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Buying a Minivan – Are You Ready To Switch?

Friday  16:34,   19 january 2018

Let’s face it – Minivans just don’t have the cool factor. While they might be boring and not much fun to look at, they are absolutely unbeatable for value and practicality.  Even a three-row SUV cannot give you as much storage, seating[...]

Four Things to Love About the 2019 Toyota Avalon

Friday  16:23,   19 january 2018

Adaptive suspension, exhaust tuning, and infotainment fixesDespite declining sales as buyers continue to shift toward SUVs, Toyota put a lot of noticeable effort into the redesign of the full-size Avalon sedan. Much like the 2018 Camry, the 2019[...]

2018 Ford F-150: Minor Tweaks to the Industry Leader

Thursday  22:55,   18 january 2018

Ford’s crown jewel undergoes a slight refresh for 2018 and continues its success as the best-selling vehicle in Canada. It sure looks like that gamble to move toward a new aluminum-based construction for this generation has paid off. With[...]

How The Ford Ranger Compares To Its Midsize Truck Rivals

Thursday  21:56,   18 january 2018

Now that Ford's Ranger is back on duty in the U.S., here's a quick look at how it stacks up to the competition. The last time North American buyers had access to a new Ford Ranger, it was a small pickup truck that endured for years without[...]

Straight Talk: Leasing, Financing, and Other Options

Wednesday  14:17,   17 january 2018

For most people, buying a new car is the second-biggest expense they’ll make in their lives. And note that I said expense, not investment. But let’s face it: if you’ve got a serious itch to buy a new car, that’s exactly when you get pumped[...]

2019 Honda Insight Prototype First Look: Trunk Sale

Tuesday  19:36,   16 january 2018

Might a proper trunk find Honda's entry hybrid a following?OK, we tried an aluminum two-seat aero-lozenge, then we rolled the dice with a "can't beat 'em, join 'em" steel hatchback, and buyers still shrugged. Ah, heck. Let's see if an Insight[...]

2019 Ford Edge: Four-Cylinder Only, More Standard Safety Tech

Tuesday  18:16,   16 january 2018
Car and Driver

A streamlined engine lineup could be a double-edged sword.Everybody is sure to be talking about the new Edge ST’s 335 horsepower, but it’s of some significance that Ford has switched the rest of the Edge lineup to four-cylinder power. The 2.0-liter[...]

Used Vehicle Review: Hyundai Santa Fe / Santa Fe XL, 2014-2017

Monday  20:46,   15 january 2018

<p>Great feature content for the money, loads of power on models with the higher-output engines, a slick and responsive AWD system.</p>Great feature content for the money, loads of power on models with the higher-output engines, a slick and[...]

Here Are the Top 15 Cars People Keep For 15 Years or More

Friday  19:05,   12 january 2018

14 of them are[...]

Here Are the Top 15 Cars People Keep For 15 Years or More

Friday  19:03,   12 january 2018

14 of them are[...]

2019 Mini Hardtop and Convertible First Look: More Unique Touches

Friday  19:03,   12 january 2018

Union Jack taillight design gives the smallest Mini more flairThe refreshed 2019 Mini Hardtop and Convertible don't appear all that different, but look closer and you'll find some cool new touches that add to their bubbly personality. Making their[...]

The 2019 Mercedes-Benz G-Class Ditches its Front Solid Axle for an Independent Suspension

Thursday  20:51,   11 january 2018

Mercedes-Benz doesn’t seem to want to wait for the Detroit Auto Show to talk about its all-new 2019 G-Class which, let’s be honest with ourselves here, looks like every other version of the G-Class that has ever existed since the 1970s. Yet[...]

AWD, 4WD, 4x4: What’s the Difference?

Thursday  19:36,   11 january 2018

The reader emails come strong and hard towards winter every year: “I’m looking at a new crossover. Do I need four-wheel drive (4WD), or all-wheel drive (AWD)?” “Does Subaru make a good 4x4 system?” “Are SUVs AWD or 4WD?” “What’s the best AWD[...]

Used Vehicle Review: Ford C-Max, 2013–2018

Wednesday  19:56,   10 january 2018

<p>With five seats, plenty of headroom, and a flexible cabin, the C-Max Hybrid, and the plug-in C-Max Energi variant aimed to deliver thrifty operation and flexible space</p>Compact hybrid[...]

Cars We’re Looking Forward to in 2018

Tuesday  19:12,   09 january 2018
Motor Trend

It's going to be another good yearPretty high on our list is the mid-engine Corvette. Chevrolet has tortured us long enough with camouflaged prototypes, and we can't wait for this new model that could make 850 hp through a 5.5-liter engine. It's [...]