Food & Drink Get Lost In the Swirls of This Strawberry-Coconut Ice Cream Pie

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Heavy and Whipping Cream Are the Same Thing . . . Right?

  Heavy and Whipping Cream Are the Same Thing . . . Right? To those of you who've been forced to choose between heavy and whipping cream at the supermarket, you've probably pondered it yourself: isn't all cream more or less the same thing? Related: What Is Ginger Beer, Anyway? Not exactly. There are differences in milk-fat content. All cream contains at least 18 percent milk fat: "whipping cream" is made up of 30 percent, while cartons labeled "heavy cream" or "heavy whipping cream" must contain 36 percent or more. Whipping cream, heavy cream, or heavy whipping cream all work for recipes that incorporate whisked air, but don't reach for that half-and-half; at 10.5 to 18 percent milk fat, it simply won't cut it. The more fat content a cream contains, the more stable it's likely to be in a whipped state. Check out our honey whipped topping recipe for guaranteed success.

Strawberry Ice Cream : Add 1 cup strawberries , stems removed, to the basic recipe before blending and omit Salted Caramel Ice Cream : Swirl in homemade Coconut Caramel and add a quick sprinkle of sea How To Use A Can Of Coconut Milk. You can make Healthy Pumpkin Pie or my Healthy

Churn the coconut ice cream base in your ice cream machine following the manufacturer’s instructions. When thickened to a soft-serve ice cream consistency, slowly ladle the strawberry sauce into the ice cream maker as it runs so the sauce gets incorporated into the ice cream base.

Ice cream pie can be as simple as plopping some softened ice cream into a graham cracker shell, refreezing it, and calling it a hot summer’s day. But—you thought I was going to follow that up with a but? Well I’m not. This ice cream pie is a cinch.

It’s a new recipe from our simple issue (the theme of the August issue), by contributing assistant food editor Kat Boytsova. The filling combines four pints of ice cream—two strawberry, two coconut—that swirl together in a beautiful marble pattern. It reminds me of Princess Frostine’s (that’s right, from Candy Land) pink-and-white gettup, if we’re diving into one specific person’s nostalgia brainwaves. Sweet strawberry and creamy coconut make a dynamic duo, a combination we really don’t exploit enough here at Bon Appétit.

What Exactly is a White Strawberry?

  What Exactly is a White Strawberry? I spend a lot of time on Youtube watching music videos, Tasty videos, and crash courses. One day, I came across a video titled Cultivating Japan’s Rare White Strawberry. Upon seeing the title, I knew I had to watch it. I really love strawberries and seeing a white strawberry made me want to learn more about this variety. Japan is known for having many unique types of fruits: santonishiki cherries, dekopon (a type of orange) ume, and even square watermelons. While these fruits are unique, the one fruit that gets everyone talking is the infamous white strawberry.

A swirled beautiful ice cream pie with coconut and strawberry —genius combo by the way—with a salted press-in graham cracker crust. Remove ice cream from freezer. Scrape strawberry ice cream into bowl with coconut ice cream .

Dessert Type Ice Cream and Frozen Desserts, Pies . Prep Time 30 minutes. Share the sugarhero love! [ssbp title=" Strawberry Lemonade Ice Cream Pie " url="https My mom love coconut pie I always bake for her but now I will use your recipe.

When we tested this recipe in the early spring (paired with Kat’s rosé sangria no less), it caused giddy, childlike joy around the prep table. (My Candy Land theory holds up.)

a table topped with plates of food on a plate © Photo by Alex Lau, Food Styling by Alison Attenborough, Prop Styling by Heather Greene

Why is this so good?! I asked food director Carla Lalli Music, as we cast tasting spoons aside and took whole slices up to our desks. “I think I just are an entire pint of ice cream,” groaned Carla as she kept eating the pie. The strawberry, the coconut, the coconutty crust. It was all working. “Do you have any notes?” asked Kat. “Uhhhh nope.” We answered. It was ready.

If you have to stand in front of the class and fess up on what you did this summer vacation, let it be this recipe.

Because the crust is salty-amazing

Graham cracker crusts are bound with fat—here we’ve got coconut oil to keep everything together, and why not throw some toasted coconut flakes in there while you’re at it for texture? A generous pinch of salt supercharges the coco-nuttiness and you’ll find yourself eating the crust like a cookie later.

Taco Bell Is Serving This Strawberry Frosé All Summer Long, and It Sounds SO Refreshing!

  Taco Bell Is Serving This Strawberry Frosé All Summer Long, and It Sounds SO Refreshing! Taco Bell Is Serving This Strawberry Frosé All Summer Long, and It Sounds SO Refreshing!You know the frosé trend has gotten huge when fast-food restaurants get in on it. Taco Bell is the first to officially hop on board, and it's introduced a Frosé Twisted Freeze to cool you off this Summer while you satisfy your Crunchwrap Supreme cravings. Refreshing frozen wine and cheap tacos? Yes, please! There's a catch you probably saw coming, though - it's only available in two locations. Taco Bell is testing the frosé menu item at the Taco Bell Cantinas in Newport Beach, CA, and Dearborn Street in Chicago.

If you've been wondering how to get one of your favorite chilled and sliced desserts out of the pie cooler and into a cup or cone Recipe: No-Cook Strawberry Ice Cream . Velvety ice cream meets the sweet juiciness of strawberries in this frozen summer treat. Recipe: Banana- Coconut Ice Cream .

Coconut cream flavored ice cream with coconut flakes, toasted coconut and crushed pineapple. Key Lime Pie . Lemon flavored ice cream with egg yolks added for a richer flavor. Sgt. Camo®. Fresh strawberries swirled in a strawberry flavored ice cream .

a piece of cake sitting on top of a wooden cutting board: We learned how to cut ice cream from Claire Saffitz’s epic ice cream sandwich recipe. © Photo by Alex Lau, Styling by Sue Li We learned how to cut ice cream from Claire Saffitz’s epic ice cream sandwich recipe.

The swirl looks more complicated than it is

So you soften the ice cream. And uh, make sure to put a sticky note on it so no one puts it back in the freezer or worse, EATS IT ALL, WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT, BILL, I WAS MAKING A PIE. Kat recommends cutting the ice cream into chunks (you can cut ice cream, yes) and putting it in two bowls (one for strawb, one for coconut). When the ice creams are soft enough to stir with a spatula, stir them until they feel like the consistency of thick cake batter, at which point put the bowls in the freezer for a quick 10 minute break. You’re about to swirl them together, so the more slightly-solid they are, the better for that marble effect. Scrape the strawberry into the coconut and stir it like you would batter, and then STOP. A few folds will do it. Chill another 10, and then pour that into the graham cracker crust to set up for the final freeze.

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  10 Big-Flavored Recipes With Teeny-Tiny Ingredient Lists Every Tuesday, I come to work a little bit hungry and a little bit early. Look, testing isn’t necessarily a piece of cake, OK? Emma doesn’t accept a simple “yum!” or “it’s good!” She wants to know what you think about the texture, saltiness, bite, or how you’d feel if she tweaked this or that. But the recipes that get the most attention (and love) are her Big Littles: recipes that have teeny-tiny ingredient lists and big everything else.

Altogether Keto Cookies and Crème Ice Cream is a great way to turn our two favorite guilty pleasures into a sweet treat that increases our well being. Plus, with this keto ice cream , you will be getting the benefits of coconut milk. Chocolate Chunk Avocado Ice Cream . Pumpkin Pecan Pie Ice Cream . Strawberry Swirl Ice Cream .

Strawberry - Coconut Ice Cream Pie . Be the first to review this recipe. Drop alternate spoonfuls of both ice creams into crust. Swirl together with a tip of knife to marbelize. Freeze at least 6 hours or overnight until firm.

a white plate topped with a piece of cake on a table © Photo by Alex Lau, Food Styling by Alison Attenborough, Prop Styling by Heather Greene

6 hours later

The pie will be frozen enough to make sharp, servable slices. Especially if you run your knife under hot water and clean it in between slices.

a plate of food with a slice of cake on a table © Photo by Alex Lau, Food Styling by Alison Attenborough, Prop Styling by Heather Greene

Decorate the sh*t out of it

Toss some strawberries in lemon juice and sugar and then spoon them into little divots on top of the pie. This is called extra credit, which you know is NOT optional for those with drive and ambition in life.

Get the recipe:

Coconut-Strawberry Ice Cream Pie

a plate of food on a table © Photo by Alex Lau, food styling by Alison Attenborough, prop styling by Heather Greene

a plate of food with a slice of cake on a table © Photo by Alex Lau, Food Styling by Alison Attenborough, Prop Styling by Heather Greene

De-Stink Your Onion Hands With This Trick .
So, say you're chopping a whole bunch of onions. Just a hypothetical here. The tears that accompany slicing and dicing alliums are hard enough, but to add insult to injury, the harsh onion stink clings to your hands—even after a thorough washing. If you want a much faster way of getting rid of that smell, skip the soap and rub your hands with a spoon. You can actually use any stainless stainless steel object: spoons, forks, your sink. Just hold your hands under cold running water while rubbing the object for 10 seconds. The smell slips off almost like magic. Did someone say magic? But it’s not magic—it’s science. It turns out that the stinky sulfur present in onions (see also: garlic and fish) is attracted to the metals in stainless steel and binds to it. All it takes is a little contact. I learned this tip a couple of months ago from poking around the internet, and I have to tell you how life-changing it is. I don't use a spoon (too small!), but I rub my hands on the bottom of my sink. It's the best way I've found of getting rid of that horrible smell. Now you know how to neutralize the odor, you shouldn’t be afraid of any of our most onion-y recipes.

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