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Please Stop Cooking Your Avocados

Thursday  16:12,   15 march 2018

Please Stop Cooking Your AvocadosLately, it seems like everywhere I go there's some form of cooked avocado on the menu. Whether it's avocado fries, eggs baked in avocado halves, or slimy avocado slices oozing out of grilled cheese, the madness has[...]

Why You Should Never, Ever Add Oil to Your Pasta Water

Thursday  09:42,   15 march 2018
Reader's Digest.CA

Photo: KUNGVERYLUCKY/SHUTTERSTOCK Pro Tip: Never Add Oil to Your Pasta Water Whether you’re craving a quick-and-easy snack or gourmet meal, you can't go wrong with pasta. It doesn’t take an all-star chef to toss some noodles and sauce together,[...]

This Mystery Ingredient Makes The Best Quickie Mac And Cheese

Thursday  09:40,   15 march 2018

You’re less than 20 minutes away from single-serve, cheesy goodness.Easy mac and cheese recipes aren’t limited to the instructions of the back of a KD box. There’s now an even faster way to achieve noodle Nirvana, thanks to a simple little recipe in [...]

Our 9 Most Pinned Winter Soups and Stews

Thursday  00:52,   15 march 2018

When it's cold out, the only thing we want to eat (and pin) is a big bowl of soup This winter, we've been seeing some pretty Pinterest-perfect soups and stews. Some are hearty stews for the coldest nights, while others could carry you[...]

Read this and you'll never want to use plastic wrap again

Wednesday  19:08,   14 march 2018
Southern Living

<p>On my first day of culinary school, my chef-instructor launched into a moving speech about how the next generation of chefs and home cooks can save the planet — and it all starts with using less plastic wrap.</p>A few seconds later, Chef[...]

Ikea Has Been Quietly Working on Bug Meatballs and Beetle Burgers

Wednesday  19:07,   14 march 2018
Grub Street

The furniture chain’s R&amp;D kitchen unveils some innovative, environmentally friendly dishes.The post lists five traditional dishes “reimagined” for people to consume in a “not-too-distant” future. The so-called “Neatball” is Ikea’s tweak to[...]

St. Patrick’s Day Cupcakes: The Secret Ingredient I Use (And It Changes Everything)

Wednesday  09:12,   14 march 2018
Real Simple

These homemade St. Patrick’s Day cupcakes (spiked with Guinness!) are sure to make your holiday. St. Patrick’s Day is a once-a-year excuse to guzzle green beer, munch on party snacks, and try your hand at festive St. Patrick's Day desserts such[...]

Four Easy Ways to Keep Your Avocados from Turning Brown

Tuesday  13:07,   13 march 2018
Taste of Home

Four Easy Ways to Keep Your Avocados from Turning BrownAvocado is one of those ingredients that can take an average dish to a new, delicious level all on its own. From crisp salads to sizzling fajitas to your morning toast, almost anything can be[...]

These Are The Best Potatoes For Mashing (Nope, Not Russets)

Tuesday  13:06,   13 march 2018

These Are The Best Potatoes For Mashing (Nope, Not Russets)Mashed potatoes know no season. You don’t need a special occasion to eat them, just a desire to load dreamy forkfuls of buttery goodness into your mouth. But you can’t achieve peak [...]

You Can Now Buy Millennial Pink Lettuce

Monday  17:35,   12 march 2018

What a time to be[...]

How Much Sparkling Water Is Too Much?

Monday  17:35,   12 march 2018
The Daily Meal

How Much Sparkling Water Is Too Much?Sip a sparkling glass or two and you’re completely fine — the drink is all-natural, zero-calorie, and ultimately hydrating. But if you’re guzzling can after can at your desk, it could be time to slow[...]

I Tried Cooking Like a 1940s Housewife. Here's What Happened

Monday  17:32,   12 march 2018
Taste of Home

Turns out, I'm more like a 1940s housewife than I thought!As a kid, I heard my grandmother talk about the interesting "new" recipes of the '40s—and I started chatting with a lady at the nail salon about these dishes just last week. I decided to[...]

This Slow Cooker Irish Stew Recipe is a Classic Restored

Monday  05:06,   12 march 2018
Food Network

Irish beef stew is a cozy, family-friendly dinner made incredibly easy in a slow cooker.Slow Cooker Irish[...]

Martha Stewart’s 8 Best Cooking Tips Of All Time

Monday  05:05,   12 march 2018

Including your new favourite way to make baked potatoes. 1. Cook in batchesMartha’s a big fan of batch cooking, especially in your slow cooker. But cooking in bulk isn’t just for soups and stews. When you actually take your waffle iron out of the[...]

Is Water The Secret To Perfectly Crispy Bacon?

Sunday  08:08,   11 march 2018

Regardless, it's changing the way we cook bacon forever.Because Alyssa was adamant that we owed it to our readers to test all possible ways of cooking bacon. And considering she cooks approximately a pound of Oscar Meyers a day, she knows best.[...]