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Autos: Ownership

Ghost Battery Drain, and How to (Hopefully) Prevent It

Thursday  23:06,   17 may 2018

<p>This is strange, but actually, somewhat common.</p>Kayode said that the vehicle was only a few years old, and that a recent battery check had revealed no problems with the battery itself, or the charging system to which it was attached. The [...]

DRIVING TIPS: What to do if the road is flooded

Thursday  23:06,   17 may 2018

Don't drive into a flooded area if you can avoid it, but if you mustDon't drive into a flooded area if you can avoid[...]

Your Corner Wrench: Let your car breathe

Thursday  17:10,   17 may 2018

A dirty air filter reduces performance and can be damaging to your engineIn our parents’ days when carbureted engines were the norm, a dirty air filter really could cause fuel economy to dive. Carburetors had no way of metering the amount of air[...]

Warranty Killers on New and Used Vehicles

Wednesday  19:31,   16 may 2018

Nobody likes unpleasant surprises, especially when they cost you a lot of money. That’s precisely why vehicle shoppers, new or used, should be aware that a variety of things may compromise a vehicle’s warranty, whether it’s brand-new, or a newer[...]

In the Garage: Keeping DIY alive in a small space

Tuesday  17:01,   15 may 2018

Little details, such as the orange colour of a Fram oil filter, are some of William Ha’s earliest memories about cars. His dad would take the family car to a friend when it needed attention. There, Ha would hang around as the oil was changed or the[...]

Your Corner Wrench: With LED lamps, it may be time to rethink your insurance coverage

Saturday  20:15,   12 may 2018

Because of vulnerable positions and a high cost of replacement, it might be good to have a lower deductibleVideo: Why your big kid may still need a booster seat (provided by Consumer Reports) Your browser does not support this video [...]

How to Wash the Winter Salt Off Your Car

Thursday  18:22,   10 may 2018

A detailed guide on getting off all that corrosive grime.Video: A paint job you can peel off (provided by Autoblog) Your browser does not support this video require(["binding"], function (binding) { binding("wcVideoPlayer",[...]

How to Change the Wiper Blades on Your Car

Wednesday  01:31,   09 may 2018

<p>Step-by-Step Instructions It’s easy to tell when your car wiper blades need replacing, and even easier to change them yourself.</p>It’s easy to tell when your car wiper blades need replacing, and even easier to change them yourself. Simply[...]

What You Should Know About Racing Oil

Thursday  18:04,   03 may 2018

Considering using racing oil? Read this first!&nbsp;Ever heard someone brag about running racing oil in a muscle car? Well, the joke’s on them, because racing oil isn’t meant for daily or even occasional driving. In fact, running racing oil in a [...]

Your Corner Wrench: Chipping away at paint chips

Tuesday  16:58,   01 may 2018

Gravel and debris are especially hard on the lower parts of your car. Here are the best ways to prevent expensive damageVideo: The top 5 used SUVs owners love (and the 3 to avoid) -- provided by Consumer Reports Your browser does not support this[...]

Small things that can trip up your car insurance rates

Thursday  18:32,   26 april 2018

Forgetting renewals or payments not only rises rates but can stay on your record for yearsVideo: Chevy and Shell Let Owners Pay for Gas From Their Cars (provided by The Drive) Your browser does not support this video require(["binding"],[...]

Lifetime transmission fluid? Depends on your definition of lifetime

Tuesday  20:58,   24 april 2018

Sealed transmissions sound good, but metal shavings and heat mean you should get them check by professionalsVideo: Don't bother following these car maintenance myths (provided by Consumer Reports) Your browser does not support this video [...]

It's Fine To Start Off In Second Gear Only Sometimes

Tuesday  17:07,   24 april 2018

You might have heard that first gear isn’t necessary when accelerating from a stop. You might have heard that you can start just fine in second. Well, it’s okay to do that, but only sometimes. Jason Fenske of Engineering Explained is here to tell us [...]

Your Corner Wrench: Dos and don’ts for better fuel economy

Tuesday  16:35,   24 april 2018

Barring mechanical problems, the best way to get better mileage comes down to how you driveVideo: 2018 Tesla Model 3 Quick Drive (provided by Consumer Reports) Your browser does not support this video require(["binding"], function[...]

How A Rusted Car Compares To A New One In A Crash Test

Monday  15:21,   23 april 2018

A Swedish insurance company partnered with a Swedish homeowner’s organization to commission crash tests of a rusted Mazda6 wagon and a rusted Volkswagen Golf to see how badly the corrosion compromised the cars’ structural integrity. Here’s what the [...]