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Here are six reasons you ’ ve hit a weight loss plateau and the simple changes you should make to lose weight fast. Why We Love This Grill and Smoker Combo. 4. The Best Fitness Updates Coming to the Apple Watch. 5.

Here are five likely reasons why your weight loss may have stalled – and what you can do about it 1. You're doing the wrong type of exercise. If you ' ve been following a healthy diet religiously for a while but have started to see your weight loss plateau , then it might be time to hit the reset button by

Anyone who's ever been on a diet could tell you there's nothing more frustrating than seeing your initial weight loss taper off.

The good news? Those weight loss plateaus are not only completely normal but there are several steps you can take to help the numbers on the scale start moving again.

'While it's normal for weight loss to slow down after the initial stage weight loss, plateaus are very frustrating,' nutritionist and weight loss coach Pippa Campbell tells

This Is the Absolute Best Diet for Weight Loss (Hint: It's Not Keto!)

  This Is the Absolute Best Diet for Weight Loss (Hint: It's Not Keto!) This Is the Absolute Best Diet for Weight Loss (Hint: It's Not Keto!)Dieting to slim down always sounds great in theory. But with so many different types of diets, it's tough to know where to start. Certain regimens can last for two days, two months, or the rest of your life. Some recommend limiting your calories, while others suggest reducing your carbs. We don’t blame you if it all starts to make your head spin.

Yet, you just hit a weight loss plateau . What do you do next? Here are the steps 2. Double check that you have hit a weight loss plateau . You have hit a weight loss plateau and your goal is further weight loss , why would I be telling you to take a break from dieting?

This means that to lose more weight , you need to increase activity or decrease the calories you eat. Using the same approach that worked initially may maintain your weight loss , but it won't lead to more weight loss . When you ' ve hit a plateau , you may have lost all of the weight you will

'Often people can be doing everything right and eating the right things but still hit a wall, and there are several factors I look at with new or existing clients who have seen their weight loss slow down.'

Here are five likely reasons why your weight loss may have stalled – and what you can do about it...

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1. You're doing the wrong type of exercise

As we all know, healthy weight loss requires exercise, too. But, if you've been slogging it out at the gym hoping to burn calories through traditional cardio, then you could be sabotaging yourself.

'Cardio does not actually burn huge amounts of fat,' Pippa tells us. 'So, if you're doing long, steady runs, for example, it is time to think about changing your exercise.'

Which is Better for Weight Loss: Fruits or Veggies?

  Which is Better for Weight Loss: Fruits or Veggies? Weight Loss 101: Loading your diet with fruits and vegetables is one of the best ways to jumpstart weight loss. But which kind of produce would come out ahead in a pounds-dropping smack down? Though non-starchy veggies, like Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and kale are helpful for slimming down, as it turns out, fruits like berries, apples, and pears reign supreme when you’re trying to lose weight, according to a new study published in the journal PLOS MedicineTo find out what kinds of healthy eats are the most scale-friendly, the study authors tracked the weight of 133,468 American men and women, between 1986 and 2010.

Ugh, the dreaded plateau ! We’ ve all been there. Whether we’re trying to lose weight , add muscle, or even develop a new skill, we hit that Why a Plateau Might Exist. To start, linear progress cannot continue indefinitely Still you are unable to break weight loss plateau , here is the secret to break.

Plateaus in weight loss are normal, but no one ever said they were fun. Relax. Remember that the reason you ’ ve hit a plateau is because of the weight - loss success you ’ ve had so far. New dieters don’t have plateaus ; those who’ve been successful do.

The best type of workout for weight loss? High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), which involves alternating between high intensity activity and set rest periods.

'Not only do you burn more calories during a HIIT workout, but the effect of all that intense exertion kicks your body's repair cycle into hyperdrive,' Pippa says. 'That means you burn more fat and calories in the 24 hours after a HIIT workout than you do after, say, a steady-pace run.'

Oh, and did we mention that you can easily do HIIT at home without any fancy gym equipment? If you're intrigued, check our our expert guide to HIIT here for more information on how to get started.

a plate of food on a table © Provided by Hearst Communications, Inc 2. You're being too strict with your diet

Now this one is genuine music to our ears... If you've been following a healthy diet religiously for a while but have started to see your weight loss plateau, then it might be time to hit the reset button by having a good old-fashioned 'cheat' meal.

How Many Times a Day Should You Eat For Weight Loss? A Dietitian's Answer

  How Many Times a Day Should You Eat For Weight Loss? A Dietitian's Answer When it comes to eating for weight loss, there seems to be two schools of thought.Those in the three-meals-a-day camp argue that three meals are all you need to eat a day's worth of quality, well-balanced nutrition, while those who eat five meals a day claim it helps rev up your metabolism and lose weight.

Here ' s why : To become overweight, your diet and activity level had to be out of balance. […] Moreover you could also check this article from my buddy Nate from IronandTweed: You ’ ve Hit a Weight Loss Plateau : Now What? […]

Why ? Your body is a master adapter, Sowa says. Its end goal is homeostasis, or for everything to stay the same. Here are three possible reasons you ' ve hit a weight - loss plateau – and how to break through to reach your goal weight .

'If you are constantly calorie-restricting, your metabolism can slow down,' Pippa explains. 'I believe that you need to "shock" your system once a week with a treat meal to boost your metabolism.'

To be fair, numerous scientific studies have shown that having an occasional 'cheat' meal can help boost weight loss.

For example, a team from the University of Tasmania in Australia found that participants who took regular breaks from their diets actually lost more weight than those who stuck to a rigid regime, and ultimately gained less weight back once the study ended.

Like we said, best news ever. Anyone fancy spag bol tonight?

3. You're eating more than you realise

This may be a difficult to swallow, but it could be that you are inadvertently eating more than you should for weight loss.

'Many new clients that come to see me are eating far too much,' Pippa tell us. 'They can often be eating up to three times the amount a nutritionist would recommend for them.'

For this reason, it could be worth swatting up on healthy portion sizes to ensure you're not accidentally overdoing it. Check out our detailed guide here, which covers a whole range of foods, from snacks to condiments. For instance, did you realise that one serving of meat should be no larger than a deck of cards? Nope, us neither...

The Diet That Helped This Woman Lose 70 Pounds Actually Involves Eating More Meals

  The Diet That Helped This Woman Lose 70 Pounds Actually Involves Eating More Meals <p>Briana Shaffer, 24, weighed 190 pounds. She lost 70 pounds by eating five to six small meals per day.</p>Her secret? She attributes her weight loss to a workout regimen consisting of weight lifting and high intensity interval training (HIIT). She also began eating five to six small meals per day, as opposed to the typical two to three larger ones most of us have. She shares her meal ideas and workouts on her YouTube channel and Instagram.

Here ’ s what you need to know: 1. With weight loss , eventually a good plateau must happen. Personally, I’ ve hit a weight - loss plateau that I’ ve been happy with for almost two decades.

Which is why researchers from the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles recently sifted through the results of all existing research The #1 Reason You 're Not Achieving Your Weight Loss Goal. The 12 Best Foods To Eat When You Hit A Weight Loss Plateau .

And taking the time to use a (free) calorie-counting app, such as MyFitnessPal, could also be useful if you want to ensure you're accurately sticking to your diet plan of choice.

Study finds cities with more exercise options have less diabetes (GES)

4. You're developed some sneaky bad habits

Once you've been making an effort to eat healthily for a while, it's easy for some unhelpful habits to sneak back into your routine.

'I often find that clients have slipped back into old habits, which is why their weight loss has slowed down,' Pippa tells us. 'It could be that your meals are too rich in carbohydrates, without enough protein to keep you full, or that you're snacking more than you realise.'

For a full guide to the diet-destroying habits that could be undermining your weight loss, check out our expert guide here.

And, if you really can't get through the afternoon without snacking, that's not a problem: here are 10 of the best snacks for weight loss to try.

Here are 5 reasons why you've hit a weight loss plateau © GlobalStock / Getty Here are 5 reasons why you've hit a weight loss plateau 5. Your gut bacteria could be imbalanced

A lot has been said about the link between gut bacteria and weight loss in recent years. One study from 2017 showed that participants with higher levels of 'good' bacteria in their guts found it easier to shed weight than those who didn't.

Working Out and Eating Right but Can't Lose Weight? You May Be Able to Blame It on Your Brain

  Working Out and Eating Right but Can't Lose Weight? You May Be Able to Blame It on Your Brain If you've found diet and exercise ineffective for weight loss, it could just be the way your brain is wired. Turns out the brain has significant power over our weight, metabolism, and appetite - particularly the hypothalamus region, which essentially acts as the mission control center. It influences everything from our body temperature to thirst and hunger. And according to neurologist Dr. Jason McKeown, it's very difficult to override what's already been determined by your mind. "The brain has a clear view of how much food we need to eat and how much we should weigh, and any attempts that people may make to alter this through diet and exercise alone won't necessarily help you achieve the results you're looking for," Dr. McKeown told POPSUGAR. Basically, when you eat less, you're signaling to your body that food is scarce. Instead of guiding weight loss, it'll do the exact opposite by increasing your appetite and slowing down your metabolism to conserve fat. A study tested this theory in mice and confirmed that we've been biologically trained to resist dieting. It could be because our ancestors needed to develop this trait to survive famines. Related: The Top 25 Reasons You Aren't Losing Weight Dr. McKeown also advised against following low-calorie diets for weight loss, saying that they're "almost always destined to fail" at producing long-term results.

This is an excerpt from STUCK: Why You Hit a Weight Loss Plateau and What to Do When it Happens. To download the entire book please click or tap here . But you’re not. You ’ ve hit a weight loss plateau , and you can’t get past it no matter how hard you try.

Here ’ s what might be behind your weight loss plateau . 5 Reasons You ’ ve Hit a Weight Loss Plateau . 1. The same thing isn’t working anymore. You ’ ve gotten into a workout groove — but that might be the problem.

Pippa agrees that a gut bacteria imbalance could be playing a part in your weight loss struggle.

'Scientists now know that the bacteria in our gut can have profound effects on weight and metabolism,' she says. 'Some bacteria actually extract more energy from food, leading to weight gain, while others trigger inflammation, leading to insulin resistance, independent of your calorie intake.'

With that in mind, Pippa says it's crucial to try and heal any gut imbalances you may be harbouring. While it's tempting to pop a probiotic supplement, there are numerous other ways you can maintain your gut health, too.

'Try to eat whole, unprocessed, unrefined foods,' suggests Pippa. 'Cutting out sugar and refined carbs, while increasing gut-supporting fibre from vegetables and consuming plenty of good fats, such as omega-3 fatty acids, will all help.

'You should also aim to reduce the amount of inflammatory omega-6 fatty acids you eat (found in the likes of vegetable oil) and consider introducing fermented foods, such as sauerkraut, into your diet as well.'

From January to December: A weight-loss tip for every month (GES)

Most People Regain the Weight They've Lost - Here's How Not to Be One of Them .
Most people who lose weight will gain it back, thanks to a combination of a slower metabolism, a change in hormones, and reverting back to the old lifestyle that made them gain weight in the first place. But even though keeping off the weight you lost is hard, it is possible. Eduardo Grunvald, MD, program director at UC San Diego's Weight Management Program, told POPSUGAR the biggest indicator of weight-loss success: having a supportive environment. Related: Never Diet Again: 10 Habits That Lead to Weight Loss This support system could be from a weight-loss program, dietitian, health educator, or obesity medicine doctor or clinic. It's also important to have a supportive environment at home. If you made an effort to eat healthy and work out regularly but your spouse still keeps junk food in the house and never exercises, you're setting yourself up for failure. Other ways to make sure you don't gain the weight back include continuously monitoring your food intake through journaling or tracking apps, weighing yourself at home, controlling all your environments (including your home and your office) as much as possible, planning your meals ahead, and limited eating out. You also may have to exercise even more than you did to lose the weight in the first place. Researchers who assessed the National Weight Control Registry, a database of people who have lost 30 or more pounds and kept it off for at least a year, found that people exercised more during the maintenance phase than they did during weight loss. "It doesn't mean that you have to go to the gym for two hours or you have to run a marathon," Dr. Grunvald said. "It just means that you walk an extra half hour, an extra hour a day just to maintain the weight.

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