Food & Drink A Ganache-y Pound Cake for All You Eclair Lovers Out There

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I usually start making a cake three days out from the event, I bake the cake and make the ganache on day 1, ganache the cake on day 2, cover the cake in fondant and decorate This technique is brilliant! Just tried it with a chocolate chip pound cake and the results are perfect! Thank you for sharing!

A delicious, creamy filling on top of a light choux pastry gets glazed with a rich chocolate ganache . This dessert sounds fancy but it is so easy to make and it’s a definite crowd-pleaser! Easy Red Velvet Pound Cake .

Selecting a pastry from the bakery case felt like an awesome responsibility as a child. I did not take this task lightly, carefully eyeing the frosted cupcakes and the craggy-topped muffins and the gooey chocolate cookies. No amateur in the sugar realm, I’d skip past the biscotti and other similarly austere and adult desserts to land on the cakes and petit four sections. But no matter how decadent the offerings, if I saw an éclair behind the glass window, I’d always be sold.

a tray of food on a table: The Perfectionist's Guide to Making Chocolate Éclairs© Provided by Food52 The Perfectionist's Guide to Making Chocolate Éclairs

The Perfectionist's Guide to Making Chocolate Éclairs by Alice Medrich

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  Ice Cream Cake Is The Worst Cake In The World Don't @ me.

If you love classic Eclair cake , then you are going to love this one. This Death by Chocolate Icebox Cake has layers of chocolate ganache , chocolate mousse and chocolate graham crackers all topped with chocolate sauce. This is the perfect cake for all the chocolate- lovers out there !

Your ganache recipe turned out really well for me. Thank you ! I only wish I had read your directions on how to glaze with it. Thank you . I think this is what I am looking for a loaf chocolate pound cake . My plan is to put some on a hot cake in the pan.

An éclair is, arguably, a perfect dessert. Given its French origins, that’s no surprise. The French know their pastry. There’s the textural contrast: creamy, crunchy, and gooey. There’s the balance of flavor between the smooth pastry cream, the intense chocolate glaze, and the just-barely-sweet pâte à choux shell. Every bite marries this trifecta of glaze, filling, and shell.

Could I make eclairs at home? Yes, absolutely. While complicated in theory, each element of a classic éclair is perfectly manageable for a home baker. Make a great pastry cream: check. Make a basic pâte à choux dough: check. Make a chocolate ganache: check. But if you’re as into eclairs as I am, there’s no reason not to take your love affair a little further.

Witness the ganache cowlick.© Provided by Food52 Witness the ganache cowlick. Witness the ganache cowlick. Photo by Posie Brien

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To make this Giant Eclair Cake , I whipped up some of my Chocolate and Vanilla cakes , piped layers of Italian Meringue buttercream “shells” around the middle, gave it that ‘dipped’ look with some dark modelling chocolate. 6 Different Cake Colors & Chocolate Ganache !

Michelle, I once made an eclair cake with homemade graham crackers, pate a choux filling, and ganache . So fingers crossed it will turn out . I have never made or had a cake like this before so I am excited to have a piece!

This may sound like a stretch to you: éclair pound cake. Stick with me though! You don’t have the textural contrast as much, but what you do get is fantastic in its own right: a tender, close-crumbed, dense pound cake with a hint of vanilla and a wonderful, custardy flavor that’s reminiscent of pastry cream. I achieve this by adding both condensed milk and custard powder to the batter.

a piece of chocolate cake on a plate: Custard is hiding in there.© Provided by Food52 Custard is hiding in there. Custard is hiding in there. Photo by Posie Brien

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Eclair cake is one of my all time favorites! Yours has turned out beautifully with that ooey gooey chocolate and cream. I've been making this for years and my only difference is that I make the ganache from scratch.

This eclair cake comes together so quickly and it’s always the first thing to get eaten! The pudding does magical things to the graham crackers and this turns out this is a treat that my family has all the time–birthdays, holidays, wednesdays, it’s a winner. i like to use a richer, ganache -type frosting, but i have

To top it off, there’s a thick and luscious chocolate ganache glaze. When you’re craving the creamy chocolate + custard + buttery, eggy pastry trifecta, give this cake a shot instead. It's less fussy, but you still get those perfect flavors.

12174cd3 4058 48c3 b781 988df0a13f78 eclair cake 4© Provided by Food52 12174cd3 4058 48c3 b781 988df0a13f78 eclair cake 4

Eclair Pound Cake

By Posie (Harwood) Brien

  • 1 1/4 cups all-purpose flour
  • 3 tablespoons custard powder
  • 3/4 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1 cup unsalted butter, at room temperature
  • 1/2 cup granulated sugar
  • 3 eggs
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • 3/4 cup sweetened condensed milk
  • 1 cup chopped dark chocolate (or chocolate chips)
  • 1/2 cup heavy cream
  • 1/4 teaspoon espresso powder (optional)

Butter Cake Just Got *Way* Better, Thanks to This Smarty-Pants Trick

  Butter Cake Just Got *Way* Better, Thanks to This Smarty-Pants Trick My style of summer baking is simpler than at other times of the year. Unlike the holidays (when I break out rich and decadent dessert recipes) or autumn (when I crave time in the kitchen, turning to complicated yeasted breads), now is when I want easy but satisfying recipes. I want to be baking in the sun at the beach, not in a hot kitchen—but I still love the meditative ritual of baking, so I do it anyway. If you're like me, now's the time to turn to recipes that make the most of summer produce without obscuring the bright, ripe, fresh flavors. Look for recipes that don't require a million bowls or steps. Find recipes that are worth turning the oven on for, like today's raspberry peach butter cake. I'm a delicious, gooey vehicle for nature's gifts. Photo by Posie Brien This cake is an excellent example of a way to elevate perfect summer produce. I use raspberries and peaches, but any stone fruit or berry will work nicely. You could use all berries if you like: a mix of blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries is wonderful. At first glance, the recipe looks like a basic butter cake. But it's not! The blank canvas of a butter cake is a fantastic foil for fruit, but I've tweaked the master template a bit to create a cake with a little more flavor in the batter. For the liquid, I use a mix of coconut milk and regular milk (whole or 2% are best).

Crunchy Butterfinger on top of a cris py chocolate shell with a huge mound of vanilla frosting and chocolate cake stuffed with chocolate ganache . Look for such favorites as Doris McCullen’s cheese braids, farm-fresh eggs from the Chisms and “their girls”, Ruth Cole’s pound cakes , and Fred

A simple ganache recipe for so many applications! Glazing cakes , add to buttercream for chocolate buttercream, dip your eclairs ! I have used the Kroger brand twice to make ganache , which came out just fine. What I am curious about is to Pingback: Almond Pound Cake - Gretchen's Bakery.

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What other desserts would you like to eclair-ify? Let us know in the comments!

a piece of cake on a plate© Provided by Food52

The Trick to Better Coffee Cake Is Simple—Obvious, Even .
Choosing the best part about a piece of cake is challenging. It's all good! It's cake! But if I were pressed, I could identify one particularly good bit about every kind of cake. I do love the soft, moist crumbs that cling to the frosting on a layer cake, or custardy, clafoutis-like pockets that form around bits of fruit in a simple strawberry yogurt cake. And in a coffee cake, it's all about the streusel. Photo by Posie Harwood I am no mathematician. But it has always seemed to me that doubling the streusel in your standard coffee cake would double the deliciousness. I can now report back that this is true. Today's coffee cake batter is a pretty standard one, although I like to use Greek yogurt as the dairy (although sour cream is a fine option). Yogurt keeps it moist and not overly rich, letting the streusel take center stage as the real star. The recipe yields a lot of streusel, as planned! You can either divide it evenly between the middle layer and the top layer, or you can do one-third in the center and two-thirds on top. Life is your slice of cake. Do what you wish. If you want to kick things up even further, add a dash of cardamom and espresso powder to the streusel. This is a coffee cake for people who want to maximize their baked good enjoyment, and I assume you are that sort of person if you are reading this. (Between you and me, I almost called this cake the Carpe Diem Coffee Cake, because it is all about upping the pleasure of the present.) Double-Streusel Coffee Cake By Posie (Harwood) Brien View Full Recipe - LET THEM EAT (MORE!) CAKEThis article originally ran in July 2017.

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