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Autos: Ownership

This Genius Hack Will Keep Your Car Windows from Fogging Up

Wednesday  17:26,   07 february 2018

<p>A condensation-caked windshield isn't just annoying, it's just plain dangerous.</p>Your average morning can be an obstacle course--a gauntlet whose endgame is usually just getting to work on time. By the time you're showered, fed,[...]

Who Writes Highway Sign Messages? And How?

Tuesday  21:26,   06 february 2018

You’re on the highway, and you notice the overhead sign: TRAFFIC MOVING SLOWLY AFTER NEXT EXIT. But everything around you is moving smoothly, so how do they know what’s up ahead?&nbsp;You’re on the highway, and you notice the overhead sign:[...]

Here's How To Do A Tune-Up On A Modern Gasoline Car

Friday  19:37,   02 february 2018

Have you ever come across an ad for a used modern car that mentions the vehicle had just received a tune-up? What does “tune-up” even mean in regards to today’s cars? Well, in all likeliness, the seller of the vehicle in said advertisement doesn’t[...]

How Often Should You Rotate Your Tires ... and Why It's Necessary

Friday  19:21,   02 february 2018

Today’s tires have become so trouble-free that many drivers ignore them completely, skipping critical inspections and maintenance procedures until there is a problem.&nbsp;Tire Rotation[...]

Here’s Why Car Windows Have Those Little Black Dots

Wednesday  18:06,   31 january 2018

<p>You probably haven’t given much thought to the pattern of little black dots on the edges of car and bus windows. Sure, they look cool, but do they do anything?</p>You probably haven’t given much thought to the pattern of little black dots[...]

Your Corner Wrench: Should you rebuild or replace?

Tuesday  17:08,   30 january 2018

Sometimes, new parts are the way to go, but prices on some fixes may warrant looking to the aftermarket for cheaper solutionsYou can be excused if you’ve never heard of or had certain repair jobs done to your vehicle. Things such as rewinding[...]

To an engine, oil is life, so you need the right info if it’s going to survive the long haul

Tuesday  17:06,   23 january 2018

To your engine, oil is what keeps all the various parts working together in harmony.&nbsp;What Oil[...]

There’s more to your car’s brakes than you might think

Thursday  19:07,   11 january 2018

Brakes need to be kept in tip-top shape, so here's what you need to doVideo: How to Use a Fire Extinguisher Before You Need It (provided by Consumer Reports)Click to expand Your browser does not support this video require(["binding"],[...]

Why Won’t My Ride Get Warm?

Wednesday  17:37,   10 january 2018

Does your trusty ride seem to be taking, like, forever to heat up on cold days? Is it harder than usual to de-fog the windshield? Are you shivering aggressively through ever-greater portions of your wintertime commute? Pretty sure your ride just[...]

How to Remove a Rusted Bolt in 4 Steps

Wednesday  17:15,   10 january 2018

There are many ways to remove a rusted bolt. For this guide, we focus on one in particular -- Freeze-Off from CRC . Unlike other penetrating oils, Freeze-Off uses hyper-cold to shock the offending part, breaking the rust bond, and allowing the bolt[...]

This Simple Animation Answers Everything About How A Clutch Works

Tuesday  20:52,   09 january 2018

Many of us have a basic idea of what our car’s clutch does, but still find all the teeth and springs confusing when we actually look at one out of the car. Fortunately, Learn Engineering on YouTube put together this simple animation that may be the[...]

Your Corner Wrench: Keeping your view clear this winter

Thursday  20:34,   04 january 2018

While we all enjoy some bright sunshine on a cold and blustery winter’s day, the low-angle attitude of our celestial life-giver can cause temporary motoring blindness, leaving us painfully squinting to try to make out objects in our[...]

How can we stop impaired, distracted drivers once and for all?

Thursday  20:21,   04 january 2018

Perhaps the best way to fight impairment and curtail distractions is through a completely zero-tolerance policyEasy: Zero tolerance for booze and drugs, automatic surrender of any handheld device if you’re involved in a collision, and manufacturers[...]

Tested: Can Engine Oil Really Last 20,000 Miles?

Thursday  17:16,   04 january 2018

The newest synthetic motor oils claim you can go one year or 20,000 miles between oil changes. Here's how oil companies make, and test, these new lubricants.Jason Fenske of Engineering Explained is here to show us how oil companies design and[...]

How to Get the Most Out of Your Car's Heater

Wednesday  16:54,   03 january 2018

<p>One surprising tip: Run the A/C. Here's why.</p>Winter is here, so it’s time to understand how to maximize your car’s heater to keep you and your passengers comfortable and[...]