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Out Of Baking Powder? This Easy Substitute Will Work In A Pinch

  Out Of Baking Powder? This Easy Substitute Will Work In A Pinch Plus, how to tell if your baking powder is still fresh.To avoid a last-minute trip to the store (and keep your recipes from falling flat), here’s a simple baking soda substitution. But first, it’s worth understanding how baking powder works to give your baked goods a boost.

Whether you're a plant-based newbie or seasoned vegan, these are the 6 best vegan cookbooks for accessible, healthy, practical and fun vegan cooking . I’d highly recommend adding this book to your collection , it’s one of my favouerites.

How do you know you have a problem? Perhaps it's because while you have more cookbooks then you will ever be able to cook recipes from, you cannot stop yourself from adding to your collection .

We aren't quite yet to one of our favorite times of the year, fall cookbook-palooza, but we're still getting in the spirit of the season and adding a few titles to our shelves (and our pre-order carts). Namely, six baking books that our Baking Club members are really excited about—they earned their top votes for what books we'll be covering in the months ahead.

Read on to learn more about each of the books, the schedule for when we'll be baking through them, and all of the details on how to participate in the Club, too.

The Books

a bunch of items that are sitting on a table: PRESALE Signed Copy: Genius Desserts, by Kristen Miglore© Provided by Food52 PRESALE Signed Copy: Genius Desserts, by Kristen Miglore PRESALE Signed Copy: Genius Desserts, by Kristen Miglorea close up of a bottle© Provided by Food52

Praise Riri, Fenty Is Dropping A New Eye Makeup Collection

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5. Oatmeal Muffins - (101 Cookbooks ) Crumble-topped with an oatmeal and yogurt base. And when I say, crumble, I mean the type of crumble you put on top of fruit before baking . More details here. 7. Banana Bran Muffins - ( Cook Republic) Honey-kissed, but with no added sugar beyond that, these

Either way I want baking cookbooks to educate (and entertain) me while making me a better baker . For instance, why you need to flour your blueberries before adding them to muffins or what happens when you add an extra egg to your brownies.

Food52 Genius Desserts by Kristen Miglore

Arriving in early September, our Creative Director Kristen Miglore has unearthed more than 100 of the smartest and most iconic dessert recipes of our time, drawing from the biggest names in desserts and the wisdom of the Food52 community—plus the genius tips, mini-recipes, and riffs to make them your own.

All About Cake by Christina Tosi

Tosi fans have been eagerly anticipating this October release, which includes creations from both her famous Milk Bar bakery as well as treats from her home kitchen (hello, Mint Chocolate Chip Molten Microwave Mug Cake!). Plus, it lays out the formula for those famed Milk Bar cakes, so you can dream up (and execute) your own crazy flavor concoctions.

a group of sugar© Provided by Food52a bunch of food on a plate© Provided by Food52

5 Weird Eye Issues You Should Never, Ever Ignore

  5 Weird Eye Issues You Should Never, Ever Ignore 5 Weird Eye Issues You Should Never, Ever IgnoreBasically only when you realize you have to squint to see the TV-or your contacts start hurting like a mother-effer, right?

Thanks to Dover who last year re-issued The 50th Anniversary Edition of a Treasury of Great Recipes, I now have the missing piece Vincent Price piece to add to my collection . As I am the Cookbook Promotions Manager for Eat Your Books , I am adding EYB options for extra entries.

'Tis the season for baking -- here are the cookbooks we turn to for recipes and advice when making cookies, cakes, and pies galore. Your Collections Your Collections . Add .

Crumb by Ruby Tandoh

Ruby Tandoh, Great British Bakeoff contestant and Guardian columnist created a stripped back baking book, one that is "simple yet exuberant." You'll find a wide range of recipes ranging from sweet to savory—breads, crackers, cakes, cookies, pastries, and more—all just right for everyday baking.

Rose's Baking Basics by Rose Levy Beranbaum

Best-selling author Rose Levy Beranbaum's latest cookbook arrives this September. It's packed full of 100 essential recipes, from breads to cakes to pies and more, and has more than 600 step-by-step photos to help everyone achieve flawless results, every time.

a close up of a book© Provided by Food52  The 6 Baking Cookbooks to Add to Your Collection ASAP © Provided by Food52

Why These Extra Chewy Sugar Cookies Make Us Want to Break Out in Song

  Why These Extra Chewy Sugar Cookies Make Us Want to Break Out in Song As Food52 gets older (and wiser), and our archive of recipes grows, we’re making the effort to revisit some good-as-gold recipes. Today, we're celebrating our community's chewiest sugar cookies with a brand-new video. I’ve never understood sugar cookies. Chocolate chip? Snickerdoodle? Peanut butter? Yes, yes, yes. But sugar cookies are plain Janes. They don’t have gooey chunks or gorgeous crackles. Sure, the packaged slice-and-bakes can have cute seasonal designs, but fun doesn’t necessarily translate into flavorful. Okay—before you rush to the sweet little cookie’s defense, know that I’ve changed my tune! Turns out I just hadn’t met the right sugar for my sugar cookies. The Search is Over: This Map Will Find Your Sugar Cookie by Sarah Jampel Perfect Cookie Nonstick Baking Mat (Set of 2) Back in 2010, community member WinnieAb and her daughter Maddie shared a recipe that calls for one whole cup of deep, dark brown sugar. The result: a distinct brown buttery taste and oh-so-tender texture. I could eat ten of them in the blink of an eye. The two perfected their recipe with lots of pre-bake taste tests (women after my own heart) and submitted their hard work to our Best Chewy Sugar Cookie contest. “We always sample the dough as we go, adding a little more sugar or vanilla (or something else), if needed,” WinnieAb writes. “Because if the dough doesn't taste good, the cookies certainly won't.

I adored the first 2 Baked cookbooks and didn’t realize there was a 3rd out. Score! I’ve been using the Joy The Baker cookbook and several of Nigella’s older books a lot lately. I would love to add the Flour and Bouchon cookbooks to my collection .

Add Cookbook . filter by. featured. Brownies: Baking Outside the Box.

Zingerman's Bakehouse by Amy Emberling and Frank Carollo

Michigan's renowned artisanal bakery, Zingerman's Bakehouse in Ann Arbor, Michigan, has been a culinary powerhouse since 1992. To celebrate their 25th anniversary, the Zingerman's bakers shared 65 recipes for classics from the bakery, from brownies and sour cream coffee cake to loaves of rye, challah, and sourdough.

The 5-Minute Prep Trick This Award-Winning Baker Swears By

  The 5-Minute Prep Trick This Award-Winning Baker Swears By I swear by lining pan bottoms with parchment, but cutting a parchment circle every time I bake a cake somehow breaks my flow—and litters the counter with scraps. I refuse to pay too much for precut circles (a pack of 24 circles at 20 cents apiece?!) or buy too many (1000 at a time), even at a great price. So I cut circles from full rolls of parchment—which I definitely do purchase by the thousand (and maybe you should, too!). The Big Secret About Parchment Paper by Alice Medrich 5 Handy Facts About Baking with Parchment Paper by Alice Medrich To avoid the irritation of cutting a circle every single time I bake, I occasionally cut a small stack of sheets both 8 and 9-inches in diameter—my most used sizes. Rather than annoyed, this makes me feel efficient. I keep them in an empty cake pan in a drawer—but if you could file them if you have a kitchen file drawer, or put them in a manila envelope, or on a clipboard (so you can hang them inside a cupboard or pantry door). Then, all you need to do is simply reach for one when needed. To cut circles, stack a few sheets of parchment (on a cutting board if necessary) and set a pan on top. Either run a utility knife around the pan, cutting through the sheets, or draw around the pan with a pencil and use a pair of scissors to cut out the rounds. Get Here Faster A couple of minutes spent doing this every now and then for your main cake sizes lets you jump right into the fun part of baking.

With all that kitchen gear to work with, you'll need a few things to cook , too, so don't forget to add a few cookbooks to your registry alongside those pots and pans. We've compiled a list of amazing cookbooks you'll be happy to have in your collection

Best baking cookbooks according to pastry chefs and professional bakers ! a.k.a. an excuse to go shopping on Amazon again Learn how to make the most of your cookbook collection with these 6 easy tips! Still there are a few new-to-me movies to add to my list. How about you?

Vintage Cakes by Julie Richardson

Master baker and author Julie Richardson hunted through cookbooks and recipe cards for "the most inventive, surprising, and just plain delicious cakes she could find." The result is a timeless collection of recipes that span a century of American baking.

an apple sitting on top of a wooden cutting board: This Christina Tosi–Inspired Cherry Bundt Cake Lets the Fruit Shine© Provided by Food52 This Christina Tosi–Inspired Cherry Bundt Cake Lets the Fruit Shine This Christina Tosi–Inspired Cherry Bundt Cake Lets the F... by Erinn Simon a bowl of fruit: Rose Levy Beranbaum's Fresh Blueberry Pie© Provided by Food52 Rose Levy Beranbaum's Fresh Blueberry Pie Rose Levy Beranbaum's Fresh Blueberry Pie by Genius Recipes

The Schedule

Ready to bake through these with us?! Here's the rundown of which book we'll be covering when (plus one more great one that had already been decided in the last round of voting):

  • September:The Hot Bread Kitchen Cookbook by Jessamyn Waldman Rodriguez

  • October:Food52 Genius Desserts by Kristen Miglore

  • November:All About Cake by Christina Tosi

  • December:Crumb by Ruby Tandoh


  • January:Rose's Baking Basics by Rose Levy Beranbaum

  • February:Zingerman's Bakehouse by Amy Emberling and Frank Carollo

    5 Weird Eye Issues You Should Never, Ever Ignore

      5 Weird Eye Issues You Should Never, Ever Ignore <p>If you experience any of these weird eye symptoms, get them checked out ASAP.</p>Basically only when you realize you have to squint to see the TV-or your contacts start hurting, right?

    Home Cooking 20. Micro/ baked potato need help asap ! s. June–August 2018 Baking /Dessert Cookbook of the Month: SWEET. Updated 6 hours ago | 108.

    Managing your cookbook collection to make it work for you. Tips and tricks for using your cookbooks including Eat Your Books , a search engine for your cookbook collection and more. The Cookbook Junkies added 2 new photos. · 6 April ·.

  • March:Vintage Cakes by Julie Richardson

If summer was a cake


how to participate

If you're new to the Baking Club, here's a quick primer on how to join in the fun:

1) Get the Book(s)

Buy a book or two—either online or from your favorite local bookstore. Or, if you’re not ready to commit quite yet, check them out from your local library or borrow a copy from a friend.

2) Read & Cook

Rather self-explanatory, as this is one of the most important parts of participating in a cookbook club, right? If you’re not sure where to begin, take a page from Assistant Editor (and regular cookbook reader) Katie Macdonald's playbook: she recommends reading through the entire introduction as well as 15 headnotes and recipes to get a feel for the cookbook, and then ideally, cooking at least three recipes.

3) Share Your Opinions

We chat in our Facebook group all month long! Join the Baking Club here and post pictures of what you bake from the books and share reviews, too. Fill everyone in on what you thought of the dish (remember to share the recipe name and even the page number, if possible). You can share photos on Instagram as well, just remember to tag them with #f52bakingclub.

a plate of food on a table: For More Flavorful Desserts, Forget This Ingredient© Provided by Food52 For More Flavorful Desserts, Forget This Ingredient

For More Flavorful Desserts, Forget This Ingredient by Lindsay-Jean Hard

There's still plenty of time to jump in this month, too—we're currently baking through Joanne Chang's Baking with Less Sugar. Hope to see you in the Club!

a stack of flyers on a table© Provided by Food52

Cobbler Meets Cake in This Peachy, Mascarpone-y Beaut .
When you write about food, you’re never in the right season. I’m regularly baking up fall pies in July, and scouring the markets in vain for rhubarb in January. Sometimes I’m pumpkin spiced out long before October begins. There are no words to describe how much I love what I do, but the off-seasonality can really take a toll on me—like last year, when I’d made four Thanksgiving dinner spreads before it was time to help my own family with our table. 200 Recipes and 1000 Photos Later, The Fearless Baker Is Born by Erin McDowell I feel an even worse kind of anguish when I have an idea just a minute too late, because there’s nothing worse than a brilliant Christmas cookie that you dream up just as everyone begins their New Year’s diets. Such was the case with the recipe I’m sharing today. Last year, over Labor Day weekend, I threw together a quick fruit cobbler to bid farewell to summer and all its bounty. It was supremely delicious, but the casserole dish wasn’t befitting of how grand the rest of our shindig was. I started planning a way to gussy up the humble cobbler, asking myself the question: How do I turn this into a showstopper, and still keep all the most delicious things about it? For once, the off-seasonality was in my favor, because I had until next summer to figure it out. I tackled it one section at a time.

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