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5 Obvious Signs of Dementia I Missed in My Own Mother

  5 Obvious Signs of Dementia I Missed in My Own Mother A diagnosis of Alzheimer's shed light on a decade's worth of unusual behaviour that seemed pretty harmless. In hindsight, this is what I wish I knew.About 50 million people live with dementia worldwide, according to the World Health Organization. What makes this epidemic even scarier is that despite plenty of theories about dementia, no one really knows what causes it. Alzheimer’s is the most common type--according to the Alzheimer’s Association, it accounts for up to 80 per cent of cases--including my mother’s. In a twist that’s hard to fathom, my mother’s Alzheimer’s disease was not diagnosed until she had reached the final stages.

The One Quality That Makes You Hotter to Women. Find out how to cultivate the personality trait that she finds sexy. The best part: Humility isn’t a fixed trait . You can cultivate it with a little effort, says Van Tongeren. First, acknowledge your shortcomings.

Now, find out what your personality has to do with your sexual prowess! "I took away that women who were open to new experiences had better sex lives," says 20 Little Things That'll Make Your Relationship SUPER Strong. New Details About The Rumor Meghan Markle Is Pregnant — With Twins!

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In a lot of ways, conscientiousness feels like the least sexy of the “Big Five” personality traits, a group that also includes extroversion, agreeableness, openness, and neuroticism. Painted with a broad brush, people who are conscientious are organized, thorough, diligent, and good at responding to emails. They’re into making plans, and being punctual, and other activities that tend to be a far cry from the things we typically associate with exciting sex: adventurousness, passion, staying in the moment instead of two steps ahead.

Working Out and Eating Right but Can't Lose Weight? You May Be Able to Blame It on Your Brain

  Working Out and Eating Right but Can't Lose Weight? You May Be Able to Blame It on Your Brain If you've found diet and exercise ineffective for weight loss, it could just be the way your brain is wired. Turns out the brain has significant power over our weight, metabolism, and appetite - particularly the hypothalamus region, which essentially acts as the mission control center. It influences everything from our body temperature to thirst and hunger. And according to neurologist Dr. Jason McKeown, it's very difficult to override what's already been determined by your mind. "The brain has a clear view of how much food we need to eat and how much we should weigh, and any attempts that people may make to alter this through diet and exercise alone won't necessarily help you achieve the results you're looking for," Dr. McKeown told POPSUGAR. Basically, when you eat less, you're signaling to your body that food is scarce. Instead of guiding weight loss, it'll do the exact opposite by increasing your appetite and slowing down your metabolism to conserve fat. A study tested this theory in mice and confirmed that we've been biologically trained to resist dieting. It could be because our ancestors needed to develop this trait to survive famines. Related: The Top 25 Reasons You Aren't Losing Weight Dr. McKeown also advised against following low-calorie diets for weight loss, saying that they're "almost always destined to fail" at producing long-term results.

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OK, so this isn't something we do during the act of sex but it definitely rates as unsexy behaviour for most men. 'She might as well have put out her hand for my credit card and made it an honest transaction.' Expert reveals the personality traits of four celebrities based on their looks - and the

It’s a dichotomy that’s persisted in our collective cultural understanding — spontaneity is hot, careful planning isn’t — to a frustrating extent, even though the actual experience of sex often contradicts it. Sexual desire, for both men and women, is often a slow-building, reactive response, rather than an urge that hits out of nowhere. You might say it’s carefully planned.

A study published last week in the Journal of Sex Research adds a little more evidence to the argument that our sexual priorities are a bit skewed, illustrating that conscientiousness isn’t just not a mood-killer — it can also be a tool for maintaining a satisfying sex life. The study authors surveyed just under a thousand couples (most, but not all, of whom were in heterosexual relationships) about their sex lives, asking each half of the couple to rate things like how easily they got aroused, how inhibited they were around sex, and any issues they may have with sexual dysfunction. The participants were also asked to describe both their own personality and their partner’s according to the Big Five. And while the correlation wasn’t huge, it was significant: Conscientious people of both sexes reported fewer problems with their sex lives, as did women whose partners were high in the trait.

What Your Favorite Summer Food Says About Your Personality

  What Your Favorite Summer Food Says About Your Personality Summer is here, and with it comes sunny weather, blue skies, and most importantly, my favorite summer foods. While these foods are available year-round, there's something about the summer that makes them taste extra delicious. Something I've never considered when eating these summer foods is how my choices reflect my personality. Each food says something totally different about the person who chooses it. Here's a list of the best summertime snacks, and what they say about you and your personality.Watermelon © cluse on Instagram CLUSE on Instagram: “You're one in a melon

Here are 7 ways to make your relationship — and your sex life — better . Bad Sex Reason No. 7: Sexual Incompatibility. Probably the most common kind of sexual incompatibility is a discrepancy in the level of desire between partners, Zoldbrod says.

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To be frank, I loved this study, especially the part where the authors took a swing at explaining their results: “High conscientiousness can be especially beneficial when it comes to putting effort into a satisfying sexual life,” they wrote, “or to postpone one’s own needs and interests to focus on resolving a sexual problem within the context of committed, long-term relationships.” (And for heterosexual women with conscientious significant others: “Men who are thorough and dutiful may feel the need to satisfy their partner sexually, which may in turn lead to better sexual function of their partners.”) It’s not because I think of myself as particularly conscientious and newly vindicated — it’s just that, with so much angst out there about how to keep the spark alive after relationship newness wears off, here’s a really lovely reminder of how commitment can foster its own unique kind of eroticism.

Kate Hudson's Trainer Reveals Exactly What Keeps the Star So in Shape

  Kate Hudson's Trainer Reveals Exactly What Keeps the Star So in Shape To say I am obsessed with Kate Hudson is a major understatement. She is my absolute girl crush until the end of time. That's why when I chatted to her trainer, Nicole Winhoffer, I just HAD to ask what she was like IRL and what her workout style is. "She's one of my favorites because her spirit is so free and she's so fun," Nicole told POPSUGAR. "She's the definition of #WCW (woman-crush Wednesday) because she's so freaking fun! And I think that spirit gives her that personality, that energy, that body, and that's something I really promote in my brand with NW Method and when I teach with Propel." And as for some of Kate's favorite workout moves? "She likes to do the snake, which is a movement for your torso and your obliques. You snake to the right with your head, snake to the left." This makes total sense, as Kate has killer abs! "She loves dancing. Dancing and rhythm are so key to freeing your spirit, and every time we work out together, she's so fun and just super, super positive." Swoon. Just as I expected, Kate is a total ball of joyful energy. It makes sense that Nicole trains her; Nicole is the same way - super positive and full of encouragement. "A huge missing link in Western culture is the importance of our inner being; it's very much an Eastern approach.

But how do you know for sure if you’re a boring, unsexy nice guy – or what you’re doing wrong? “Yo Chase, I think you should make an article about un sexy friendly guy traits . How to Be a Good Lover.

None of the husband's personality traits were linked with how often the couple had sex , although some did predict satisfaction. RELATED: 11 Sex Tips That Are Better Than Female Viagra. And does frequent sex make for a happy marriage anyway?

Which, for anyone who’s moved past that butterflies-and-making-out stage, is more than a little soothing. It’s encouraging, even: a suggestion that the best part of your sex life as a couple may be yet to come. The circumstances that we’re conditioned to believe make for good sex so often don’t line up with the realities of a long-term relationship. But here, with data to back it up, is a reminder that trying hard can be hot, and that intention can be better than abandon.

This One Ingredient Makes Ranch Dressing Waaay Better .
This One Ingredient Makes Ranch Dressing Waaay BetterFor years the Hensons were dinner-party famous for their buttermilk dressing. Soon enough, they were actually famous for it. A couple decades after they moved to Hidden Valley, they sold their recipe to Clorox for $8 million.

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