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The 5 Most Appalling Things Parents Have Done at Kids Birthday Parties

Friday  23:50,   08 december 2017

Check yo’self before you wreck yo’selfFor the record, there are some truly awful parents in this world who have, I’m sure, done some truly awful things at children’s birthday parties. This isn’t about them. Heinous criminal activity aside, what[...]
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Men: Can we have it all?

Friday  01:21,   01 december 2017

All parents wish they could have it all. But all of us have to give up a part of ourselves for our kids. There must be a way to balance things—for both men and women.At the time, I was a freelance writer and my wife was a PhD student. We lived in a[...]

5 ways your baby says “I love you”

Friday  01:21,   01 december 2017

The early days of motherhood can seem thankless, but look for these little cues that your baby is falling totally in love with you too.Recognizing love isn’t quite as easy as tracking your baby’s developmental milestones, such as the first laugh or[...]

Disciplining a Disrespectful Child Doesn't Work, But This Does

Thursday  19:50,   26 october 2017

You can’t punish an emotion. At the park one day, I watched a mom get angry at her children. Her toddler handed her a cheese stick and said, “Eat.” Mom unwrapped it. All hell broke loose once she handed it back to him. Her tween was taking selfies[...]

Mummy blogger trolled for exercising in department store

Thursday  19:50,   26 october 2017

'You're desperate for attention from strangers'Sia Cooper, 28, who runs a successful fitness program for mums called Diary of a Fit Mommy, was blasted on Instagram with followers telling her she should train in Walmart because ‘she’d fit [...]

Mother races against time to fund research trial for son's fatal disease

Thursday  19:50,   26 october 2017

<p>Children with Hunter syndrome gradually lose the ability to walk, talk and eat, and most die by their teen years. There is no cure. Melissa Hogan is determined to find one.</p><p></p>At least, not yet. Hogan's shock soon turned into[...]

Kylie Jenner is pregnant—and we know you want to judge

Thursday  23:51,   12 october 2017

Everyone wants to hate on Kylie Jenner for becoming a mother so young, but this is why we all need to stop being so judgmental.After catching wind of the KJ’s pregnancy news, the never-subtle gossip blogger Perez Hilton posted his totally unfiltered [...]

Mom attacked online for asking what to make husband for lunch

Tuesday  23:23,   10 october 2017

She was called a 'slave' and '1950s housewife'.A young Australian mother has caused controversy for asking a Facebook group what to make her husband for[...]

Kate shows off her baby bump at Buckingham Palace reception

Tuesday  23:22,   10 october 2017

The royal stepped out after a month of cancelled engagements.Video provided by Whochit[...]

Cindy Crawford defends letting 16-year-old Kaia Gerber model

Tuesday  23:21,   10 october 2017

She says it's normal in fashion"My daughter just got a driver's licence," Crawford told The Associated Press. "I'm a lot more concerned about her driving by herself then entering the world of[...]

Ignoring Your Kids Might Be the Best Thing for Them

Friday  20:40,   29 september 2017

Since when did children need boredom busters?No, I don’t mean ignore them and let them set the paper towels in the kitchen on fire as some kind of "learning[...]

What you pack in your kid’s school lunch can improve their concentration and focus

Friday  20:40,   29 september 2017

Little kids aren't known for their ability to sit still, concentrate and focus—and yet that's often what's needed to succeed in school. What many parents don’t realize is the huge role that proper nutrition plays in this.Here are my top [...]

How EI maternity benefits in Canada work

Friday  20:40,   29 september 2017

There's lots to do before baby arrives—finish the nursery, pack your hospital bag and apply for EI. This is how EI maternity benefits work in Canada and why you need to apply for them before your newborn arrives.If you have insurable employment[...]

How to deal with a kid who pushes your buttons

Friday  20:37,   29 september 2017

Sometimes you’re triggered more by one of your kids than another. Here’s how to tackle your triggers and parent each kid effectively.A few minutes later, Liv’s older sister, Sam (age 5), began wailing after an argument over toys. Chris immediately[...]

Having the Family I've Always Wanted Doesn't Feel Like Enough

Friday  16:55,   07 july 2017

Growing up in a broken home has me pining for moreIt started when I was 12 or so, around the time my parents were engulfed in a brutal court battle over custody of my sister and me. I called it “family watching.” If we were out and about and I saw a [...]