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This 1956 Ford F-100 Pickup Rewrites the Book on Kustom

Wednesday  16:50,   23 november 2016

Steve Wilson's radical 1956 Ford F-100 pickup is filled with endless Kustom updates and small-block Chevrolet power, check it out! 1/16 SLIDES © Hot Rod Network Staff [...]

How Many of These Obscure Gullwing Cars Do You Know?

Tuesday  20:31,   22 november 2016

Everyone knows a Mercedes-Benz 300SL, but how about the Autozam AZ-1?Autozam[...]

Impala SS Spotted in SoCal Junkyard

Monday  18:35,   21 november 2016

“Have we fallen this far?” mused a colleague as I scrolled through the pictures on my phone. He agreed that this was a real 1995 Impala SS I found rotting away in LQK's Pick-Your-Part in Wilmington, California. Having a personal affinity for[...]

The strangely vanilla cars of UFC star Conor McGregor

Monday  18:06,   21 november 2016

The strangely vanilla cars of UFC star Conor McGregor .Cadillac Escalade © Provided by Conor McGregor’s Cadillac Escalade This full-size luxury SUV is the vehicle that McGregor’s been photographed in the most over the past[...]

This Is What $1 Million Worth of Hot Wheels Looks Like

Friday  18:51,   18 november 2016

Bruce Pascal has been building his 3500-car collection since he was seven.After all, Pascal owns more than 3500 Hot Wheels cars, a collection that he claims is worth well over a million dollars. That includes 175 rare prototypes that were never[...]

Corvette Barn Find Is a Period-Perfect, Race-Car Blast From the Past

Friday  17:05,   18 november 2016

Put Away Wet Henry “Hank” Wendt was a blue-collar guy with a black-and-white-checkered dream. The 20-something Pennsylvania native worked days as a union pipefitter in and around the greater Philadelphia area, but spent his evenings hanging out with [...]

Patina 1930 Ford Model A Roadster Looks Like it Came Straight Out of the 1940s

Thursday  17:51,   17 november 2016

Bountiful. The 1932 Ford has become the quintessential hot rod, thanks to its good looks and the fact that the model year coincided with Ford’s release of a V8 engine in addition to the reliable four-cylinder. While highly coveted by enthusiasts,[...]

Colin Powell's Kids Gave Him a Corvette for Christmas and Made Him Pay For It

Thursday  17:51,   17 november 2016

Plus we get a bipartisan Corvette drag race with VP Joe Biden.The story behind the Corvette is better than the car itself. On Christmas, Powell arrived at his son's house, and the car was sitting there with a bow on it and everything, like it was[...]

Do Trucks Have Souls? Because This Truck Is Evil

Wednesday  18:06,   16 november 2016

Better Off Dead: This Super Duty Isn’t So SuperFormer 4WOR staffer Jerrod Jones used to have a project truck called Jinxy. With all due respect to him, after my latest adventure I am going to have to coopt that name for this Super Duty. After making [...]

One Step Beyond: The Studebaker Avanti

Tuesday  23:21,   15 november 2016

Studebaker Saw America’s First GT as the Way Forward, But Nobody Could’ve Anticipated Anything Like This Rest assured that someone, somewhere, is thoroughly disgusted by what Laurie Peterson did to this car. For those who don’t know, the Avanti is[...]

1974 Olds 442 Hidden Away For Decades

Tuesday  18:07,   15 november 2016

For years I’d heard about an Oldsmobile 442 sitting locked away in a garage in my hometown. When I finally caught the garage door open, I discovered the car was, in fact, a 442, but I wasn’t expecting it to be a 1974 model—a survivor of the[...]

Meet The 97-Year-Old Swede Who Drives a New Ford Mustang GT

Tuesday  18:07,   15 november 2016

Meet The 97-Year-Old Swede Who Drives a New Ford Mustang GT When Lennart Ribring first saw the 1964-1/2 Ford Mustang, the Swede did what most of America did: He fell in love. Ribring purchased a new Mustang back then and says he's hardly ever[...]

The flying car nightmare

Monday  21:49,   14 november 2016

Have we grown out of wanting flying cars yet? Well, maybe it's finally timeIt's naive to dream of a future that ignores both the present and the past. On one side, there's the sky of the future rife with stamped metal dream machines soaring[...]

The Chevy Truck With A Mopar Engine Under The Hood

Monday  21:49,   14 november 2016

And that may be what makes it so awesome.However, if it weren’t for motor mavericks willing to push the boundaries of automotive norms the classic vehicle landscape would be considerablly different - and[...]

1952 Dodge Power Wagon Sports LS Engine

Monday  21:43,   14 november 2016

Ratty or Rowdy? LS-powered, 1-ton Power Wagon1952 Dodge Power[...]