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How a Beloved World Heritage Site Became a Battlefield. And What’s Next.

Monday  08:52,   27 february 2017
Travel + Leisure

Equipped with bulletproof vest and helmet, Dr. Mechtild Rössler set off in an armored vehicle last April toward Palmyra, Syria. Bustling along the dusty road, she knew that the area had not been entirely de-mined.Russian teams had removed 3,000[...]

How to avoid the worst flight ever

Monday  08:52,   27 february 2017

How to avoid the worst flight everThese are not unusual stories, but they're making the rounds with greater frequency now, as spring break approaches. It's a time of year when more infrequent air travelers take to the skies — often, they are not[...]

The cities hiding beneath the earth's surface

Monday  08:51,   27 february 2017

The cities hiding beneath the earth's surface@media screen and (min-width:800px) { .inline-recirc-module { display: block; } } @media screen and (max-width:799px) {[...]

Travel tips and advice: The essential items you must pack for a trip to South America

Sunday  11:05,   26 february 2017

Travel tips and advice: The essential items you must pack for a trip to South AmericaBut still, there are items that most people should be able to agree upon when it comes to travel – the real essentials that everyone should take with them. This[...]

Safety expert questions validity of toboggan bans

Sunday  11:05,   26 february 2017
Cottage Life

Safety expert questions validity of toboggan bansIt seems like every winter there’s a new municipality that bans tobogganing, and one safety expert is questioning[...]

Why Commercial Airlines Don't Have Parachutes for Passengers

Saturday  08:26,   25 february 2017
Condé Nast Traveler

Don't they care about[...]

How to Visit the Crazy Places in BBC America's 'Planet Earth II'

Saturday  08:25,   25 february 2017
Condé Nast Traveler

It's easy to forget that many of the locations in BBC America's 'Planet Earth II' are just a trip away. Planet Earth II, the follow-up to the award-winning BBC nature documentary series we waited ten long years to see, opens with[...]

Whose armrest is it, anyway? The unspoken etiquette of airline, bus and train travel.

Friday  19:20,   24 february 2017
Houston Chronicle

Jacy Reese was just being polite when he offered to switch airline seats with a mother and her young son on a recent flight from Copenhagen, Denmark, to Toronto. But as the old saying goes, no good deed goes unpunished. "I had preordered a[...]

How to survive the longest flight in the world

Friday  10:05,   24 february 2017

How to survive the longest flight in the worldEarlier this month, Qatar Airways took the prize for longest airline route when it debuted its 17-hour, 30-minute flight between Auckland and Doha. Not to be outdone, Qantas has announced plans to[...]

Crazy coif wins the prize in frozen-hair contest

Friday  09:36,   24 february 2017

WHITEHORSE - Think of the frost fairy on a really bad hair day. Those are the prospective winners at the Takhini Hot Pools hair-freezing contest that have captured the attention of many through the Internet. Andrew Umbrich, owner of the hot pools[...]

Discover the tallest point in each Canadian province and territory

Thursday  23:05,   23 february 2017

There’s something about the reaching the highest point in a city, a province or a country that draws you in (and up). Whether you’re an active peak-bagger looking for a national bucket list, or a trivia buff adding to your store of knowledge, this[...]

Apparently This Is The Best City In The World For Partying

Thursday  20:51,   23 february 2017

Instead of closing your eyes and sticking a pin on a map the next time you’re choosing a mini-break destination, it might be worth taking into account the results of a new survey. The study, commissioned by accommodation-booking site[...]

Can you pass the UK citizenship test?

Thursday  20:51,   23 february 2017

<p>As part of the process to become a UK citizen, the government introduced the UK Citizenship Test which is designed to examine a person's knowledge of the United Kingdom. Here are 20 questions which are similar to the official questions[...]

Here's Where Everyone's Been Booking Holidays So Far This Year

Thursday  20:51,   23 february 2017

As we all know, the most popular time to book holidays is in January. It makes sense - you're depressed, it's cold, the year's looming ahead of you like a big, bleak, never-ending cloud of doom Obviously you want something to look[...]

Young golfer's family calls Air Canada's handling of stolen clubs 'below par'

Thursday  17:07,   23 february 2017

Sydney Lia had planned to work on her golf swing with her coach after taking a flight home to Timmins, Ont., for the holidays, but her $5,000 custom clubs never made it to baggage claim, and then the police got involved."It wasn't much of a[...]