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23:20  08 february  2018
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New Study Shows Cities With Most and Fewest Collisions

  New Study Shows Cities With Most and Fewest Collisions Allstate Insurance has released their latest Safe Driving Study, and the results show that collisions are up on average, although it was down in most of the provinces in the study. There's a new city in the top spot for safest in the country, and a repeat offender for the most collisions. Research Research New Used New & Used Make Model The ninth annual Safe Driving Study looks at Allstate Canada data in Alberta, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Ontario. Allstate then ranks communities in those provinces by collision frequency rate. That's collision claims per 100 cars.

Table ES.1 shows the breakdown of the type of data that currently exists as part of the original 100-Car Study event database and the baseline database. 112 Table 7 .2 The safety surrogate measures that best discriminate between attentive and inattentive drivers .113 Table 7 .3.

The chart below shows the sleep patterns of people in five different occupations according to a Canadian study . A similar rest agenda could be observed for full- time mothers who take rest 8 hours a day but at three different times of the day.

According to a recent test by European manufacturer Peugeot, drivers have their eyes on the road 93% of the time, on average, which is good until you realize that during a 1-hour drive, the driver potentially diverts attention from the road for 4:12 minutes.

Will Self-Driving Trucks Steal Jobs?

  Will Self-Driving Trucks Steal Jobs? It's not quite a yes or no answer.I recently spoke with Chuck Price, the vice president of product for TuSimple, a startup that is developing technologies for self-driving trucks. I asked Price what he'd tell someone concerned about safety and widespread job-loss as they relate to the autonomous technology his company is working on.

A green light means you go as soon as the driver in front of you is done texting. To fight this, and other forms of dangerous cluelessness, the Metropolitan King County Council has approved a new infraction: inattentive driving .

Australian Professional Skills Institute encourages students to practice good time management so they can study effectively and get the most out of their studies Flow actually makes you feel energized and motivated and increases enjoyment of the activity (not to mention being super-productive).



Granted the driver isn’t diverting eyes from the road for four minutes at a time, and many of those diversions are quick glances down at instruments. But even if the distractions are broken down into 2-second chunks (to look at the radio, for example, or finding the temperature dial to adjust it), it should be noted the vehicle driven at 100 km/h will cover over 55 metres in those two seconds (that’s longer than half a football field), and register seven km of total inattentiveness, on average, over the 1-hour highway run.

According to 2016 British statistics, of the 1,445 fatal crashes on the island, 437 were attributed by police investigators as “failure to look” or distractions such as mobile phone use or happenings outside the vehicle.

Canada Gets Gran Turismo Sport Championship

  Canada Gets Gran Turismo Sport Championship Gran Turismo Sport competition is coming to Canada on the big screen next year. Gran Turismo Sport competition is coming to Canada on the big screen next year. The fastest virtual drivers will compete for cash and prizes in the WorldGaming Canadian Championship Series.

Have you ever heard of an athlete, even one who is paid millions of dollars a year, playing in a game without showing up for practice? Are you making the time to study after working so hard and possibly paying so much to actually get into a particular school?

The driver reaction time was calculated from the onset of the lead vehicle brake lights until the (1979), which found some form of driver inattention in 56% of crashes. Since then, other studies Further examination of the crash data reported in NHTSA (2014) show that among drivers of the

The reason for the study is in promotion for Peugeot’s new i-Cockpit system (which features a smaller steering wheel and raised instrument cluster) the company claims boosts that attention on the road to 95%, which means inattentiveness drops to three minutes per 1-hour trip, or five km cumulative inattentiveness.

The French auto-maker studied multiple drivers on 25 identical 9.7-km trips, with the drivers wearing special glasses — Tobii Pro Glasses 2, which have six small cameras that map where the eye is looking every 0.05 seconds — which track where their eyes are looking while driving a selection of compact crossovers.

“We all know the dangers of taking your eyes off the road, whether to adjust the radio or the temperature in the car,” concluded David Peel, Peugeot’s UK Managing Director. “When you add the continued distraction of mobile phones, talking to passengers, something catching your eye outside the car and even eating, or drinking a coffee, it’s easy to see how the average driver could be in control of a car yet not be looking at the road.”

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Daydreaming While Driving Is Still Much More Dangerous Than Using Your Phone While Driving .
Doesn’t a lazy drive sound nice? Forget all your cares and watch the hills roll pleasantly around you, then above you, then around you again, then above you once more. As the car slides to a rest in the medium, take a moment to really appreciate your new perspective. Exhale! While there have been been chilling public service announcements, technological fixes and government inquiries into the rising tide of drivers who use their phones behind the wheel, no one is tackling some of the biggest killers on America’s roads—mindlessness, inattention and boredom.

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