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Blake Lively and 5 Other Stars Who Don’t Drink Alcohol — Ever

Friday  21:20,   16 february 2018
Best Health

Blake Lively and 5 Other Stars Who Don’t Drink Alcohol — EverWhether you want to reap the health benefits of making 2018 a dry year or just be a little more low-key on wine nights, check out these inspiring celeb teetotalers. Warning: Possible side[...]

Britney Spears Just Posted This Video And We Can't Stop Gawking At How Flexible She Is

Friday  18:05,   16 february 2018
Women's Health

It’s no secret that Britney Spears is a beast when it comes to fitness. She regularly posts photos and videos of herself on Instagram doing handstands, cool yoga poses, and just killing it at the gym. But her latest workout video on Instagram is[...]

Lena Dunham reveals she underwent hysterectomy to battle endometriosis

Friday  18:03,   16 february 2018
Global News

Lena Dunham has been very vocal about her long battle with the painful uterine disorder by keeping fans updated on her journey. © Keystone Press READ MORE: Jennifer Garner returns to TV in HBO comedy from ‘Girls’ star[...]

4 Things You Need to Know About Calcium

Friday  09:52,   16 february 2018
Best Health

4 Things You Need to Know About Calcium appeared first on Best Health Magazine Canada. Click to expand Your browser does not support this video require(["binding"], function (binding) { binding("wcVideoPlayer",[...]

3 Moves To Get Strong In Your 50s

Friday  09:52,   16 february 2018

It’s never too late to start strength training.If strength training wasn’t a priority before, there’s still time to build muscle, recharge your metabolism and cut the risk of obesity-associated diseases. Resistance training helps prevent bone loss[...]

Getting in "Proposal Shape" Might Be the Worst New Fitness Trend

Thursday  20:21,   15 february 2018

As if we needed one more reason to question everything, getting in "proposal shape" is apparently the next big thing in fitness. Yep, more and more people are working out specifically to prepare for their proposal—and the inevitable[...]

Chemicals in Nonstick Pans and Food Packaging Linked to Rapid Weight Gain

Thursday  19:36,   15 february 2018
The Daily Meal

Perfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) have probably already infiltrated your home — and unlike most common chemicals, recent research from Harvard suggests that these substances could have a real and visible effect on your body. PFASs have been on[...]

Here’s Why You Should Target Your Core And Glutes In Your 40s

Thursday  06:43,   15 february 2018

These three moves work double duty to strengthen your core and[...]

Is There 1 Exercise You Should Do Every Day? Jillian Michaels Weighs In

Thursday  06:43,   15 february 2018

Some trainers may try and tell you to do an ab series every day or to hold plank or to squat, but is there really one exercise you should be doing every day for strength training and weight loss? According to Jillian Michaels, who spoke to me at the [...]

Professional Ballerina Posts Photo of Her Cellulite After Years of Disordered Eating: I 'Feel Very Vulnerable'

Thursday  06:42,   15 february 2018

Kylie Shea typically fills her Instagram feed with perfectly posed professional photographs of herself, but on Monday she decided to share a “raw and unedited” picture of her legs to help others who are struggling with their body[...]

'I Have A Severe Phobia—Here's What It's Like'

Wednesday  19:38,   14 february 2018
Women's Health

As soon as we sat down to dinner, I felt a knot in the pit of my stomach. My friends and I were grabbing a bite before heading to a Stone Temple Pilots concert. I ordered a steak salad (with a side of beer to calm my nerves). The restaurant was[...]

Worm in woman's eye leads to unique discovery

Wednesday  17:20,   14 february 2018

A unique case of eye worms in an Oregon woman leads to the discovery that a parasite has made the leap from cattle to people."I looked at it, and it was moving," recalled 28-year-old Abby Beckley of Grants Pass, Oregon. "And then it died within[...]

I Walked For 30 Minutes Every Day For a Week - Here's Why I'm Not Going to Stop

Wednesday  09:21,   14 february 2018

I Walked For 30 Minutes Every Day For a Week - Here's Why I'm Not Going to StopTaking breaks has never been my forte, and I'm not just talking about the lunch kind. I get so caught up in my A-type overdrive and tend to hyperfocus; it's a[...]

Woman Loses 155 Pounds by Cutting Out These Four Foods

Tuesday  17:06,   13 february 2018
Taste of Home

Busy mom Casey Gemmell has lost 155 pounds—and she's still going! How? By nixing just four foods from her diet (and adding in exercise, too).As anyone who has decided to lose weight knows, exercise is very important. Gemmell began running three[...]

This One Thing You Can Do at Home Will Help You Lose Weight, According to Science

Tuesday  10:32,   13 february 2018
Best Health

When it comes to eating out, there are way more healthy options available now than ever before. Outside of the acai bowl shops and the juice bars, mainstream food chains are jumping on the healthy eating bandwagon, and taking their route for dinner[...]