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LifeStyle: Food & Drink

This Container Promises To Keep Produce Fresh For Weeks, So We Put It To The Test

Tuesday  10:56,   12 june 2018

Do FreshWorks Produce Savers actually work? We conducted a two-week experiment.How does the Produce Saver[...]

Why You Should Add Butter to Your Pasta Sauce

Monday  21:07,   11 june 2018

This pasta sauce recipe comes together with just three[...]

How to Make a Vinaigrette

Monday  21:06,   11 june 2018

How to Make a[...]

Ricardo’s breakfast bars make mornings tasty

Monday  19:29,   11 june 2018

Breakfast Bar with Raspberry and Dark Chocolate2-1⁄2 cups (175 g) wheat bran cereal (All-Bran-style)1 cup (100 g) quick-cooking rolled oats3/4 cup (105 g) unbleached all-purpose flour1 tsp baking powder1/8 tsp ground cinnamon1/8 tsp salt1⁄4 cup (55[...]

What Your Favorite Summer Food Says About Your Personality

Monday  19:29,   11 june 2018

Summer is here, and with it comes sunny weather, blue skies, and most importantly, my favorite summer foods. While these foods are available year-round, there's something about the summer that makes them taste extra delicious. Something I've [...]

This Couple Did a Chicken Nugget-Themed Engagement Shoot, Because Foodie Love is the Best Love

Monday  19:29,   11 june 2018

A couple had a nugget-themed engagement shoot. Steph and Brett from Ontario, Canada posed for a McNuggets-theme photoshoot, and McDonald's owes these two lovebirds a check!According to the photographer Katie Marie, the couple literally asked her [...]

Don't Make This Mistake When Cooking Chicken Thighs

Monday  18:51,   11 june 2018

Don't Make This Mistake When Cooking Chicken ThighsAs if it isn’t enough to be upstaged by a less flavourful chunk of meat (*ahem* chicken breasts), for reasons beyond explanation, this delicious portion of the chicken is too often brutalized[...]

Sorry, Wine Snobs. Thanks To Millennials, Rosé Is Here To Stay.

Monday  18:51,   11 june 2018

"Frivolous and fun." That's how one French wine aficionado described rosé (while swirling and sniffing a $40 glass of merlot, probably). Well, sorry to offend your tastes, Mr. Fancy Wine Man, but rosé is here to stay. If drinking pink[...]

How To Pronounce "Nutella" The Right Way

Monday  18:51,   11 june 2018

If you're anything like me, you've done more than just raise an eyebrow at the appalling sound of Nutella pronounced as "New-tell-uh." It just doesn't make sense. It's a hazelNUT, not a hazelNEWT. And yet, there's a[...]

Everything You Need to Know About Eating Activated Charcoal

Monday  17:53,   11 june 2018

Everything You Need to Know About Eating Activated CharcoalEditor’s note: This story was originally published June 7, 2017. It was updated June 7, 2018 to reflect the NYC Department of Health’s recent crackdown on charcoal-infused[...]

Food Jenga Is Officially Taking Over Instagram

Monday  17:53,   11 june 2018

It seems that every other day we get a wild new food trend that nobody asked for, but ends up loving. From glittered coffee to unicorn-inspired foods, we can't help but love them because they look amazing on camera and make everyone else want[...]

The Best Store-Bought Salsas To Try At Your Next Party

Monday  15:48,   11 june 2018

Because sometimes the jarred stuff can be just as good as homemade.Chips and dip is the all-time greatest party dish because of the endless variety it offers. From tortilla chips and guac to za’atar-dusted pita chips and homemade asparagus hummus,[...]

Taco Bell Is Serving This Strawberry Frosé All Summer Long, and It Sounds SO Refreshing!

Monday  12:11,   11 june 2018

Taco Bell Is Serving This Strawberry Frosé All Summer Long, and It Sounds SO Refreshing!You know the frosé trend has gotten huge when fast-food restaurants get in on it. Taco Bell is the first to officially hop on board, and it's introduced a Frosé[...]

Anthony Bourdain Had A Thing For Canada And Its Food, Despite Some Controversy

Monday  10:32,   11 june 2018

Anthony Bourdain, noted chef, TV personality and author, was found dead in his France hotel room on Friday morning, and it sent shockwaves around the world. CNN, the network that aired his popular culinary travel show “Parts Unknown”, confirmed[...]

Writer of viral Olive Garden review grateful for Bourdain

Monday  10:32,   11 june 2018

Writer of viral Olive Garden review grateful for BourdainMarilyn Hagerty catapulted to internet fame after her Olive Garden review, in which she marveled about the chain restaurant's chicken Alfredo, crisp greens and "two long, warm breadsticks."[...]