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17:15  10 january  2018
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Need to remove a rusted bolt ? These step -by- step instructions from the auto experts at NAPA Canada will save you both time and money. More From Reader’s Digest. How to Replace a Thermostat in 8 Steps Has your vehicle been overheating lately?

If the bolt is deemed salvageable, Remove as much rust off the threads as possible. A stiff wire brush and a little elbow grease goes a long way toward happy results. Step 4 : Select the Proper Tool.

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Know-How Notes: How to Remove a Rusted Bolt

There are many ways to remove a rusted bolt. For this guide, we focus on one in particular -- Freeze-Off from CRC. Unlike other penetrating oils, Freeze-Off uses hyper-cold to shock the offending part, breaking the rust bond, and allowing the bolt to come out.



We had a 2009 Dodge Challenger in the shop that needed a plug removed from the exhaust. While the exhaust itself is made of stainless steel, the plug is steel. Whenever you have differentiating metals, corrosion and seized threads are a very real problem. This plug was locked tight.

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However, the bolts can be very tricky to remove when they have rusted through. Learning how to remove rusted Allen bolts is a matter of assembling a few tools and exercising a lot of patience. Did you try these steps ?

Step 12: Dont Go Nuts! Another option for removing a rusty and stripped bolt ? You can always repair the hex portion of the faster! How ? Another really good tool for removing rusted bolt /nuts is an air chisel.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  • Because Freeze-Off has the ability to shock the rusted bolt, use a propane torch to heat the outside of the threads. This can loosen the plug. We got the part up to 186?C (366?F). Don’t touch it!
  • Before turning the plug, apply more Freeze-Off. With the outside still hot, and the plug cold and shrinking, the bond should break fairly easy. Be careful, as this will create a lot of smoke.
  • For additional leverage, use an Allen wrench and a cheater bar to break the plug free.
  • Use anti-seize on high-heat threads whenever different metals are bolted together.

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For more great tips on how to maintain your car and to find the parts you need, visit NAPA Canada.

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