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Why Are Chefs So Excited About...Water?

Sunday  23:11,   22 october 2017

A British couple has figured out how to smoke water. David and Alison Lea-Wilson, of North Wales, have developed a process that runs filtered tap water through oak chips and oak dust.  [...]

Cookie Monster Will Teach Kids About Cooking & Healthy Eating On This Genius New Show

Sunday  08:11,   22 october 2017

There are a few ways to help kids eat better. You could try to hide vegetables in their favorite meals (a life hack that I use to this day on myself) or you could teach them how to appreciate healthy food from a young age. Now, a new TV program[...]

Bacon Lollipops = Because Everything Is Beautiful In The World

Saturday  13:41,   21 october 2017

Bacon Lollipops = Because Everything Is Beautiful In The World [...]

Refrigerator Rules: How Long Do Leftovers Last?

Saturday  10:41,   21 october 2017
Food Network

Figuring out whether Thanksgiving dinner can turn into tomorrow’s lunch can feel like a guessing game. Here’s the run-down on when to toss your[...]

A List of Reasons That Will Finally Convince You to Meal-Prep

Friday  07:21,   20 october 2017

A List of Reasons That Will Finally Convince You to Meal-PrepWe get it, but there are so many awesome reasons to do it. If you need a few reminders (who doesn't?), this list from Stephanie Tornatore and Adam Bannon of YouTube channel FitCoupleCooks[...]

12 Foods You Had No Idea Have *This* Much Protein

Thursday  09:35,   19 october 2017

12 Foods You Had No Idea Have *This* Much Protein Also watch: Why you should eat more protein at breakfast (Provided by NBC News) Click to expand Your browser does not support this video require(["binding"], function (binding) { [...]

Tim Hortons unveils newest 'drink' — a spicy Buffalo Latte. No, really.

Wednesday  21:52,   18 october 2017
Metro News

Have you ever sat there chowing down on some spicy chicken wings and thought, “these would go great with a milky coffee"? Nope? Well, good for you. But somebody, somewhere has had that very thought. And that somebody clearly works for Tim[...]

Awesome Kindergartner Crowdfunds $4,000 to Pay for Classmates’ Milk, Because There Is Still Some Good Left in This World

Wednesday  21:51,   18 october 2017
Grub Street

She’s raised enough to give them milk for more than four years.A couple of weeks ago, Jackie Oelfke caught her granddaughter Sunshine stuffing money into her school bag. Understandably, Oelfke asked what was up. “I’m taking it for my friend Layla,”[...]

The most expensive doughnut in the world is covered in 24-karat gold

Wednesday  19:41,   18 october 2017

<p>The priciest doughnut on the planet is filled with champagne and topped with 24-karat gold.</p>It's called the Golden Cristal Ube, and a dozen will set you back[...]

Is Starbucks Launching a New Spooky Zombie Frappuccino?

Wednesday  19:40,   18 october 2017

Plus other food news to know today Is Starbucks launching a new spooky drink for Halloween? Citing “a trusted source,” one blog floats the rumor that a Zombie-themed Frappuccino, featuring green apple caramel powder and pink powder, will hit menus[...]

How To Make Vegetable Soup Without A Recipe

Wednesday  19:33,   18 october 2017

Puréed veggie soups are incredibly simple to make once you master this basic formula.Acorn squash[...]

Fudge-Dipped Mini Oreos Are Hitting Stores Soon

Wednesday  19:27,   18 october 2017

Good luck trying to stop at eating just one of these.Foodland, a grocery store based in Hawaii, shared a photo of the brand new snack via Instagram on Monday. One of the hashtags included in the caption that accompanied the photo reads[...]

Anthony Bourdains Favorite Chef's Knife

Wednesday  10:58,   18 october 2017
Town and Country

It also happens to be a bestseller on Amazon.The Unicorn Frappucino-hating chef has previously schooled us in the art of getting kids to try adventurous foods (his daughter was sucking down oysters at the age of three) and he's also taught us why[...]

How to Sharpen a Knife the Right Way

Wednesday  10:55,   18 october 2017

Every few months, you'll notice that your chef's knife has a harder time yielding perfectly thin slices and precise dices. You might even find your knifework is slipping—literally. And aside from being annoying to cut with, a dull knife can[...]

11 things you can add to your water bottle that your body will love you for

Tuesday  11:36,   17 october 2017
Hello Giggles

There’s a good chance you probably don’t drink enough water, and we totally get it: Plain water is about the most boring…We know, it’s annoying that we’re trying to remind you to drink more water, but it’s crucial for your overall health to drink[...]