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This Stunning Weight-Loss Photo Will Inspire You to Curb Your Booze Consumption

  This Stunning Weight-Loss Photo Will Inspire You to Curb Your Booze Consumption Now, a viral post by a Swedish Instagram influencer who calls herself "Jelly Devote" highlights what a difference easing up on the booze can make. We all know that alcohol is bad for us. It takes a toll on the liver, increases the risk of heart attack, stroke, and various cancers, weakens our immune system, and makes us gain weight. A recent study even found that drinking just one alcoholic beverage a day can shorten our lifespan.Many of us want to cut down our alcohol intake, but we’re dubious about how much of a short-term, visible effect it will have on our bodies.

As body positivity continues to grow in popularity, I wanted to speak to influencers in the fat positive and plus size fashion communities to see how they define "I'd love to see our culture move our goals beyond the ' body positivity ' part of redefining beauty and into the space of something I feel really

Love Your Postpartum Body . April 2, 2018. These body positive bloggers have truly outdone themselves. We encourage you to use these web pages as resources for body positivity , self-love and inspiration. Intuitive eating is a body positive and anti-diet philosophy about how to eat.

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Known as @thebirdspapaya on Instagram, Sarah Nicole, 33, has been documenting her life for the last 5+ years and has gained a loyal following thanks to her relatable relationship with her body (she currently has more than 75K followers). Scroll through her feed and you’ll see a mix of family pics, well-styled photos as well as vulnerable images of her “flaws.”

I met Sarah as part of the Nike Air Society, where we got together once a week with a group of inspiring women for a bit of exercise and a lot of personal growth. As a new mom myself, I was inspired by Sarah's attitude toward her postpartum body (a positive attitude that she admits took several years). After having three children in her early 20s, Sarah found her weight had crept up to 225 lbs. She acknowledged she wasn't happy and that she was actually missing out on doing things with her kids. Fast forward to today and she's got an amazingly fresh perspective on her body and is inspiring other women along the way. So, how did she get here? Read on for her story.

I Traveled Like an Influencer. It Didn't Go Well.

  I Traveled Like an Influencer. It Didn't Go Well. No wonder they get paid to post photos.I love photography and I love to travel, so I follow a ton of travel influencers: the Blonde Abroads, the Tara Milk Teas, the Gypsea Lusts, the Pilot Madeleines, and the Chelsea Kauais. Their lives look magical as they bounce from one exotic destination to the next, meticulously documenting every gorgeous sunset, floating breakfast, and flower-filled bath they take. It’s enough to make you want to quit your job and literally follow in their footsteps.

The body positivity movement has been steadily gaining momentum for over a decade and many community members don't know just how far it's come. Related Articles. Love Your Postpartum Body .

Love Your Postpartum Body . April 2, 2018. They are all unique in body shape and how they incorporate yoga into their everyday lives. Our Body Positive Questions.

When did you realize you wanted or needed to make a change in your life? Tell me about that 'aha' moment.

“It was actually three ‘aha’ moments! The first was when I moved back to my hometown and I lost my anonymity in public. I felt shame and realized that it was because I was so unhealthy and hadn’t been taking care of myself. The next was noting that I wasn’t participating in my kid’s childhood. I was exhausted, always on the sidelines and just not living. The final one was when a photo was posted of me on Facebook that really woke me up to how much weight I’d gained and how out of control my health had gotten.”

(Sarah isn’t alone. According to a Dove self-esteem survey, 86 percent of Canadian girls who have low body self-esteem avoid engaging with friends and family or participating in important activities outside of the house.)

Serena Williams Wants to Pass Along This Body-Positive Lesson to Her Daughter

  Serena Williams Wants to Pass Along This Body-Positive Lesson to Her Daughter Serena Williams Wants to Pass Along This Body-Positive Lesson to Her DaughterIn her career of more than 20 years as an athlete and celebrity, Serena Williams has endured a lot of highs and lows. But among the trophies she's earned, praise she's received, new business ventures she's embarked on and personal milestones she's hit (including getting married and becoming a mother within a year), Williams has faced a lot of negativity, mostly digs at her appearance aimed to tear her down.

Our body positive blog, forum and community helps promote body positivity . Recent Posts . Love Your Postpartum Body . April 2, 2018 0. As I tried to begin though, I realised just how complex and varied our definitions of BoPo could be.

Meet The Women Redefining The Body Positive Movement. How come this standard of beauty within body positivity , which is a community that’s supposed to celebrate diversity, why is it that the standard of beauty is still white, cis, able- bodied , high-cheekbones, hourglass-shape women?”

Clothes have this way of giving us confidence. We wear them on our canvas as an expression of personality, style and to show off our curves, of course! InsertBodyImagePlaceHolder_1 However, removing them should not remove your confidence. But I got stuck there. For a long ass time. And that's ok. Because there was a time that clothes couldn't make me confident either. It was just a battle all around. But slowly it grew. It grew with a constant redirecting of thoughts and a lifestyle that encouraged it. Loving my body with activity and food, it wasn't depriving it that brought me joy, but feeding it the right things. Finally, I was getting somewhere. I was changing my relationship with my body. But I still didn't want to take off my clothes. And let me get something clear, I'm not talking about FOR anyone else. I'm talking just standing alone and naked. I was disgusted by it all. I couldn't look. It was just removing one piece of cover up clothing to putting on another. Avoiding at all costs what I didn't want to see. Even the reflections in the shower handles made me feel sick. In my head, I was not someone who should ever ever be seen or appreciated naked. Not by me, not by anyone. Life had left it's mark on me and I was too ashamed. So how'd I get from there to actually being an underwear model? (Holla @knixwear !) I couldn't even in tangibly words tell you. I just know that it was a slow journey of acceptance. It didn't come with another human embracing me. It was ME embracing me. Understanding my worth was not wrapped up in scars and stretch marks, loose skin and cellulite. I was so much more than that. And the real twist to the story? I'm kind of obsessed with flawed skin now. I don't know what it is but when I see cellulite on the back of a woman's thighs, I find it gorgeous. Stretch marks make me see strength in another woman. Lumps and bumps and curves – they're interesting and captivating! I've not just fallen in love with my own body, I've fallen in love with them all. You wanna know why this is such a THING right now? Because we are finally uncovering beauty we hid for so long. Thank goodness, because WOW babes… Y'all are gorgeous. We all are gorgeous.

This Woman Posted 'Backwards' Transformation Photos in the Same Outfit to Celebrate Her Weight Gain

  This Woman Posted 'Backwards' Transformation Photos in the Same Outfit to Celebrate Her Weight Gain <p>You must see this inspiring before and after #TransformationTuesday post.</p>In one of her latest Instagram posts, Borojevic put on an old workout tee to celebrate her weight gain. Calling the post her “backwards edition,” she shared how much her life has changed (and improved) since she began watching the number on the scale go up, not down.

The body positive movement is working to change common ideas about the answers to these questions, and this video shows why it’s so important to make those changes. Marie Southard Ospina breaks down what body positivity is, and how the movement’s aiming to make a difference in your life.

Body positivity is acceptance and appreciation for all body types. It is a social movement rooted in the belief that all human beings should have a positive body image

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What were the biggest changes you started with?

“I think this was the first time I truly recognized that I couldn’t loophole health. I couldn’t just diet and restrict my life, and I couldn’t outrun a bad diet. I had to approach this all differently. I had to be accountable for my intake and really change my relationship with food. That, and I had to start exercising. Even if it was minimal I knew it was necessary. While hard at first, now it just seems like a way of life.”

Why did you make your journey public and share it with the world on Instagram?

“I never intended to, actually. I had lost about 30 lbs before anyone really noticed or said anything. So around the 40 lbs mark I shared a little before and after, and really felt like I was finding the support and encouragement I needed to keep going. So while my Instagram was never just about weight loss, there was now a huge facet of my life that people were connecting to and it really changed the way social media played into my own journey.” (According to a Dove self-esteem survey, 86 percent of Canadian girls who have low body self-esteem avoid engaging with friends and family or participating in important activities outside of the house.)

The 1 Thing About My Epidural That Should Never Have Been Allowed to Happen

  The 1 Thing About My Epidural That Should Never Have Been Allowed to Happen At 8:31 a.m. on a sunny and crisp morning in New York City, our tiny, perfect daughter was born. Our lives were forever changed from the instant all five pounds of her were placed on my sobbing chest. The day that followed was a sleep-deprived whirlwind of excitement, wonder, and love. Fast forward 24 hours later to a nurse delivering my daughter from the nursery. I picked my head up off the pillow to kiss her and experienced such a rush of pain that I nearly passed out. I fought through it to go to the breastfeeding class being held in the next room. In the middle of it, mortified, I had to pass my daughter to a nurse so I wouldn't drop her. The pain was worse than the contractions had been. The diagnosis was spinal headaches from the epidural injections. The risk of this happening is reported to be less than one percent. While I was in labor, a few hours after the epidural had been administered, I was suddenly in extreme pain. Somehow, the epidural had come out. After fighting through contractions for an hour, two anesthesiologists finally entered the room. I was screaming and crying as they positioned me to reinsert the epidural. Fifteen minutes passed, then 30, then 45, then an hour. Contractions came every two minutes while two anesthesiologists poked and prodded at my back. I was in too much pain to process or question what was happening, and finally, two excruciating hours later, the epidural was in place and I began to feel relief.

But there are body positive social media campaigns combatting this narrow image of beauty — catering to the majority of women (and men) and redefining what "beautiful" actually means.

The “ body positive ” movement has helped me accept the miracle that is my body for the very first time. It’s me in the postpartum body I now call home. One woman was reminded of how long it has taken her to finally love her own body .

You've built an amazing community on Instagram and Facebook - why is this kind of support so important to your journey?

“I think personally, you always feel like there’s a wall between you and those you follow on social media. They feel out of reach. I wanted to change that. I know and recognize that I am nothing without this community, and it’s not about ‘me’ it’s about us all, and I’ve truly built friendships out of this platform. I feel like it’s this big massive extended family. So much love and support all around.”

I think it's pretty rad the way you embrace your postpartum body - stretch marks and all. You own it and it's beautiful. How did you get to that point?

“After losing 100 lbs and being faced with the reality that I still hated my body but now there wasn’t anything I could do to exercise my way out of (loose skin and stretch marks) I started reevaluating my mind and thoughts around my body. I was exhausted that after all this work to achieve a new healthy lifestyle I was still battling daily with self-loathing. I had anticipated that losing weight would solve that issue. But you can’t hate yourself happy. So, with that, I began shifting my thoughts over and over. Practicing it, and filling my feed with women who inspired me to break out of my own discomforts. I stopped feeling so alone and wanted others to stop feeling so alone. So I began to share, too.”

This Woman Shared Her 15-Pound Weight Gain to Show How Counting Calories Can Be Dangerous

  This Woman Shared Her 15-Pound Weight Gain to Show How Counting Calories Can Be Dangerous <p>Here's what she learned after improving her relationship with food.</p>In a before-and-after post, Carlucci opened up about her struggles following a restrictive diet and her previous unhealthy relationship with food. Showing how much has changed from August 2017 to now, the bodybuilder’s vulnerable message is both positive and emotional.

Beauty Redefined teaches body image resilience and works to arm girls & women with the tools to overcome objectification & unreal beauty ideals. How I’m Winning the Body -After-Baby Battle. by Lindsay Kite | Mar 24, 2017. Loving Your Body 101: The 3 Questions of Positive Body Image.

My body isn't the same after birth. But, I don't need to have a perfect body to be happy and I think we as a society should shift our focus from the outside

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You recently had an almost heartbreaking situation where your Instagram account was temporarily deleted - what was going through your head when you realized what had happened?

“Shockingly, I was more devastated over all my words. My writings! My Instagram, intended or not, became an online journal of the last 5-6 years of my life. My entire journey through losing weight, going through divorce, single motherhood, embracing my body, and finding love again. I felt gutted. I felt like I lost my community and my friends and everything I’d built. But, in the end…that community showed up! They wrote messages and emails and made phone calls and it was able to be revived just short of 2 days later.”

What did you learn from that experience?

“I learned that it mattered, all of it. It wasn’t fluff of social media. It mattered. It mattered to me, it mattered to others. That first post (besides announcing I was ‘back’) I knew was going to be huge. I wanted it to be intentional, so I did the one thing I was always too ashamed to do before – show my stomach in its reality…up close, squished together, and with love. I handed my 10-year-old the camera, and she prompted me to put my hands into a heart. She snapped the photo, I posted it. I freed myself of the shame the moment I shared it, and I think I might have helped some others with a similar body do the same.”

I guess since it's impossible for a heart to grow stretch marks, they had show on your skin instead. So they could tell a story. A story of growth, love, sacrifice and a body that is capable of miracles. See them for what they are, and they'll lose their power over telling you what you are not. These are not marks of weakness, but of strength. You don't have to love them, because that's a pretty hard ask. But don't for a second allow them to make you feel like less. How much sense would that make? Your body grew children, and it shows signs of that. Or maybe you lost weight. Maybe you just grew. Your body is strong and capable, and these are the marks of proof. ?

Kate Hudson's Trainer Reveals Exactly What Keeps the Star So in Shape

  Kate Hudson's Trainer Reveals Exactly What Keeps the Star So in Shape To say I am obsessed with Kate Hudson is a major understatement. She is my absolute girl crush until the end of time. That's why when I chatted to her trainer, Nicole Winhoffer, I just HAD to ask what she was like IRL and what her workout style is. "She's one of my favorites because her spirit is so free and she's so fun," Nicole told POPSUGAR. "She's the definition of #WCW (woman-crush Wednesday) because she's so freaking fun! And I think that spirit gives her that personality, that energy, that body, and that's something I really promote in my brand with NW Method and when I teach with Propel." And as for some of Kate's favorite workout moves? "She likes to do the snake, which is a movement for your torso and your obliques. You snake to the right with your head, snake to the left." This makes total sense, as Kate has killer abs! "She loves dancing. Dancing and rhythm are so key to freeing your spirit, and every time we work out together, she's so fun and just super, super positive." Swoon. Just as I expected, Kate is a total ball of joyful energy. It makes sense that Nicole trains her; Nicole is the same way - super positive and full of encouragement. "A huge missing link in Western culture is the importance of our inner being; it's very much an Eastern approach.

✨ Body Positivity Loop ✨ Hey Guys !!! Today I’m super excited to be sharing with you a recent passion project of mine – which is celebrating our postpartum bodies ! I have asked some mamas to participate , mamas that embrace their post baby bodies and really shed a positive light on how different our

2017 was the year of self-love and body celebration, and these 13 women held nothing back. Keep scrolling for the best body positive moments of the year. 1 When This Fitness Blogger Debunked the Postpartum "Bounce Back".

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Social media can be an amazing way to find your tribe but it can also open you up to unwanted criticism (the trolls!). How do you stay positive?

“I didn’t always stay so positive! It used to really break me down and wear me out. But, once you really know your truth and grasp your worth, it’s easier to laugh away when someone tries to really tear you down. It’s a dark side of social media that many don’t even know exists for those who put themselves out there daily, but it does, and I’m happy that in the end I’ve been able to really push through those efforts to tear me down.”

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We got to take part in a journalling workshop with Temi Marie of HERDAY to wrap up our journey with Nike Air Society. What message did you take away from that session?

“It was fascinating to talk about our bodies and our life and our goals in such an open yet intimate way. I’d forgotten how writing down things really made a message register differently. It was a beautiful experience I felt so grateful to be a part of. From exercising our bodies together, to exercising our minds and hearts. Such a great experience.”

I was just so wrong. It's a hard message to sell when you're talking about weight loss and also the reality that it won't make you happy. But that was my truth. I think it's the truth of many. We fight to love our bodies. We place that worth in the idea that a size will help us get there. If we just reach THAT number, happiness is there. Then the number comes. And you look in the mirror and still feel it. That punch in the gut that you're still just not good enough. And you realize, maybe it wasn't about the number, after all. So then what. I preach weight loss being a side effect of a healthy lifestyle because I know what it's like to lose weight and fall short of anything considered self confidence or body positive. I got it all wrong. I'd been a bully to my body for far too long, so to think simply changing how it looked would somehow bring me to new happy heights was ludicrous. But I'm still glad I lost the weight. I'm glad that it forced me into self care. Because self care perpetuated the habit of care at all. I got in the habit of doing for ME. At the time it was to lose weight, but when that didn't make me happy there was still an ability to redirect. That self care turned into now finding my passions, speaking, writing, creating, loving. Exactly as I see fit. Let me repeat that…exactly. as. I. see. fit. Losing weight didn't make me who I am, it was just part of the process of becoming who I was meant to be. Which is very simply one thing: Someone un-stuck. I encourage you today to remember this. To do right where I got it wrong. To perpetuate love throughout your transformation. Whether relational, body, career, or more. When we drive with hate we reach destinations of loathing. When we drive with love we reach destinations of fulfilment. It's not an easy thing to start, but it can begin with simply redirecting that bully mentality within. It can move forward with simple acts and pushbacks on the things you wish were different or know in your heart are just unhealthy (mentally, physically, emotionally). It's taking back the strongholds other people, places or things have on your life and heart. From there you can own it. Your life. ?

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'I Lost 100 Pounds By Cutting Carbs And Walking More' .
The O.G. Atkins diet helped her do it. I started gaining weight during a particularly hard time in my life: I lost both my father and grandfather unexpectedly, and right around the same time, I was struggling with postpartum anxiety. Add to that the stress and demands of daily life, and the weight just started to creep up on me. Food was my comfort during this time-it made me feel better when I was stressed or sad (which was often). And none of my go-to foods were healthy in the least: McDonald's breakfast sandwiches (and lunch sandwiches), sugary cereals, pizza-I loved anything greasy or sweet.

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