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What to Do If You Lose Your Car Keys

Tuesday  18:20,   22 november 2016
U.S. News & World Report - Health

<p>Losing your car keys in 2016 can be an expensive proposition.</p>Predictably, those tiny computers and their software are expensive to replace. It can cost up to $400 to replace a modern key fob because of their wireless transmitters and[...]

Your Corner Wrench: More dash icons you shouldn’t ignore

Tuesday  18:20,   22 november 2016

You might be in a bad habit of ignoring those bright dashboard lightsWhat are all those annoying little warning lights on your vehicle’s dash trying to tell you? Here are some of the more common ones with a straight-forward translation of their[...]

Worn winter tires can be safer than new all-seasons!

Monday  18:35,   21 november 2016

Winter tires, even when worn, perform better than new all-season tires when temperatures drop below 7 degrees Celsius.> Once beyond 50% wear, a premium winter tire will perform significantly better than an economy winter tire.Video: The All-New[...]

Your Corner Wrench: What those dash icons are really trying to tell you

Friday  18:20,   18 november 2016

Ignore that warning light at your own risk – and what that really means is, don't ignore it at allThey’re always at the top of the most annoying things about owning a vehicle list; instrument panel icons. And it seems that we’ve gone from zero[...]

The Worst Things You Can Do to a Brand-New Car

Thursday  17:21,   17 november 2016
Road & Track

How should you break in a new car engine? According to leading engineers (and your owner's manual), these are the things you should never do.Host Jason Fenske's advice, basically, is to take it easy. For the first few hundred miles, don't go[...]

Getting your car ready for winter is about more than just your tires

Thursday  17:21,   17 november 2016

Winter tires are just a start. Drivers need to be fully prepared to take on the cold conditions. Follow these 10 recommendations.According to the Ontario Ministry of Transport, in 2015, there were 7,271 more collisions in December than in May. In[...]

Here's how you can restore your headlights

Wednesday  18:21,   16 november 2016

Having good visibility is important. Here are steps to take to restore your headlights to[...]

Winter tires: Calculating tire wear and preventing it

Tuesday  18:07,   15 november 2016

You want to know if your winter tires are still safe for the upcoming cold season without having to ask your local mechanic? Here are various methods to calculate winter tire wear.No need to ask your local mechanic. Here are various methods to[...]

Goof of the Month: That’s No Double-Double!

Monday  20:49,   14 november 2016

<p>Every month, we ask for stories from our technician pals which highlight the need to understand one’s vehicle, how to maintain it, and how it works</p>This month’s story comes to us from Jessy Beaudry, an automotive technician in Sudbury,[...]

5 things your car is telling you that shouldn’t be ignored

Monday  20:49,   14 november 2016

These subtle warning signs mean a more serious problem could be right around the cornerTemperature gauge yo-yo action. If your vehicle’s temp gauge is doing a constant and slow fluctuation after warm-up, it may mean air is getting introduced into[...]

How to Choose the Right Car Tires

Monday  20:49,   14 november 2016
Consumer Reports

Buying car tires is easy. It's finding the right ones for your car that can be difficult. Get it wrong, and you can hobble your car's performance and its ability to tackle any type of weather. SiGet it wrong, and you can hobble your car's[...]

Fall Is the Best Time to Buy Tires for Winter

Monday  20:49,   14 november 2016
Consumer Reports

It won’t be long before the snow starts falling in the northern states and the mountains. But no matter where you live, fall is a good time to check your tires, especially if you will soon be fac ing rain, snow, and ice.If your tires are well worn,[...]

AWD vs. 4WD: What's the Difference?

Monday  20:49,   14 november 2016
U.S. News & World Report - Health

<p>The automotive world is full of misinformation, old myths, and half-truths, and nowhere is that more apparent than in conversations about the drivetrain.</p>The automotive world is full of misinformation, old myths, and half-truths, and[...]

Are safer cars making drivers more dangerous?

Monday  20:49,   14 november 2016

As cars take over more duties, drivers are getting lazy and assume they'll be protectedThe true mind boggle is why they are still laying any charges at[...]

Why Teenagers Crash Cars

Monday  20:43,   14 november 2016
24/7 Wall St.

The week of October 16 through 22 is AAA's National Teen Driver Safety Week. According to the organization, motor vehicle crashes are leading cause of death among U.S. teenagers.In 2014, 3,227 teens were killed in car crashes and another 399,500 [...]