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My kid and I are new to home - schooling , so we're both learning as we go. By Jessica Leeder | Nov 25, 2017. These are just some of the simple freedoms home - schooled kids and their teachers (usually moms) enjoy on an average day.

My kid and I are new to home - schooling , so we’re both learning as we go. Reading in PJs meets the dress code just fine; a trip to the grocery store becomes a lesson in addition and fractions; a forest walk morphs into a meditation on the circle I ’ ve reached out to my community to ask ‘What do I do here?’”

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Reading in PJs meets the dress code just fine; a trip to the grocery store becomes a lesson in addition and fractions; a forest walk morphs into a meditation on the circle of life. Zookeepers have time to answer loads of questions on a weekday afternoon. The same goes for gallery staff, store owners and the guy who drives the Zamboni—he might even take you for a spin on the rink if no one is watching. These are just some of the simple freedoms home-schooled kids and their teachers (usually moms) enjoy on an average day.

Classes happen at or around the home for more than 26,000 Canadian kids, and their ranks are growing. Between 2008 and 2015, that number jumped by more than 36 percent, says Fraser Institute researcher Deani Neven Van Pelt, one of Canada’s top home-school experts. That’s fast expansion for a 50-year-old movement. “Home-schooling is becoming more sophisticated,” she says. “It taps into parents’ imaginations about what’s possible for the education of their children.”

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Home » HOMESCHOOLING HELP » General Encouragement » This is what happens when you I ’ ve been there. Early on in our homeschool career, I realized I could not be all things to all people. I always started my kids on independent learning with just one subject — usually math — in third or

Perhaps my little brother can be persuaded to leave his school and start learning from home ? Don’t you think that the purpose of school is not just learning but to develop socially as well? What I ’ll say is this . I know 4 other kids that were homeschooled. One reason I started homeschooling was

What began as a largely Christian movement (by parents who wanted a religiously informed education for their children) has since become more of a secular pursuit and has definitely evolved. Families who home-school are diverse, not necessarily religious and quite entrepreneurial when it comes to finding novel ways to teach old lessons; they do it because they can, because it gives them more time together and because it’s more practical than ever before.

“We can all be self-educators in ways that weren’t possible even a decade ago,” Van Pelt says. “Digital technology has changed the way we learn and even the way we teach. You can access great programs and instruction for all sorts of topics online, either at a low price or for free. You don’t have to rely on school, look in a textbook and have a teacher teach you a lesson anymore.”

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I just wanted to hug the man. It isn’t that I didn’t know that my son is a good student. It’s that I ’ ve never had my teaching of him praised. My boys went from public to home school , and they had a serious transition in learning how to talk to the other homeschool kids in our group.

Here are 6 things I ' ve learned . I started my son in “ school ” when he was eight months old because I couldn’t handle being home with him all the time. 5. Sometimes kids will learn more from their peers than from their parents.

Here’s how one resourceful, tight-knit family is un-schooling their kids.

Living in small town Cobourg, Ont, and pregnant, Desirée Fawn began buying up home-school lesson plans at the same time as she was stockpiling onesies. By the time her daughter, Gretchen, was born, Fawn had refined an arsenal of home-schooling resources and a vision of teaching her daughter at home.

“I just felt that I didn’t want to be away from her,” Fawn says. She knew this in spite of the fact that there were years to come before Gretchen would be old enough for school.

Fast-forward a few years and, when it was time for Gretchen to head to kindergarten, Fawn was in the midst of building her own business, a digital media company that consumed her attention. If she wanted to keep her momentum, she would have to rely on the public system to educate her kid. But when it came time to register Gretchen, Fawn balked.

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He was upset because where he comes from there aren’t enough books for all kids to take home . You have to keep the books at school . ” Scott did that. Scooter didn’t talk. Scooter would tell you, “ I just did this . It’s over, it’s done.” He learned that lesson. He got to start over.

" I just don't have the patience," a parent might lament. This is probably the most important example of something I ' ve learned through homeschooling . · Do they have any special learning needs ? · What reasons made you start homeschooling your I ' ve seen a lot of lonely kids in public schools .

“I just couldn’t bring myself to sign her up,” she says. Fawn was daunted by the large class sizes and worried what kind of impact that atmosphere would have on her daughter. “The thing about kids is they crave knowledge. You can’t stop them from learning. But you can stop them from loving to learn,” Fawn says.  “And I think that can happen in a school system where teachers are under so much pressure and there are a lot of targets to reach. You can’t follow 30 children everywhere because it’s chaos.”

Fawn’s compromise was to enroll Gretchen in a Montessori school, where she stayed for three years until Fawn’s business was beyond its infancy. Last September, Gretchen and Fawn embarked on their rookie season of learning from home.

Mint tea and Native American creation stories. Today’s the first truly cold day (it snowed last night!) and we’re enjoying being cozy with candles and sunshine pouring through the window.

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Immediately, the pace of their days improved. “We’re no longer getting up, packing lunch, running out the door. I hated starting every day like that,” Fawn says. Instead, she and Gretchen, now eight, ease into things. Equipped with fresh coffee and breakfast, the pair read books or listen to an audio book in their living room or back yard. “This morning tradition has been one of the best changes in our lives,” Fawn says.

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  8 signs you learned bad relationship habits from your parents We learn a lot of things from our family that stick with us well into adulthood. Although we might adopt and adapt…The study, done by Harvard Graduate School of Education, found that most families don’t sit teens down and talk about love when they have “the talk,” even though 65 percent of kids surveyed said that they’d be open to talking to their parents and educators about healthy relationships.

I was great at teaching, but terrible at discipline (at first). But over the years I ' ve learned it's a sort of dance. One thing I have started trying is using brain breaks ( just Google them). Some of them seem completely immature and ridiculous, but the students, even the " I am too cool for school " kids , love

I ’ ve started setting things around the house more and more that they can pick up and read or explore. Life learning counts–big time. I realize this is what works best for us. We can’t really do school here, there, and everywhere. My kids just are too distractible.

To give their schedule some structure, Fawn purchased a curriculum from Oak Meadow, a popular US-based home-schooling resource. With that as a guide, she and Gretchen spend some mornings doing lessons at home. On other days, Gretchen might work on a project, read or write. Afternoons are generally devoted to independent learning, so the pair head to a café with good wireless. Gretchen might use a digital app that guides her through a French lesson while Fawn knocks out emails or works on a client project—work that Fawn admits she simply wouldn’t be able to do if Gretchen was younger or couldn’t read on her own. Through this lens, her decision to hold off on homeschooling for a few years was critical in order for her to be able to both teach and run her business from home.

a little girl that is sitting in the grass© Used with permission of / © Rogers Media Inc. 2017.

I home-school my five kids to prepare them for the real world

The flexibility that home-schooling affords is the grease in Fawn’s wheels. Although she follows a curriculum, she doesn’t necessarily do “school” from Monday to Friday. “Maybe a lesson comes up on a Sunday and we dive right in. A lot of people have the impression that home-schooling is taking that six-hour school day and plunking it into your house. Absolutely not,” she says. While some lessons take as little as 30 minutes, others may be stretched out for a whole week if it feels right. This freedom is a luxury both Fawn and her daughter appreciate.

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Throughout history, families educated their children at home either by assigning them books to read, having a tutor oversee their learning , or Parents work long hours just to make ends meet so it's practical that kids are in school with a similar schedule. You' ve just got to dig a little deeper! Like most parents, we both had work obligations when we started considering homeschooling .

This is the story of a naive little kid who set out to conquer the world. A story that started 7 years ago. I couldn’t understand a single word he was saying. And then I just left the dinner and went home . So here are a few things I ’ ve learned back then.

Still, their schedules are full, with most days including a meet up with one home-school group or another. “We go to a gym class with some families, we have another group at the library and another group that we do an art class with on Fridays,” Fawn says. “There’s this persistent notion that home-schooled kids are unsocialized weirdos. But Gretchen meets more people than she would at school because we’re always doing something.”

Always among the books

That includes a recent science fair put on by a group of home-schoolers, a track meet and even a visit to an Alpaca farm. The meetups have helped build a community that Fawn, too, can learn from. “Just like you can’t raise a kid completely on your own, you can’t school a kid completely on your own,” she says. “We all connect, we have the same sorts of problems. There’s always going to be someone one step ahead of you who can help.”

As Fawn struggles with how to help Gretchen cope with some tough feelings around competitiveness, she’s leaning on the adults around her. “She feels really upset about anything where there’s going to be a winner and a loser. She would like it all to be very fair,” Fawn says. “She didn’t really want to participate in the track meet because she knew there was going to be a first and last place. I’ve reached out to my community to ask ‘What do I do here?’”

And of course, with all the long hours they spend together, there are bound to be hiccups. “There’s the foot stomping. The pouting. Home-schooling or not, those moments are going to come up,” Fawn says. “When you’re with your kid all day long you get the worst of them. But you also get the best of them because you’re there for all those small moments.”

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