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The Queen is producing her own sparkling wine – and it's selling out already!

Thursday  20:51,   02 february 2017

The Queen has started producing sparkling wine as part of her Windsor Park Estate and pre-orders are selling out fast.Although the bottles aren't due to go on sale until autumn, they're already proving a hit with royal enthusiasts who are keen to[...]

This is the Trick for Less Fishy Fish

Thursday  17:52,   02 february 2017

No one likes overly fishy fish. The trouble is, unless you're cooking fish right after it was caught, it's likely to have been out of water for several hours—even overnight or longer. If it's been flash-frozen, that may not be a[...]

This Girl Scout's Brutally Honest Cookie Reviews Deserve a Standing Ovation

Thursday  10:52,   02 february 2017
Good Housekeeping

"The Toffee-tastic is a bleak, flavorless, gluten-free wasteland."McCourt is a member of a "miniscule but mighty" five-person-troop. While she had already sold 92 boxes, she wanted to more customers to donate cookies to the U.S. military.[...]

Have You Been Brewing Green Tea Wrong This Whole Time?

Wednesday  22:05,   01 february 2017

You know how to make tea, right? It's not exactly rocket science: boil water, pour it over tea bag or leaves, steep to desired strength. But. This is not how green tea should be made.“Never put boiling water on green tea," says Rona Tison,[...]

Kit Kat Sushi Is Here To Blow Your Mind (& Your Taste Buds)

Wednesday  09:10,   01 february 2017

BG-Mania." /> Kit Kat is testing the theory that anything tastes good wrapped in rice and seaweed. That's why the company is offering a sushi-candy hybrid in Japan, Mashable reports. The treat usesKit Kat is testing the theory that[...]

Bourdain Wonders If Trump Can Grasp Chopsticks With ‘Those Tiny Little Nubbins’

Tuesday  20:37,   31 january 2017

The ‘Parts Unknown’ star will never, ever eat with the President of the United States Time and time again, Anthony Bourdain has talked about how food has the power to bring people together. “If you’re going to intersect anywhere, it’s going to be[...]

Out of flavour: why tomatoes have lost their taste

Tuesday  20:37,   31 january 2017
The Guardian

After exhaustive studies, an international team of scientists has worked out why tomatoes don’t taste like they used to.After conducting exhaustive taste tests of 100 tomato varieties and sequencing the genomes of nearly 400 varieties, researchers[...]

16 Dishes That Reveal the Pleasures of Persian Food

Tuesday  19:22,   31 january 2017

16 Dishes That Reveal the Pleasures of Persian FoodStill, Iranian cuisine’s pleasures strike me as too frequently unsung. The food of Iran, its history stretching back centuries and impressing itself on other cuisines across the globe ("Mughal"[...]

No, really, McDonald's has an ATM that dispenses Big Macs

Tuesday  19:22,   31 january 2017

The future of fast food is here.BRB, booking a[...]

Starbucks Has a Response to President Trump’s Immigration Ban: Hire 10,000 Refugees

Tuesday  09:46,   31 january 2017

This article originally appeared on Fortune. Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz sought Sunday to reassure employees anguished about President Donald Trump‘s immigration ban, and said the coffee chain would look to hire 10,000 refugees in its stores[...]

10 Freezable Meals That Might As Well Be Superheroes

Tuesday  09:45,   31 january 2017

10 Freezable Meals That Might As Well Be SuperheroesWhat We Cook When We Don't Want to Cook Anything by Leslie[...]

The ‘Salt Bae’ Guy Is Expanding His Restaurant Business

Tuesday  09:45,   31 january 2017
The Daily Meal

The ‘Salt Bae’ Guy Is Expanding His Restaurant Business “Salt bae” was one of the first viral memes of 2017, and now, the Turkish restaurant owner who made salting food sexy, Nusret Gökçe, is expanding his restaurant empire.Nicknamed “Salt Bae,”[...]

The Truth Behind Costco’s $5 Rotisserie Chicken

Tuesday  09:45,   31 january 2017

The Truth Behind Costco’s $5 Rotisserie ChickenWe can always count on Dr. Oz to expose the truth about our favorite foods. He recently investigated the hidden ingredients in rotisserie chicken, and now we finally know why it's so addictive. He[...]

This Expensive Wrist Watch is Made of Cheese

Monday  21:37,   30 january 2017
The Daily Meal

Switzerland is famous for many things, especially cheese and watches . According to The Local , the “Swiss Mad” watch is actually a sarcastic protest[...]

This Is the Easiest Way to Tell if Your Eggs Have Gone Bad

Monday  19:06,   30 january 2017
The Daily Meal

Unless you have a direct and reliable source for eggs, it is often hard to tell when your eggs were actually laid. With this easy trick, however, you can tell in just seconds whether your egg has gone[...]