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Ownership What to Do if Construction Ruins Your Car

16:26  31 may  2018
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What to do if construction ruins your car . Spring cleaning : Five items to change or clean on your car this summer. 27 mistakes you're making while driving. Your Corner Wrench: The scoop on trailer wiring. 25 items you should always keep in your car .

It happens rather rare and it is always a huge fail if the rental car is stolen. However, that doesn’t mean you need to panic and ruin your trip. All you have to do is to make a brief research to find out what steps have to be made in accordance with the rental agreement you have signed with the vehicle

Construction Site in Toronto-01-AL.jpg© Construction Site in Toronto-01-AL.jpg

A few weeks ago, we were out for a drive during a windstorm that saw eastern Ontario buffeted by winds that tore branches from trees and shingles from housetops.

Our outing took us past a condo tower under construction (a familiar sight in cities across the country) where that wind threatened to tear off tarps protecting sections of the structure’s open sides. A thought occurred to us: What happens if you park near a construction site, and materials or equipment blow free or fall from the structure and damage your vehicle?

It turns out this sort of thing (thankfully) doesn’t happen very often, but there is some precedent for it.

It's the beginning of the end for the Top Gear test track

  It's the beginning of the end for the Top Gear test track The last episode of the latest BBC Top Gear season was just shown in the UK. If that makesIn place of the legendary airfield will be 1,800 new homes, and the development will create over 1,000 new jobs according to The Sun. However, the Top Gear team is unlikely to apply for any of those jobs, as BBC sources have said the construction "will not affect filming for the foreseeable future." If they have to find a new track, there are certainly locations in the UK that are suitable for televised car testing, as The Grand Tour's crew was able to come up with a new track after the host trio's Top Gear careers ended.

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These are the disadvantages of having a car . If a car meets an accident and gets damaged totally or some parts of the cabs get ruined , then But surprisingly, there are many cash for unwanted car Melbourne services who can take your car in exchange of a handsome amount of money.

In Montreal in late 2011, cement spilled from the site of a hospital being built in that city’s downtown, breaking windows in a handful of cars parked nearby. In that case, the construction company wasted no time in owning up to its error, and paid to repair the broken glass.

And a friend of ours told us the story of how his car and those of his colleagues wound up coated in particulate that escaped a faulty filtration system at a powder-coating operation next door. The material was baked onto the vehicles’ paint by the sun’s heat. Again, the business that caused the damage arranged to have all the vehicles repaired at their expense.

But things don’t always go the way they should, so if your car is damaged while parked near or driving past a construction or industrial site, it will pay to be prepared.

Aston Martin to revive legendary Superleggera badge for new DBS

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Here are some of the ways you may be ruining your car 's paint -- and tips from Richard Burt on how to avoid them And due to the construction of a vehicle with most of the underbody exposed, most damage occurs underneath the car where you make not see it as easily.

Sadly, it isn’t just car park dings and malicious acts of vandalism that can ruin your car ’s paint. From fingerprints to bird droppings; there are lots of innocent, everyday things that can blemish your car ’s exterior.

“That’s a pretty specific question that I’ve never been asked before,” said Ellen Roseman, a consumer advocate and author who writes a column for the Toronto Star. “(Do you go after) the construction company to pay, or do you go after the municipal government? You might have to sue, which is a real pain.”

a building with a metal fence© Provided by

Lawyering up is an option, but one we’d suggest exploring only after you’ve looked at a couple of other options.

Before you do anything else, document the scene. Take photos of the car that show the damage in as much detail as possible and the area where it’s parked, including some wide-angle shots that include the site you believe was the source of whatever damaged your car.

Also, make sure your photographic evidence proves you were parked legally, and that the city and/or the construction company and/or the city hadn’t put up temporary “no parking” signs in order to avoid the very situation you’ve found yourself in. If your car was in a no-go zone, you’re on your own.

Hyundai Exec Sheds Light on Production Santa Cruz Pickup

  Hyundai Exec Sheds Light on Production Santa Cruz Pickup Similar to the way that the Honda Ridgeline is a Pilot with a bed, it looks like the Hyundai Santa Cruz will be a Tucson with a bed.We weren’t sure what to expect from the upcoming Hyundai pickup truck that was confirmed for production last year. The only basis for speculation was the Hyundai Santa Cruz “crossover truck concept” that debuted at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show. The Santa Cruz was a bold, edgy concept that didn’t quite look like any Hyundai production model which one could argue is a good thing. Now it seems that the truck will finally go into production soon and will arrive in showrooms in 2020, according to a recent report.

To help you know what to do if your car overheats, here are 5 easy steps. You don’t want a volcanically hot engine ruining your summer road trip — or worse yet, your engine.

It was a bill for a new air condenser unit on the car . As you might imagine, I complained, vigorously, but to no avail. It seems the Cape Town Avis office has dug in their heels, convinced that I somehow ruined their car 's air conditioner.

But if you believe there was no indication your car shouldn’t have been parked where it was, ask to speak to the construction site manager in person so you can show them the damage, preferably while your car is still parked where that damage occurred.

If they refuse to acknowledge their work site as the source of your trouble, take Roseman’s advice and move your complaint up the line to the municipal government. In Ontario at least, city hall enforces the provincial building code and issues permits for the construction of buildings large and small; and, in theory, construction companies and contractors answer to the municipality if their work damages property or injures passersby.

We reached out to the City of Ottawa for advice on the matter but were stonewalled. According to the city clerk’s office, the city “is not in the practice of answering detailed hypothetical questions.”

If neither the construction firm nor the municipality will look after you, try reaching to out a local consumer advocate like Roseman, many of whom are highly visible local media figures. If they think you have a case, they can splash your story in the news and publicly shame the guilty party into making things right.

This Van-Boat Hybrid Is Weirdly Wonderful

  This Van-Boat Hybrid Is Weirdly Wonderful If a conversion van married a yacht this is what the children would look like.Built at a time when custom conversion vans were still quite popular, the Delta Van Cruiser combines the styling and utility of a conversion van with the conveniences and, well, water-going capabilities of a boat. It looks like someone just grafted the A-Team's GMC C-15 van on top of a 26-foot boat, but the Delta Van Cruiser was designed from the keel up to be a boat that resembles the classic van shape. However, the Volvo Penta 200D engines in these land yachts have a great deal in common with the classic Chevy 305 V-8 that powered many vans.

What Should I Do if My Car Is Towed? Posted Jan. If not, call the local police department. If your car has been towed they will give you more information on your vehicle's location -- such as an impound lot.

This is not a good idea at night because motorists coming up behind you may think that your vehicle is still rolling along the highway and run right into the rear end of your car . If it’s nighttime and you’re not stuck in traffic

a group of people in front of a building© Provided by

But if that isn’t enough, it might be time to find a lawyer and take your case to court. Sure, that’s expensive, but a good lawyer will tell you whether your case is worth pursuing, and if a judge finds in your favour, your legal bills should be taken care of.

We’ve left the option of filing an insurance claim till the end, because while it seems like an obvious solution, whether they’ll cover the repairs depends on the type of coverage you opted for when you purchased your policy, according to Pete Karageorgos, Ontario director of consumer and industry relations for the Insurance Bureau of Canada.

Every car on the road must carry liability coverage that will pay for claims levelled against you by anyone who says you injured them or damaged their property with your vehicle. But among the options on your policy is coverage for collision damage, as well as what the insurance industry calls “comprehensive” coverage that will pay to fix other kinds of damage, and it’s one of those that would look after you in our hypothetical scenario.

Karageorgos said if you carry comprehensive coverage on your car, you are protected against damage caused by an object or material that falls from a building, as well as debris that comes loose from the back of a dump truck or any other vehicle and strikes your car after flying through the air. Meanwhile, if you drive over a piece of debris that’s already on the ground and it breaks your car, you would claim that against the collision portion of your policy.

While making an insurance claim could normally cause your insurer to hike your rates, Karageorgos said in this case, the insurer can subrogate, which means they go after the responsible party or parties to recoup the money they spent to make you whole. If they’re successful, your rates would be unaffected. But given the possibility of a rate hike, we suggest trying to settle with the contractor or city before contacting your insurer.

Construction-related vehicle damage may be rare, but it might be wise to look up – way up – before choosing a parking spot in one of Canada’s fast-growing cities.

Every Cadillac will offer Super Cruise from 2020 .
The autonomous technology will also spread to other GM brands from 2020.Super Cruise is Cadillac's system that provides hands-free driving in certain situations. On about 130,000 miles of US highways that Cadillac has mapped, the driver can take his or her hands off the wheel while Super Cruise handles steering, braking and acceleration. It uses a high-resolution GPS map, cameras and radar sensors. The driver, however, must be ready to take control at any moment; a small camera watches to make sure the driver is still paying attention to the car's surroundings.

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