very likely to get shot at while driving a 2000GT.Of course the movie car was a white roaster prototype, built to accommodate six-foot-two Sean Connery, but that's another story. What's[...]

1969 Chevy Blazer- Topless

Friday  19:41,   17 february 2017

A DIY Project Gone[...]

Evolution of the Volkswagen Microbus

Friday  19:37,   17 february 2017

Evolution of the Volkswagen MicrobusIt’s a rough sketch on the lined paper of a ring-bound notebook, the kind of thing a kid might draw instead of paying attention in math class. Everything that’s familiar is there: the loaf-of-bread shape, the[...]

Osaka Auto Messe 2017 Part 1

Wednesday  23:35,   15 february 2017

Our first photo gallery from the 2017 edition of Japan’s second largest auto show, Osaka Auto MesseJust 350 miles southwest of Tokyo, Osaka lies within the Kansai region (Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, etc.) We love the Kansai region because that’s where we[...]