Health Eating while standing can make you fat: Here's why.

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Once You See What Nutella Is Made up of, You’ll Never Want to Eat It Again

  Once You See What Nutella Is Made up of, You’ll Never Want to Eat It Again Once You See What Nutella Is Made up of, You’ll Never Want to Eat It AgainA jar of Nutella only contains five ingredients: cocoa, palm oil, hazelnuts, sugar, and skimmed milk powder. Advertisers play up the fact that it’s a delicious hazelnut spread with no artificial colors or preservatives so you feel good about eating it daily or giving it to your kids. But, what they don’t outright say is that more than half of the jar is pure sugar.

Eating while Standing = Weight Gain. You do it all the time—at parties, office functions, cocktail bars. Here ' s What Your Body Is Trying To Tell You How Make Oatmeal Water: A DIY Weight Loss Remedy Why You Should Start Soaking Nuts And Seeds.

Eating while standing can make you fat : Here ' s why . Which Pizza Place Is Healthiest?

Good eating habits are not just about what we ingest but also, and above all, how we ingest it. Eating slowly and thoughtfully, chewing thoroughly and enjoying a meal sitting down, for example, are all behaviors that can affect your weight.

a woman sitting on a table: Eating while Standing = Weight Gain© Provided by Gourmandize Eating while Standing = Weight Gain


Eating while Standing = Weight Gain

You do it all the time—at parties, office functions, cocktail bars. Eating while standing up has become a common practice in all areas of life, due to various circumstances. You might associate standing up with losing weight; after all, sitting for long hours throughout the day has been linked to weight gain and multiple other health issues—unfortunately, it's not. If you're trying to lose weight, it's advisable to eat while seated. Just being at a table encourages you to focus on your meal, which helps you feel fuller and reduces the temptation to snack later on.

How Do Professional Eaters Chow Down So Much Food?

  How Do Professional Eaters Chow Down So Much Food? For one thing, lots of practice.According to a new video by Seeker, some of it boils down to science: For one thing, competitive eaters "train" by eating huge amounts, which stretches out their stomachs and allows them to accommodate even bigger meals. They may have a less-sensitive enteric nervous system, which governs the function of the gastrointestinal tract. Special digestive bacteria, which share a two-way communication channel with the brain to suppress gut function, may also play a role.

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Standing while you eat may make you fatter in the long run. Experts say standing lets your body digest food more quickly, so you might end up eating and drinking more. Subscribe to our YouTube channel by clicking here .

If you're standing, however, you might be more likely to consider your meal as a snack, even if it has the same amount of calories. At least that's what research findings suggest in a study from University of Surrey, published in the journal Appetite.

The study's survey looked at 80 women, who were asked to designate what they ate as a snack or as a meal. Some received food that was served in a bowl with plastic cutlery while standing up; others were served food in a ceramic dish with steel cutlery while sitting. After the meal, the women were taken to a second room to do a taste test of various unhealthy foods (chocolate cookies, cheese, chocolate icing, etc.)

The researchers found that study participants who had eaten on their feet considered what they ate to be a "snack" rather than a meal and proceeded to eat substantially more during the taste test than those who had eaten sitting down at the table, despite equal calorie intake. In total, they ingested 50 percent more calories.

It just goes to show how connected our minds are to our physical state while eating, and the same goes for other bad habits, such as watching TV or using technology while eating.

Bottom line? Keep mealtimes sacred. Focus on your food, listen to your body, and above all, don't forget to sit down and enjoy!

For more tips to stave off weight gain, here are the 10 golden diet rules to follow.

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