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20:45  11 april  2018
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Ranger Raptor gets its big brother's 10-speed gearbox

  Ranger Raptor gets its big brother's 10-speed gearbox In a most fortuitous case of hand-me-down engineering, Ford has bestowed the F-150 Raptor's excellent 10-speed on its scrappy little brother, the Ranger Raptor.This is good news. The big Raptor's transmission is excellent. Ten speeds seems a little weird on paper, but in operation, the shifts aren't noticeable, so you don't feel like the truck is hunting for a gear all the time. It's also able to jump multiple gears, just in case you need to go from freeway cruise to maximum attack at the drop of a hat.

If you are unsure if your gearbox is bad, check out: The Definitive "Troubleshooting" thread --- http The round driver gearbox last gear has 32 teeth, the pentagon driver gearbox has 35. They are marked with a "3" on them , and are slightly larger than a 3A or 3B gearbox .

He was wondering what bearings may be causing the problems and I knew that the shafts were suspended in bearings but was unsure what other bearings floated around inside the gearbox and what would be involved in changing gears .

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Ford Motor Company's latest safety campaign recalls every poorly edited movie car chase in which the driver is apparently clueless about how many gear ratios their transmission has and which one they're using at any moment.

It all comes down to a tiny clip that probably costs less than a quarter apiece but that plays the critical role of keeping the transmission connected to the shift lever. In F-150 and Expedition models with the brand's new 10-speed transmission and F-650 and F-750 trucks with a six-speed gearbox, that clip was installed improperly and could fall out.

I Have Determined The Correct Amount Of Gears

  I Have Determined The Correct Amount Of Gears Some cars have too many gears, like Ford’s new(ish) 10-speed automatic transmission, which it drops into Mustangs and F-150s. I think we can all agree that’s too many gears. What is the correct amount of gears? After extensive testing, I have determined the answer. The answer is five. Five is the perfect number of gears. How many gears is too few? Four gears is probably too few. Three gears is definitely too few. Two gears, which is pretty much just high and low? Get out of here with that trash. How many gears is too many? Six gears is too many. This weekend, I drove a 2018 Cadillac ATS-V, with a six-speed manual transmission.

“it plays main role to shift Gear in the Gear Box .”in MANNUAL TYPE GEAR BOX (Constant mesh gearbox , synchromesh gear box ..etc.) They ' re reckoned to be a little quicker to change gear with. A 'dog-leg' gearbox 's gear -knob.

To prevent a problem of getting stuck in first gear , a stop pin was added to the second synchro sleeve on JL, SL and all subsequent gearboxes . Some UK based modifiers do this, as stick shift XJ6’s are common there. For XK120 the cross member has to be cut away and re -configured, so being one for

Should that happen and the driver subsequently moves the shifter into park, the gear range indicator in the cluster would show park being engaged even though the transmission could still be in gear or in neutral and allow the truck to roll away.

In Canada, nearly 52,000 trucks are affected, plus another 292,000 in the rest of North America.

Ford's technicians will inspect the trucks to ensure the clip was properly installed (and that it's still there) so that the driver can keep track of what their truck's transmission is really up to.

John Cena Settles Lawsuit With Ford Over Selling His Ford GT .
Professional wrestler and former Ford GT owner John Cena has settled the lawsuit with Ford over the sale of his Ford GT. Professional wrestler and former Ford GT owner John Cena has settled the lawsuit with Ford over the sale of his Ford GT. Cena was contractually obligated to keep the limited-run supercar for 24 months, but sold his anyway. Now he is settling that lawsuit with Ford for an undisclosed amount, which Ford will donate to charity, per an announcement made by Cena’s legal team today.

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