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LifeStyle: Health

I Gave Up Alcohol and Soda For 30 Days, and Here's What I Learned

Tuesday  17:07,   19 june 2018

<p>It's not as hard as it would seem, and your body will thank you for it.</p>Have you ever wondered what it'd be like to basically drink only water for an entire 30 days? Let me tell you, it's not as hard as it would seem, and your body[...]

This Is How Priyanka Chopra Stays Mentally and Physically Fit

Tuesday  17:06,   19 june 2018

This Is How Priyanka Chopra Stays Mentally and Physically FitWe all recognize this perfectly beautiful face thanks to our latest guilty pleasure, Quantico. It's Priyanka Chopra, and one of the best things about her look is the old Hollywood glam she [...]

This Is the Single Best Cure for Insomnia

Tuesday  17:06,   19 june 2018

Make tossing and turning in bed a thing of the past. Fight insomnia, sleep better, and wake up more refreshed with this doctor-approved tip. We’ve all been there: after a long day of work, we get in bed exhausted. However, despite our desire to fall [...]

Alyssa's 135-Pound Weight Loss Proves Hard Work Pays Off - and You Can Still Eat Fries!

Tuesday  16:11,   19 june 2018

Alyssa's 135-Pound Weight Loss Proves Hard Work Pays Off - and You Can Still Eat Fries!Alyssa Figaro's weight-loss journey has been anything but easy, but after losing 135 pounds in just three years, she confirmed that every step of the way was[...]

The Danger of Swallowing Pills Without Water—It’s Not Choking

Tuesday  09:31,   19 june 2018

Most of us at some point have taken a pill without water, either because we were in a rush, too lazy to get up from our desk, or there wasn’t a drink nearby. But here’s why it’s actually quite dangerous—even fatal. Washing a pillMost of us at some[...]

Hailee Steinfeld talks about her go-to workout for stress relief and the secret to her brows

Monday  21:21,   18 june 2018

Hailee Steinfeld spoke to HelloGiggles about her fitness routine, the beauty products that don't leave her bag, and her message of empowermentActress, pop star, and all-around badass Hailee Steinfeld is constantly in motion. From her breakout,[...]

Every Time You Pee, Do These 3 Things to Help You Lose Weight

Monday  20:04,   18 june 2018

Quick fixes usually don't cut it when it comes to losing weight and getting toned, but this one-minute trick actually works! Take into consideration this little fact: the average woman pees six to eight times in a 24-hour period, so that's[...]

Plant Which Can Cause Blindness Spreads to New State

Monday  20:04,   18 june 2018

"Giant hogweed makes poison ivy look like a walk in the park," officials warned.Officials have warned the public against touching giant hogweed, which can burn the skin and cause blindness, after it was spotted for the first time in[...]

How Do You Know If You're Asexual?

Monday  19:27,   18 june 2018

<p>A lot of asexual people start questioning themselves because they feel like they don't fit in to a specific category.</p>But Doré didn't feel the same way. He valued his relationships with women, but couldn't see them as anything more[...]

Beyond #GetHelp: How to Support a Friend in Crisis—from Someone Who Has Been There

Monday  19:07,   18 june 2018

Because good doctors are hard to find, medications are expensive and support isn’t *always* a phone call[...]

Why You Get A Side Stitch While Running

Monday  18:26,   18 june 2018

Getting a side stitch while you're running is kind of like when you're playing Mario Kart and someone hits you with the "lightning bolt" item:Usually, these aching pains occur on one side of your torso (the right side is the most[...]

20 Foods That Turn Back Your Metabolic Clock

Monday  17:06,   18 june 2018

We’ve discovered the Fountain of Youth—and it’s in your kitchen. Although scientists haven’t figured out how to reverse the aging process, they have discovered how to make you live longer and look younger. And the secret is in your food. Stop[...]

4 signs of prostate cancer that you can help your partner spot

Monday  17:05,   18 june 2018

Could you spot the signs and symptoms of prostate cancer?Prostate cancer is one of the most prolific cancers in men, affecting one in eight men in the UK at some point during their life, according to Prostate Cancer[...]

How I Got Rid of a Massive, Painful Pimple 2 Days Before My Wedding

Monday  10:46,   18 june 2018

How I Got Rid of a Massive, Painful Pimple 2 Days Before My Wedding The Thursday before my wedding, I woke up at 6 a.m. panicked. The right side of my face was throbbing thanks to a "lurker." We refer to "lurkers" as those painful, cystic acne[...]

Treating refined sugar like a drug: How this man lost 300 pounds

Sunday  05:45,   17 june 2018

After losing weight and then gaining more than half of it back, Sean Anderson recognized that he was addicted to refined sugar and now treats it like a drug.Name: Sean[...]