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How Much You Should Tip Around The World (And The Countries Where Tipping Is Offensive)

Wednesday  18:58,   28 june 2017
Huffington Post UK

Knowing how much to tip in the UK can be confusing, let alone abroad.To help holidaymakers get it right this summer, the Good Housekeeping Institute has looked into tipping etiquette around the world.Sara Benwell, consumer editor at Good[...]

Gatwick Airport Revealed As Worst Airport For Delays, Analysis Shows

Wednesday  18:58,   28 june 2017
Huffington Post UK

If you’re flying out of London this summer, expect delays. New analysis from the BBC revealed that London airports experienced a large number of delays in 2016 than anywhere else across the country.Gatwick airport experienced the highest number of[...]

Obama Is Every Embarrassing Dad On Vacation In Bali

Tuesday  18:56,   27 june 2017

President Barack Obama is a lot of things: the former leader of the free world, the ultimate playlist maker, badass basketball player, loving husband, and creator of a healthcare system that saved millions of U.S. lives. But, perhaps the one thing[...]

Racist Series of Airplane Snaps Goes Viral

Tuesday  14:11,   27 june 2017

Flying can be a daunting task for anyone who simply 'looks Muslim.'According to, a Trinity University professor named Simran Jeet Singh shared a series of images posted on Snapchat from a traveler on a flight to Indianapolis. He[...]

20-pound live lobster found in luggage at Boston airport

Tuesday  14:11,   27 june 2017

The Transportation Security Administration says a 20-pound (9-kilogram) live[...]

Barack Obama Goes River Rafting with His Family in Bali During Vacation to His Childhood Home of Indonesia

Monday  22:50,   26 june 2017

Barack Obama Goes River Rafting with His Family in Bali During Vacation to His Childhood Home of IndonesiaThe Obama adventures[...]

Airline Captain Tells Passengers to Pray During Shaky Flight

Monday  19:41,   26 june 2017
NBC News

It's never a good sign when your pilot gets religiousIt's never a good sign when your pilot tells you to[...]

5 ways to make a long-haul flight more manageable

Monday  17:46,   26 june 2017

Emirates flight attendants spill their insider knowledge.But with that said, the cabin crew at Emirates have five tips for making your flight that little bit more manageable - from what to eat to how to look after your[...]

I work in room service at a 5-star hotel -- these are the biggest things I wish guests wouldn't do

Monday  17:45,   26 june 2017
Business Insider Australia

I've been working in the room-service department of a five-star hotel for six months. Actually, it's a five-red-star hotel. Actually, it's a five-red-star hotel: The red part is a special distinction awarded by AA Hotel Services (an [...]

This Airline Lets You Pay A Little Extra For 'Neighbor-Free' Seats

Monday  07:35,   26 june 2017

Seatmate uncertainty is one of the most daunting parts of air travel. Who knows if you’ll be assigned a spot next to someone smelly and annoying, or nobody at all?!Etihad Airways lets passengers guarantee the latter with “neighbor-free” seating [...]

Turns Out, THIS Is The Most Disgusting Place On An Airplane

Monday  07:35,   26 june 2017

We always have a sneaking suspicion that there are things the flight attendants aren't telling us when we hop on a plane. This isn't rooted in paranoia as much as in wanting to know all the secrets and inner workings of the tin cans we fly[...]

Flight attendants reveal the first things they notice when travelers board a plane

Saturday  06:51,   24 june 2017

A Quora thread that asks "What do flight attendants notice about passengers as they board the plane?" reveals exactly what they're looking for, The INSIDER[...]

Flight Attendants Say Angry Passengers Are Creating a Big Safety Problem on Planes

Saturday  06:51,   24 june 2017

The fury has died down, but the rash of viral confrontations on airplanes is still very much on flight attendants’ minds. They are demoralized and anxious, afraid of becoming the villain in a cellphone video that spreads across the globe — creating [...]

The world's 8 most romantic cities, chosen by top travel-blogging couples

Friday  20:36,   23 june 2017

Today is the UK's National Kissing Day (June 23). Here, top travel-blogging couples, including The Planet D and Love & Road, select the world’s most romantic cities, perfect for a smoochCheck out: Top 10 romantic travel[...]

Why Booking Last Minute Does NOT Save Money And Other Myths Spiking YOUR Holiday Costs

Friday  10:11,   23 june 2017
Huffington Post UK

Why Booking Last Minute Does NOT Save Money And Other Myths Spiking YOUR Holiday CostsIt's that time of the year when everyone is aggressively scanning the internet for handy little travel tips before setting off on their summer[...]