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I Never Thought I Needed This Under-$10 Kitchen Tool—Until I Got One

Friday  20:15,   10 august 2018

For all my maximalist tendencies—exaggerations, an abundance of trinkets, bright red shoes—I’m rather reserved in the kitchen. I tend to run a pretty tight ship. I clean as I go and prefer to keep all my utensils to a minimum. I have one large knife [...]
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8 Fruits and Vegetables You Shouldn't Be Refrigerating

Friday  19:28,   10 august 2018

Keep them on the counter, people!But there are also some fruits and vegetables that would prefer to be left out on the counter. Or in a little ceramic pot on top of the fridge. Or in a cabinet under the drawer where all your spoons and ladles go.[...]

Chicken Dinner Nachos Are a Very Good Reason to Have Nachos for Dinner

Friday  19:28,   10 august 2018

Whether I’m stuck in a dinner rut and need an escape plan, looking for easy weekend entertaining, or am just craving lots and lots of cheese, nachos are always the answer. They’re an effortless, accessible, and extra-cheesy way to get food on the[...]

Butter That's Vegan and Made from Chickpeas? We Tried It.

Friday  19:15,   10 august 2018

Just when we thought we’d seen it all when it comes to chickpeas, they got us again—this time, as[...]

A Ganache-y Pound Cake for All You Eclair Lovers Out There

Friday  19:04,   10 august 2018

Selecting a pastry from the bakery case felt like an awesome responsibility as a child. I did not take this task lightly, carefully eyeing the frosted cupcakes and the craggy-topped muffins and the gooey chocolate cookies. No amateur in the sugar[...]

Love Marcella Hazan? Join Us In Cooking Through Her Classics

Friday  18:21,   10 august 2018

Marcella Hazan's Tomato Sauce with Onion and Butter is a go-to recipe in many of our kitchens for good reason—it's a beloved (delicious) classic. So it's no surprise that when our Cookbook Club recently voted on the fall titles we'd[...]

The Best Kitchen Products on Sale Right Now

Friday  04:56,   10 august 2018

Storage containers, French cookware, lunch bags, and more.We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but back-to-school season is upon us. The new school year might be starting in T-minus 30 days, but at least there are tons of sales to shop this weekend [...]

The Pantry Pasta Formula for No-Time-to-Cook Nights

Thursday  22:20,   09 august 2018

When I don’t want to cook, I cook pasta. This doesn’t totally make sense but feels right. In the colder months, I lean on slow tomato sauces, which bubble practically into jam. Nowadays, I raid the pantry for my favorite ingredients and toss them[...]

This Magical Mango Ice Cream Is No-Churn, No-Cook, No-Problem

Thursday  20:26,   09 august 2018

Everyone knows that tossing frozen ripe banana pieces into a food processor will get you an amazing dish of one-ingredient “ice cream”—perfect soft serve right from the processor. Nothing (and I mean nothing) else needs to be added. But then again,[...]

Four Tips for a Leisurely Beach Day

Thursday  20:26,   09 august 2018

For most of us, beach days are coveted respites slipped in between jam-packed workdays and that other thing…oh, right, life. So when the day finally comes to loll on a blanket under the sun, you want to make the most of it. With a few essentials on[...]

Grilled Halloumi Croutons Are the Only Croutons We're Adding to Our Salads

Thursday  19:17,   09 august 2018

Every so often, we scour the site for cool recipes from our community that we then test, photograph, and feature. This one comes from longtime Food52er inpatskitchen, it's a summery salad you're going to want to put on repeat. Photo by James [...]

Why Thousands of Oyster Shells Are Being Dumped Into New York Harbor

Thursday  18:28,   09 august 2018

In the summer, Manhattan’s seemingly ubiquitous sidewalk chalkboards change their tune. They sport a new adage: “$1 oysters on the half shell.” Like sirens, they beckon, urging passersby inside with fresh briny bounty and, in a city where they’re[...]

Spritz Up Your Yoga Mat with This 3-Ingredient DIY Spray

Thursday  18:04,   09 august 2018

I love doing yoga at home. I just pull up one of the countless online videos, roll out my mat, and start my flow. There’s something so liberating about pedaling through my downward dog or shakily rising to warrior one with no one watching. But[...]

The 6 Baking Cookbooks to Add to Your Collection ASAP

Thursday  17:36,   09 august 2018

We aren't quite yet to one of our favorite times of the year, fall cookbook-palooza, but we're still getting in the spirit of the season and adding a few titles to our shelves (and our pre-order carts). Namely, six baking books that our[...]

7 Cool (& Totally Doable) Design Trends We're Bringing Into the Kitchen This Fall

Thursday  16:31,   09 august 2018

The kitchen is one of the most challenging design spaces in the home. It would be great if it were both aesthetically-pleasing and functional, a room that can look good while withstanding the dangers of your favorite marinara sauce bubbling away.[...]