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5 Carb Alternatives And Starch Substitutes

Sunday  12:26,   22 january 2017
Medical Daily

Avoiding carbs? Try these tasty alternatives for health and weight loss. Carbohydrates can be healthy in moderation, but swapping out a serving or two of starch each day for a veggie could balance your diet and even help with weight loss.[...]

All The Ways Nutrition Labels Disguise Added Sugar

Sunday  12:26,   22 january 2017

Good job: you're reading nutrition labels. Here's how to find the added sugar, because they're getting sneaky about labeling it.Those many, many names make added sugar extra difficult to spot and cut out. But because eating too[...]

If you're trying to lose weight, this breakfast tip is just what you need

Sunday  12:26,   22 january 2017

Here's why you should be eating more eggs to lose more pounds. They're proven to work: A 2008 study found that obese subjects lost more weight and had a higher reduction in waist circumference when they ate a breakfast of two eggs instead of[...]

5 Ways to Improve Your Body Image

Sunday  12:26,   22 january 2017
U.S. News & World Report - Health

These science-backed strategies will transform your body image – and health. Every person has a body. But in many ways, it's your body image – your own subjective perception of how your body looks – that determines your health. For instance,[...]

Could your heartbeat be your password?

Sunday  12:25,   22 january 2017
FOX News

Could your heartbeat be your password?That’s just what researchers from SUNY Binghamton have proposed. Their concept involves using a skin sensor to measure the heart’s electrical activity— a patient’s electrocardiograph (ECG). Since ECGs are[...]

What you need to know about 'leaky gut'

Saturday  11:05,   21 january 2017

Is this what's causing your bloating, gas and even your chronic fatigue?The intestinal barrier (or gut wall, as it may also be referred to) covers a surface of about 400 square metres and provides a barrier between the inside of the gut and the[...]

Why This Mom's Body-Positive Bathing Suit Photo Is Going Viral

Saturday  11:05,   21 january 2017

During a family vacation, mother-of-two Kirsten Bosly forgot to pack her usual beachwear: A pair of trusty cover-up board shorts. "I’d wear board shorts over my bathing suit because I hated my belly and thighs," she told Us Weekly. "Then I’d pick a[...]

Is Exercise Getting You Nowhere? This Might Be Why

Saturday  11:05,   21 january 2017
Reader's Digest

If you diligently hit the gym every day, but you’re not seeing a change in your muscle tone or body shape, you may be a non-responder. What does that mean exactly? Thankfully, being an exercise non-responder isn’t a lifelong sentence; The[...]

21 Things that Happen to Your Body When You Eat Bananas

Saturday  11:05,   21 january 2017
Eat This, Not That!

21 Things that Happen to Your Body When You Eat BananasWhat if I told you there was a groundbreaking new tool to help you lose weight, reduce bloat, fight cancer and increase your energy—all for just 19 cents a[...]

'I've been through it all': Margaret Trudeau reflects on mental health journey

Friday  18:51,   20 january 2017

Margaret Trudeau doesn’t mince words about her battle with mental illness. She has spent much of her 68 years in the spotlight, and the harsh glare of public scrutiny hasn’t always been flattering.She has spent much of her life in the spotlight, and [...]

'I was so mad at how the midwife was judging me': What I learned after becoming pregnant at 14

Friday  16:20,   20 january 2017
The Independent

Becoming a mother for the first time at any age can be daunting but when you are technically still under the legal age of adulthood yourself, this can take on a whole new meaning. Hayley Lugassy. 24, found out she was three months pregnant[...]

The Health Benefits of Vinegar

Friday  11:06,   20 january 2017
U.S. News & World Report - Health

While it's not a miracle elixir, vinegar can give your health a boost in these ways. Move over, balsamic! A new crop of gourmet vinegars has arrived, offering new flavors and possibly even novel health benefits. From fruit- or herb-infused[...]

Fitness Star Anna Victoria Shares Photo of Her Belly Rolls: 'How I Am 99% of the Time'

Friday  11:06,   20 january 2017

The personal trainer shared an inspiring message about loving your body, "flaws" and[...]

5 Questions That'll Help You Find the Best Workout for You

Friday  11:05,   20 january 2017
Rodale Wellness

Looking for a new workout for the new year? Looking for a new workout for the new year? The ideal workout plan includes some activity from each of these three categories: aerobic exercise, strength training, and flexibility. For example,[...]

"Beer Yoga" Looks Even Weirder Than It Sounds

Thursday  21:36,   19 january 2017

Beer, like coffee or red wine, is one of those not-necessarily nutritious beverages that just keeps sneaking up on us with its stealth health benefits. Mashable reports that the practice hails originally from Germany (of course) and is now[...]