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Get Lost In the Swirls of This Strawberry-Coconut Ice Cream Pie

Thursday  16:21,   09 august 2018

4 pints of ice cream, 1 coconutty crust, and the most stunning dessert you’ll make this summer.Ice cream pie can be as simple as plopping some softened ice cream into a graham cracker shell, refreezing it, and calling it a hot summer’s day. But—you[...]
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These Metal Nesting Bowls Are a Kitchen Prep Lifesaver

Thursday  15:51,   09 august 2018

And I can give you about 100 other reasons why you should buy them. (Okay, five other reasons, but still.)When I was little I had a set of Russian nesting dolls that I would stack and unstack with all the care in the world, truly delighted by how[...]

Permission to Eat Potato Salad for Dinner: Granted

Thursday  15:51,   09 august 2018

You see a side dish, I see dinner in a bowl.I have come to understand that, in the eyes of many, potato salad is considered a “side dish.” But as a vegetarian who survived years of cookouts and barbecues by loading up my plate until it was half[...]

Before You Buy CBD Oil Online, Ask These Questions

Thursday  12:21,   09 august 2018

Don’t judge a brand by its chic, well-designed label. Ask these questions before buying CBD:Are they open about third party tests and willing to share the results? When in doubt, ask for multiple lab tests including from the farm and a third-party[...]

Bria Vinaite's Before-Bed Routine Involves Cotton Candy Grapes and a Migraine Hack

Thursday  11:50,   09 august 2018

The indie star has a favorite vape pen too.In 'Going to Bed with...' we talk to the people we're crushing on about how they wind down before going to[...]

If You Use a Mandoline, You Need These Cut-Resistant Gloves

Thursday  03:31,   09 august 2018

Cut-resistant gloves might look a little weird, but we'll take that over a weeknight trip to the ER anytime.A mandoline can make food prep easier, more beautiful, and very stylish. But boy is it easy to lose a finger while using it. After we ran [...]

De-Stink Your Onion Hands With This Trick

Wednesday  22:40,   08 august 2018

So, say you're chopping a whole bunch of onions. Just a hypothetical here. The tears that accompany slicing and dicing alliums are hard enough, but to add insult to injury, the harsh onion stink clings to your hands—even after a thorough[...]

These 6 No-Cook Shortcuts Will Make You Feel Like a Dinner Magician

Wednesday  22:06,   08 august 2018

These 6 No-Cook Shortcuts Will Make You Feel Like a Dinner MagicianWhat? Not as[...]

The Best Oysters in California—& My Favorite Day Trip Outside San Francisco

Wednesday  21:16,   08 august 2018

Pack your bags! In honor of life’s most delicious highways, we give you Hit the Road, Snack, our travel guide of things to eat, see, and do this summer, from coast to coast. Photo by Alex Citrin Before I moved to San Francisco, I espoused the[...]

I'm in a Serious Relationship with Ikea's $6 Food Container Set—but It's Complicated

Wednesday  20:22,   08 august 2018

I have a lot of important relationships in my life. There are the obvious ones: my family, friends, and work colleagues. There are the less obvious ones, like the exceptionally nice man at my corner deli who never charges me extra for avocado in my[...]

All the Super Summer Recipes We've Got on Repeat

Wednesday  19:46,   08 august 2018

There's so many reasons I love the months of June, July, and August, let me count the ways: Beads of sweat that you can feel trickle from the bottom of your hairline to the bottom of your spine. The blast of air conditioning that knocks you off[...]

Hospitality Activist Ashtin Berry Enjoys Caviar Potato Chips, Radical Self-Awareness, and a Good Twerk Session

Wednesday  19:16,   08 august 2018

She also pairs fried chicken with Champagne and has a killer skincare routine so, yeah, we're jealous.If it’s a hospitality job, Ashtin Berry has done it. While working as a bar manager, sommelier, and most recently, beverage director at Tokyo[...]

We're On Our Way to the Ultimate Wooden Spoons, Thanks to You

Wednesday  17:29,   08 august 2018

Every kitchen needs a trusty wooden spoon. Which is why when we decided to develop our very own for our line of Food52 home and kitchen products, we wanted to hear what you love about yours. Instead of asking you questions, we requested photos or[...]

5 Ways to Fix Over-Salted Food

Wednesday  16:20,   08 august 2018

What do you do when you realize that you’ve added way too much salt? We have five simple ways to help rescue an oversalted meal.Firstly, take a deep breath and put down the box of salt. There are lots of ways to rescue over-salted[...]

This Is Just to Say This Plum Salad Is So Savory, So Sweet, and So Good

Wednesday  15:07,   08 august 2018

It even inspires bad[...]