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Used Vehicle Mashup: Affordable Luxury Cars

Tuesday  16:50,   17 january 2017

<p>Depreciation is a beautiful thing for the used car shopper </p>In the past few months of’s Depreciation Appreciation feature, we’ve highlighted numerous used high-end car models that are available, at just a few years old, for [...]

How Do They Come Up With Used Car Prices?

Monday  17:21,   16 january 2017
U.S. News & World Report - Health

Pricing is one of the great mysteries of the used car world. How are they set? What’s the difference in the terms you hear – Blue Book, retail, trade-in, or wholesale?&nbsp;There are lots of factors involved, but it comes down to this: The[...]

Styling Size-Up: Faraday Future FF 91 vs. Lucid Air

Monday  16:36,   16 january 2017
Motor Trend

Faraday Future and Lucid have several things in common. Both companies employ several of Tesla's former employees and both of their cars use similar technology and chassis design as Tesla. In our First Ride, we noted that both vehicles feature an[...]

Which Cars Will Shine in 2017?

Thursday  21:21,   12 january 2017

Here is my choice of a dozen vehicles that should mark 2017 in one way or another. 1/11 SLIDES © [...]

Used Vehicle Mashup: High-Traction Haulers for Big Families

Thursday  19:36,   12 january 2017

<p>Sometimes, big active families need big, activity-ready vehicles: ideally with plenty of space and traction and flexibility, and often, more so than what’s offered in a typical crossover CUV</p>Sometimes, big active families need big,[...]

Maybe You Shouldn't Actually Buy That New Blue Car

Wednesday  17:05,   11 january 2017
Road & Track

Turns out, there's a strong correlation between car color and value.Recently, consumer protection attorney and R&T contributor Steve Lehto looked over the results of a new AutoList study that compared car color and selling price, and the[...]

First Look: Faraday Future FF 91

Friday  19:07,   06 january 2017

Gardena, California — Look past the foreboding swell of issues in front of Faraday Future—its acting CEO recently jumped ship, following a slew of defecting senior executives, and the company is supposedly sitting on a pile of past-due bills—and try [...]

The 10 Standout Cars of 2016

Friday  17:37,   06 january 2017

Here then, those vehicles I believe stood out from the rest over the past year.  Acura NSX  © Provided by Auto123 2017 Acura NSX This hybrid-engine-equipped sports car has an appealing appearance, but the carmaker took so long[...]

Car Salesman Confidential: Do Salesmen Have a Conscience?

Wednesday  18:35,   04 january 2017
Motor Trend

What Does One Do When a Sale Isn’t In The Shopper’s Best Interest?"I appreciate your continuing to write things from the sales point of view, Mark. As a non-salesman, the thing about the pressure that bothers me a bit is when do you decide to not[...]

These Are The 11 Best Cars Of 2016

Tuesday  17:52,   03 january 2017

<p>Collectively speaking, the staffers here at The Drive drove around 500 cars in 2016</p>Collectively speaking, the staffers here at The Drive drove around 500 cars in 2016. That's about 50 cars per person, give or take, and many hundreds of[...]

Top 10 Luxury Subcompact SUVs

Friday  18:36,   23 december 2016

Small though they may be, luxury subcompact SUVs are gaining an ever-larger slice of the market, in large part because they appeal to consumers looking for more versatility than a sedan can offer. 1/10[...]

Should you buy a used Chevrolet Silverado/GMC Sierra truck?

Thursday  19:21,   22 december 2016

2007-13 Chevrolet Silverado/GMC Sierra 1500 were a big step forward in GM truck designOf course, there’s never one available to borrow when you need it. So for an increasing number of families, the pickup truck has supplanted the minivan as the[...]

Find of the Week: 1986 Rolls-Royce Silver Spur

Thursday  18:36,   22 december 2016

<p>For around $18,000 you can buy any number of shiny new compact economy cars</p>For around $18,000 you can buy any number of shiny new compact economy cars. And these days, economy cars are even pretty nice. They'll have things like heated[...] Top 10 Most Searched Vehicles in 2016

Friday  18:36,   16 december 2016

Featuring hundreds of thousands of vehicles for sale, Canada’s largest and most comprehensive automotive marketplace released their list of the Top 10 most searched vehicles today, according to data collected and analyzed by the site. And[...]

15 Cars That Won’t See 2017

Thursday  17:51,   15 december 2016

15 Cars That Won’t See[...]