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Autos: Reviews

Test Drive: 2018 Nissan Micra S

Thursday  18:06,   14 june 2018

<p>And yes, I can really use “fun” and “twelve bucks under ten grand” in the same sentence.</p>“What I want,” the stereotypical customer says, “is Apple CarPlay, and emergency front braking, and heated seats, and lane departure warning, and a[...]

2019 Jaguar XE SV Project 8 First Drive: The 592-HP Jag Built to Conquer the 'Ring

Thursday  18:03,   14 june 2018

"Smallest sedan, biggest engine. Job done, right?" Not quiteThat headline is a quote from David Pook that I jotted down during the first-drive event for the 2019 Jaguar XE SV Project 8 in Portugal. Pook is vehicle dynamics manager at[...]

Review: 2018 Lexus NX 300

Thursday  18:02,   14 june 2018

When my colleague Jock McCleary had the chance to put the Lexus NX through its paces last year in British Columbia, he gave it high praise noting the style and ride will resonate with the less than 40 crowd looking to enter the luxury compact[...]

Test Drive: 2018 BMW X1 xDrive28i

Wednesday  22:11,   13 june 2018

<p>A little stubby, kind of rounded, and with an oversized front grille to intimidate the proletariat.</p>Before buying my first BMW, I remember wondering what all the fuss – and expense – was about. Within the first kilometre or two of a test [...]

2019 Volvo V60

Wednesday  22:11,   13 june 2018

<p>Volvo leads off its new midrange series with a stylish station-wagon variant.</p>The larger V90 longroof is on pace to rack up sales of just over 300 units this year. No, that number is not missing a zero. The 2019 V60 undoubtedly will do[...]

FIRST LOOK: 2019 Hyundai Veloster gets sportier

Wednesday  17:59,   13 june 2018

New engine and new suspension make second gen drive as good as it looksIt does look better, too, thanks to new bodywork on a new chassis that stretches the car a little, by 20 mm in length and 10 mm in width, and lowers the roofline while pulling[...]

Review: 2018 Honda Odyssey

Wednesday  17:59,   13 june 2018

The main choice of families in the 90’s and early 2000’s, minivan sales fell off a cliff almost overnight. But why the sudden change? Blame the SUV.&nbsp;But why the sudden change? Blame the SUV. Passenger trucks had become more accessible,[...]

Test Drive: 2018 Mazda CX-9 Signature

Wednesday  17:58,   13 june 2018

<p>A stunning example of how design and attention to detail can elevate a vehicle.</p>Mazda has a knack for punching above its weight on the design front. No matter which product you look at in their line-up, there’s something to like. Their[...]

First Drive: 2019 Kia Sorento

Tuesday  20:51,   12 june 2018

The Kia Sorento's tweaks for 2019 won't propel it to the top of the sales charts, but it's certainly a key player in the segmentAdmittedly, some version of this marketing gambit is used by just about every automaker out there to push[...]

Quick Take: 2018 Cadillac CT6 2.0E Plug-In RWD

Tuesday  19:01,   12 june 2018

A different kind of[...]

First Drive: Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo Concept

Tuesday  19:00,   12 june 2018

Luxury EV scheduled for production has a slate of ground-breaking tech to improve charging and regen brakingThe traditional automakers have finally begun to fight back. Pretty much every quasi-luxury automaker from Volkswagen to Mercedes-Benz now[...]

Driving Green at 310 km/h

Tuesday  19:00,   12 june 2018

Think hybrid and a cheerful little sedan that’s trying to save the planet probably comes to mind, not the 2018 Porsche Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid.&nbsp;With a top speed of 310 km/h, getting to the promised land of a smog-free world means you’ll[...]

First Drive: 2019 Lexus ES

Tuesday  18:59,   12 june 2018

<p>A bold statement, given the ES’ past reputation as a cruiser par excellence that prioritized occupant insulation from the outside world over driver engagement.</p>The 2019 Lexus ES is an unusual car for the Canadian beachhead of the[...]

Test Drive: 2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

Tuesday  18:58,   12 june 2018

<p>The engine performs better than the numbers suggest, and rarely breaks its composure, even when pushed.</p>It’s always nice to have choices, and if you happen to be shopping in the explosively popular Canadian crossover scene, there’s no[...]

2019 Volvo XC40 R-Design T5 First Test: Image Reboot

Tuesday  18:57,   12 june 2018

This small crossover definitely stands out, but is it quick?Some luxury automakers are known for making such small design updates on their vehicles that many people won't even notice a change. Not Volvo. Starting with the XC90, Volvo has transformed [...]