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How Daylight Saving Time affects your sleep and what to do about it

Monday  05:29,   12 march 2018
Global News

It's just an hour less sleep, but the start of Daylight Saving Time can have a big effect on your cognitive function, says a researcher.If you’re feeling a little groggy this morning, you’re probably not alone. If there’s one thing people like[...]

I Ate 1 Apple Every Day For 2 Weeks, and This Is What Happened (in the Bathroom)

Sunday  22:21,   11 march 2018

<p>Without going into too much detail, I had a wonderful trip to the loo.</p>The woman behind me at the checkout said, "Like bananas much?" I smiled as I unloaded the three bunches from my cart. "My family is like a barrel of monkeys!" That[...]

Dentists Mysteriously Dying of Lung Disease

Saturday  21:21,   10 march 2018

Health officials have found a mysterious pattern of dentists dying from the lung disease idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that an analysis of patients at a Virginia care center found a high[...]

The One Exercise That Will Flatten Your Stomach in 10 Minutes

Saturday  10:35,   10 march 2018
Reader's Digest.CA

Moms everywhere know the struggle of post-baby bulge, or that extra bit of flab that leaves their bellies wiggly and jiggly. It seems like all of the crunches in the world can’t flatten their stomachs again.Still, few know the scientific term[...]

6 reasons why you can't resist unhealthy foods

Friday  18:28,   09 march 2018
Prima (UK)

And how to beat those cravingsIt turns out that everything from your drinking habits to your hormonal cycle can have a major impact on your body's hunger levels and even trigger specific[...]

These 2 Exercises Can Cut Your Risk of Heart Disease in Half

Friday  18:26,   09 march 2018
Reader's Digest.CA

These 2 Exercises Can Cut Your Risk of Heart Disease in Half on post These 2 Exercises Can Cut Your appeared first on Reader's Digest. Click to expand Your browser does not support this video require(["binding"],[...]

Liz Earle reveals the best foods to eat and avoid during the menopause

Friday  09:51,   09 march 2018

Liz Earle reveals the best foods to eat and avoid during the menopause(Provided by The[...]

Dennis Quaid Reveals How He Stays Fit at 63

Friday  09:50,   09 march 2018
Men's Health

Dennis Quaid Reveals How He Stays Fit at 63 According to the Parent Trap star - who, in addition to steady film roles, still consistently plays with his band, Dennis Quaid & The Sharks - the key now, at his age, is a mixture of[...]

This full-body couples workout will keep you burning calories for hours

Friday  09:50,   09 march 2018
Toronto Star

This full-body couples workout will keep you burning calories for hours after you leave the gym. © Provided by Toronto Star Studies show that partnering with an exercise buddy improves the likelihood that you will stick to a fitness[...]

This Woman Lost 150 Lbs. Only to Be Bullied Online and Regain Weight — 'I Got Death Threats'

Thursday  18:37,   08 march 2018

<p>In 2015, weight loss Instagrammer Stephanie Seabrook went viral for writing on her stomach the cruel comments she used to hear about her weight. But after she had skin removal surgery, she began to receive death[...]

Mom Finds Baby Has Down Syndrome During Home Birth

Thursday  18:31,   08 march 2018

These photos will wreck[...]

Brain Surgery Performed On Wrong Patient

Thursday  18:30,   08 march 2018

The medical error was the result of an identification mix-up. Four Kenyan medical staff have been suspended from their Nairobi hospital after they inadvertently cut open the skull of the wrong patient for a brain surgery, following an ID[...]

Teen thought her drooping eye was booze-related, but it was a brain tumor

Thursday  18:26,   08 march 2018
FOX News

Megan Barker, 19, initially blamed her drooping eye on alcohol, but discovered a huge tumor behind her eye socket. But travel agent Megan initially blamed it on having a few drinks —until her family noticed her left eye was drooping three weeks[...]

11-Year-Old Girl Tears Up After Having Plastic Surgery to Fix Protruding Ears

Thursday  18:25,   08 march 2018
Inside Edition

Bella Harrington, 11, said she decided she wanted to go under the knife after being bullied incessantly about her ears.Bella Harrington, 11, of Richmond, Va., has always been embarrassed about her[...]

Pizza Is a Healthier Breakfast Than Cereal, According to a Nutritionist

Thursday  09:30,   08 march 2018
Taste of Home

One dietitian explains why pizza can be a healthier breakfast than cereal. Pizza lovers, rejoice!"You may be surprised to find out that an average slice of pizza and a bowl of cereal with whole milk contain nearly the same amount of calories,"[...]