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This Easy Trick Makes Store-Bought Hummus Much Less Blah

Saturday  12:20,   19 november 2016

If you've met freshly made hummus—the kind that's creamy and buoyant, light enough to swoop your pita through yet rich from chickpeas and not at all bitter—store-bought hummus (at least the kind that's readily available) can be a[...]

Here are 6 Secrets to the Best Mashed Potatoes Ever

Friday  11:06,   18 november 2016

Our site has a lot of recipes for mashed potatoes—a quick search pulls up an impressive 415 results! So how on earth can you choose which one to make? Should you go with hand-mashed russets with cream? Yukon Golds with tons of butter pressed[...]

How a Failed Cookie Experiment Turned into a Weeknight Pasta Recipe

Thursday  10:21,   17 november 2016

A lot of accidents aren't happy. Cavatelli with Asiago Oat Crumbs is the exception. As QueenSashy, the recipe's mastermind, says in the recipe's headnote: Sometimes great kitchen disasters lead to most surprising dishes. I have a[...]

Why Does Coffee Make You Poop?

Wednesday  10:08,   16 november 2016
Medical Daily

Coffee and poop often go hand-in-hand, and it’s because our guts physically react to the brew.Most coffee drinkers have been in the same tough spot at some point: having to choose between a necessary morning beverage and bowel stability. There’s[...]

This New Tool Is The Secret To Avoiding Pinterest Fails

Wednesday  10:07,   16 november 2016

Peace out,[...]

The best and worst food to microwave

Wednesday  10:07,   16 november 2016

Microwaves are a great invention – but the results are not always spectacular. [...]

Avocado burger buns are now a thing

Tuesday  03:00,   15 november 2016

And we have officially reached peak avocado.Is there anything avocados can’t do? The super-trendy ingredient has topped epic artisanal toasts and been successfully transformed into ice cream, cupcakes, pasta sauce, and more. And the versatile fruit[...]

Get flavorful pork chops with this surprising ranch dressing hack

Tuesday  03:00,   15 november 2016

Get flavorful pork chops with this surprising ranch dressing hackThis is the story of how I bought three ingredients and made one of our favorite dinners of all time: ranch pork[...]

11 Things You Need to Have in Your Freezer

Tuesday  03:00,   15 november 2016

Freezer real estate is so precious, you have to make some decisions on what to chill out. So I asked everybody on the Epi team what they leave room for in their freezer, their freezer staples. Here’s our top 11 desert (and dessert) island list. 1.[...]

Here are 10 Simple Ways to Upgrade Prepared Tomato Soup

Tuesday  02:49,   15 november 2016

There are days when I feel like heading home to make veggie burgers or baked falafel or a whole roast chicken after work. And there are days when I don't. Like,There are days when I feel like heading home to make veggie burgers or baked falafel[...]