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It's Time to Reconsider Buying a Pickup Truck

Monday  20:22,   14 november 2016

Better fuel economy begins with choosing the right vehicle.Welcome to the real world, Prius Man. As Alexander Newton once said, "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction." As in, you need to carry more things, so you get a larger[...]

Should you buy a used Mini Cooper?

Monday  20:21,   14 november 2016

The Mini Cooper is a fun car to lease and return before the warranty ends . Or better yet, just rent one when the mood hits. But as a used purchase, it’s best if you avert your[...] Announces 2017 Top Picks

Monday  20:21,   14 november 2016

<p>Uniquely in the Canadian award landscape, Top Picks are eligible for every car, truck or SUV available to consumers at the time of voting, whether it was redesigned for 2017 or not.</p> [...]

Here's Why Old SUVs Keep Getting More Expensive

Monday  20:21,   14 november 2016

What is it about the 1980s Land Cruisers and Grand Wagoneers that make them worth $30,000 or more?Back in the 1980s, it was no big deal to see a Toyota Land Cruiser or Jeep Grand Wagoneer in a parking lot. Sure, the Grand Wagoneer was pretty[...]

November's Best New Car Deals in Canada

Monday  20:14,   14 november 2016

<p>Just as traditional retailers are offering big discounts on now out-of-season Halloween costumes and candy in anticipating of incoming holiday gear, automakers are now offering large discounts on remaining inventory of remaining 2016 models to [...]