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This Is the Secret to Better Pasta Salad

  This Is the Secret to Better Pasta Salad <p>Don’t skip this simple step.</p>You’ve probably made pasta salad more times than you can count. I’ll bet you could make it with your eyes closed, without even consulting a recipe. Maybe you have your own signature recipe.

That naked burrata, freshly made that morning, had never seen the inside of a fridge, and it was all I wanted for dinner that night. This elaborate salad may take more time than just plopping a burrata on top of some baby arugula — or eating it straight with a spoon.

Dinner Recipes. Healthy Grains to Eat Right Now. Pack our skinny potato salad for your next picnic. By the editors of FITNESS magazine. 3. Add potatoes and egg to mayonnaise mixture. Toss lightly to mix. Cover and chill in the fridge at least 6 hours (or up to 24).

I have come to understand that, in the eyes of many, potato salad is considered a “side dish.” But as a vegetarian who survived years of cookouts and barbecues by loading up my plate until it was half potato salad, half potato chips, and almost too heavy to hold, I embrace potato salad as a fully acceptable—even reasonable—main dish option.

But only if it’s the right kind of potato salad (and only if it’s summertime).

Potato salad with pesto, it just makes sense.

See the video.

This vibrant and saucy potato salad has starch (uh, that’s the potatoes), protein (eggs and cheese), fat (olive oil), and “green vegetables” (at least two tablespoons of herbs). In place of the normal hallmarks of potato salad—mushiness, mayonnaise, unidentifiable add-ins (is that a green bean, I see? a diced carrot chunk?)—this one is all crunchy and salty, with acidic dressing that gets its creaminess from eggs, the eternal crowd favorite. Pour a tall glass of salted watermelon juice and it sounds like pretty balanced meal to me!

Got 5 Minutes? Ditch Boring Romaine For This Super-Fresh, Super-Fast Broccoli Salad

  Got 5 Minutes? Ditch Boring Romaine For This Super-Fresh, Super-Fast Broccoli Salad It only has five ingredients.

Look at the hot, buttery potato . In its simplest state — with just a little butter and some kosher salt — that thing is going to be completely delicious. Now add herbs, cheese, meat, veggies, and you've got a great (and probably cheap, sequester-friendly) dinner on your hands.

Ham-and- Potato Salad A whipped deviled egg dressing stars in chef José Andrés's terrific potato salad . Potato Pie with Tomato and Fontina Mashed potatoes form the crust for this delicious, savory pie. Dinner Creamy Nettle and Potato Soup Wild stringing nettles give this soup its delicious tang.

See, what distinguishes this potato salad from the rest is, first and foremost, the potato preparation. The roly-poly salad consists, mostly, of small new potatoes (so very fashion compared to those old stick-in-the-mud Yukons or Russets, am I right?), which get halved and roasted, no boiling (or, heaven forbid, peeling) necessary. In 20 minutes (25 tops), they’re crispy-edged and golden-brown, like they just spent a little too much time on the beach.

a bowl of food: The gribiche (hard-boiled egg) dressing on its own. And yes, I would also eat this without potatoes.© Ted Cavanaugh The gribiche (hard-boiled egg) dressing on its own. And yes, I would also eat this without potatoes.

And while the potatoes cook, you have just enough time to putz around your house and still make the potato salad’s pièce de résistance: sauce gribiche, an herby, egg-based dressing (stay with me!) that’s often paired with cold meat in French bistros (I’ll pass on that part). Boil a few eggs (make extra for snacks and salads later in the week), chop them up, then fold them into an emulsion of olive oil, white wine vinegar, and grainy mustard, salted-up with itty-bitty cornichons and capers. Spoon any extra sauce over crispy-skinned fish, sautéed asparagus and morels, or fat slices of beefsteak tomatoes, or a bed of grains.

A Creamy, No-Mayo Potato Salad With a Surprise Ingredient

  A Creamy, No-Mayo Potato Salad With a Surprise Ingredient A picnic without potato salad is like Thanksgiving without stuffing. It’s quintessential summertime grub. It’s hard to imagine a red-checkered tablecloth draped over a picnic table without a giant bowl of potato salad weighing it down. The only problem with classic creamy potato salad is that it always includes mayo, sour cream, or some kind of dairy which isn’t something everyone at the picnic table can partake in. Surely you could forgo the creamy potato salad for a vinegar-based one that everyone can eat, but why compromise when you don’t have to? This potato salad checks both boxes in one creamy, dreamy dish. Finally, a potato salad that checks all the boxes. Photo by James Ransom To make this dairy-free but super-creamy potato salad, you won’t need any special equipment or labor in the kitchen for hours. You’ll just need one magic ingredient you’ve likely seen popping up a lot lately: tahini. The velvety, sesame-based spread is having a moment and I am here for it! What I once viewed as an ingredient specifically used for hummus, I now see as an endlessly versatile ingredient that lends a rich smoothness to just about anything. It’s a go-to for making creamy salad dressing. It’s the smooth operator behind this super creamy pasta. And it’s the icing on the cake (literally) in this tahini buttercream–frosted chocolate cake. In this case, it’s the superhero ingredient behind this surprisingly vegan, dairy-free potato salad. (Not all heroes wear capes.

More Ways to Eat Potatoes . Look at all the things the humble potato can do. When you want to change it up, family-friendly fajitas, skillet dinners , and potato cakes are the way to go.

With this cheap healthy recipe, we grant you permission to eat cranberry sauce year-round! Send Text Message. Pinterest. Chicken, Tomato, and Cucumber Dinner Salad . Sweet Potato , Chicken, and Spinach in Browned Butter. View Recipe. Budget dinner price: .08 per serving.

But give it a try! Shovel some potato salad into a big bowl—more than you think you can eat—and take yourself and your dinner somewhere outside (or somewhere directly in front of an A/C unit). Eat the whole helping, then some more. Get back to me if you’re not totally satisfied and full of life (and potatoes).

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New Potatoes with Parmesan, Black Pepper, and Gribiche Dressing

a plate of food with broccoli© Ted Cavanaugh

This Is Just to Say This Plum Salad Is So Savory, So Sweet, and So Good .
It even inspires bad poetry.

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