Food & Drink ‘Skin-Contact’ Is the Next Wine Term You Need to Know (and It'll Totally Impress Your Somm)

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Don’t know your skin - contact whites from your Marsanne? It ’s not an accident that modern wine lists run heavy on esoteric terms like these, and are often light on explanation. Many intentionally read like puzzles to prompt questions.

Skin - contact wine , amber wine , or orange wine is a type of wine made from white wine grapes where the grape skins are not removed, as in typical white wine production

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You're over rosé and you're not feeling a red tonight, but you want something interesting—what's a wine drinker to do? Don't fret: Thanks to wine expert Marissa Ross, we're all about skin-contact bottles.

Here's why it's the next wine term you should seek out:

Basically, skin-contact wines are white wines made like red wines: White wine grapes are fermented with the skins on (for anywhere from days to months), and that's what gives them their deep color and funky flavor. It also means they'll have similar tasting characteristics to red wines: think more tannic, yet still acidic with minerality. And before you say, “um, isn't that just orange wine?” hear us out: Skin-contact wines might be orange...but they also might be pale gold, yellow or almost red in color. (Trust us: Don't order wine based solely on color. Just don't!)

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As it happens, red wine is made in a similar way. It's the length of time that the juice is left to hang out with the dark skins that determines whether it ' ll be white, pink, or red. 6. You do not need to pay more than for a bottle.

Helpful illustrations break down nine key things budding wine experts need to learn. Terms of Service , Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy . You 've got to know the vocab — tannin, bouquet, terroir, aroma — not to mention how to hold a glass, recognize flavors, and know when to drink it .

Might we suggest a crisp, approachable skin-contact Friulano, for beginners? Or if you can handle the funk, look for a bottle from Georgian Kisi grapes.

Plus, what's more fun than schooling that *fancy* sommelier when you ask for the skin-contact bottle? (Other than drinking it, of course.)

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