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LifeStyle: Food & Drink

We paid $7 for KitKat’s new pink chocolate bar

Thursday  20:16,   07 june 2018

The millennial pink trend refuses to die.I’m at the KitKat Chocolatory, a pop-up shop from the chocolate company on Queen St. W. open during the month of June. The main draw here is being able to customize your own KitKat bar by picking different[...]

The Easiest Way to Predict a Pepper's Spice Level

Thursday  20:16,   07 june 2018

There are peppers you know are going to be spicy (habaneros) and peppers you know are not (bell), but then there are the peppers that could be mild, hot, or “please remove my tongue from my mouth and place it in a glass of ice milk.” Luckily, there[...]

We Taste-Tested 8 Mayos and Lived to Tell the Tale

Thursday  19:01,   07 june 2018

We Taste-Tested 8 Mayos and Lived to Tell the TaleOr refuse to go anywhere near mayonnaise—no way, no how—that works, too. Most of our editorial team just happened to be out of the country for this, our most divisive taste test yet. For some, this[...]

Brides Are Replacing Their Flowers With Pizza

Thursday  19:01,   07 june 2018

You could win[...]

Would You Try KFC’s New Vegetarian Fried Chicken?

Thursday  18:07,   07 june 2018

With White Castle introducing the Impossible Sliders and Bareburger rolling out its Beyond Meat burger, it’s no surprise that Kentucky Fried Chicken is joining the ranks of fast food chains adding a meatless option to their menu. The poultry joint[...]

Why I Always Choose Real Ice Cream Over Alternatives

Thursday  18:07,   07 june 2018

It seems like almost every day we are hearing about a new low-calorie ice cream alternative. Halo Top kicked off this fascination because one pint usually equals less than 400 calories in total. Soon after, Arctic Zero, Enlightened, ProYo, and[...]

You Must See This Homer Simpson Donut Wedding Cake

Thursday  18:06,   07 june 2018

"Donuts. Is there anything they can't do?"Oh, and yes, the doughnuts are topped with a lil Marge and Homer[...]

The Truth Behind the First Ice Cream Cone

Thursday  15:56,   07 june 2018

<p><img data-document-id="cms/api/amp/image/AAy1yJy" data-reference="image"></p><p></p><p>Ice cream: the quintessential summer treat. The season isn't quite the same without a scoop of it. However, the[...]

WATCH: Joanna Gaines Gives A Never-Before-Seen Tour Of Magnolia Table

Thursday  12:07,   07 june 2018

<p>The line forms early - really early, given that people show up before the restaurant even opens at 6 a.m. But don't let that deter you.</p>This is how rumors start - but I’m not taking the bait. Let’s just call the biscuits her baby,[...]

This Drink is Vacation in a Glass

Wednesday  20:57,   06 june 2018

Follow our simple recipe for margaritas on the rocks or blended.If your picture of paradise is anything like mine, you were probably imagining your sipper to be a perfectly-portioned margarita. (Lime lovers, unite!) Well let me tell you this, my[...]

Costco Is Serving Up Your New Favorite Healthy Treat

Wednesday  20:57,   06 june 2018

We love Costco for the deals, but the samples and ready-to-eat foods (rotisserie chicken, anyone?), make the trip even better!It's a superfood berry that's red/deep purple in color and grows on the açaí palm tree, which is native to Central and[...]

This girl's boyfriend ate a KitKat the wrong way. Now people are telling her to dump him

Wednesday  18:03,   06 june 2018

Free will is an important right to defend - apart from when it comes to KitKats.&nbsp;There is only one right way to eat the chocolate bar. We don't need any creativity[...]

'Sex and the City' Still Influencing Food Trends 20 Years Later

Wednesday  17:01,   06 june 2018

'Sex and the City' Still Influencing Food Trends 20 Years Later Save for Jimmy Choos, nothing is more identified with Sex and the City than a cosmopolitan. The pink drink of choice for all of the show’s women inspired generations of fans[...]

Vin Diesel Allegedly Stole a Sundae Dish From an Ice Cream Shop in Wisconsin

Wednesday  15:35,   06 june 2018

Vin Diesel is accused of stealing a glass dish from an ice cream shop in Hartford, Wisconsin, on May 29 while in town visiting family.&nbsp;Owners Carrie and Ray Stelzer don’t seem to mind that Diesel jacked their dish. They told the outlet that [...]

This Is the Exact Low-Carb Meal Plan Khloé Kardashian Is Following

Wednesday  13:50,   06 june 2018

This Is the Exact Low-Carb Meal Plan Khloé Kardashian Is FollowingIf you didn't already know, reality star Khloé Kardashian gave birth to her precious daughter, True Thompson, two months ago. Throughout her pregnancy, the fitness fanatic made it a[...]