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FAA Wants Ban on Laptops in Checked Airline Luggage

Sunday  22:55,   22 october 2017
24/7 Wall St.

The FAA is recommending that laptops not be allowed in checked airline baggage, citing a recent study that indicates serious consequences if laptop batteries igniteAt a session later this week of the Montreal meeting of the International Civil[...]

Man proposes as AirAsia flight plunges 20,000 feet

Sunday  11:11,   22 october 2017

Man proposes as AirAsia flight plunges 20,000 feetPassengers were told to brace as the aircraft plummeted 20,000 feet to get back to breathable[...]

Bedbugs crawl out of seat and feast on Canadians trapped on nine-hour Vancouver to London flight

Saturday  23:15,   21 october 2017
Vancouver Sun

Heather Szilagyi said the flight attendants couldn't move them because there were no other available seats on the British Airways flightA British Columbia woman plagued by bedbugs on a nine-hour flight to London is a victim of the explosive[...]

After The Fires: Why Now Is The Best Time To Visit Napa And Sonoma

Saturday  10:07,   21 october 2017

After The Fires: Why Now Is The Best Time To Visit Napa And SonomaBlue skies over V. Sattui Winery in Napa,[...]

Take a Ride on the World’s First Fully Electric Luxury Yacht

Saturday  10:07,   21 october 2017
Architectural Digest

Take a Ride on the World’s First Fully Electric Luxury Yacht . That means it produces zero emissions and is impossibly light. In fact, it’s so light that the Hinckley team spent two years re-engineering every vital piece of machinery and detailing[...]

Jimmy Fallon shares family pic at aquarium — and his kids look hilariously bored

Thursday  20:37,   19 october 2017

Moms and dads know it's tough keeping kids entertained on vacation — and Jimmy Fallon and his wife, Nancy, aren't exempt from the struggle.Moms and dads know it's tough keeping kids entertained on vacation — and Jimmy Fallon and his wife,[...]

Equestrian Brings Her Race Horse Into Hotel That Advertised Pet-Friendly Policy

Thursday  18:17,   19 october 2017
Inside Edition

For an additional charge of $10, Lindsey Partridge was able to bring her horse into her room at the Super 8 Hotel in Georgetown, Ky. If a hotel has a pet-friendly policy, what's to stop an equestrian from bringing in her horse?That’s what Lindsey [...]

You’re welcome! The 5 easiest visas to get in the world

Thursday  11:07,   19 october 2017

Forget the queues, letters of introduction and contrary embassy staff. These visas are issued quickly, with a minimum of fuss and no jumping through hoops, just the way we like itUntil recently, Azerbaijan was a stalwart on our 'Hardest Visa To Get' [...]

Air Berlin pilots suspended after farewell fly-past

Wednesday  23:20,   18 october 2017

<p>The pilots of an Air Berlin flight that performed a fly-past during the insolvent carrier's last long-haul flight to its hub have been suspended, the airline said.</p>When coming into land from Miami on Monday morning, the A330 jet flew [...]

Officers fired after removal of United passenger

Wednesday  15:33,   18 october 2017

Chicago aviation officials fired two officers and suspended two others involved in the forcible removal of a United Airlines passenger from a packed flight. Cellphone footage showed security officers on April 9 dragging Dr. David Dao by his arms[...]

Delta Refused To Search For Dog That Escaped At Airport

Wednesday  10:41,   18 october 2017
International Business Times

Brady, a 4-year-old hound mix, chewed its transport crate and ran away. The dog was being flown from Tampa to Bermuda to reunite with her family, who recently moved there. The incident took place when the dog was being loaded onto a Delta[...]

Doing This One Thing at Airport Security Could Cut Your Wait Time in Half

Wednesday  10:41,   18 october 2017
Reader's Digest.CA

For most of us, waiting in lengthy airport security lines has become the rule, rather than the exception. And navigating through TSA security is probably more treacherous than the trip you’re embarking on. Not only is it invasive, but correctly[...]

What One Mom Learned From Going Against Everyone's Travel Advice

Wednesday  10:40,   18 october 2017
Travel + Leisure

<p>Maybe our keepsakes were once part of the early attempt at the pyramid behind us, or maybe engineers from five millennia ago cast them aside.</p>Foolish? Perhaps. Defiant? Yes. Even with terror attacks and unrest in the Middle East[...]

Handsome Cat and Climber Duo Camp Across the World in One Sleeping Bag

Tuesday  19:16,   17 october 2017

Old dogs can learn new tricks, and “aloof” cats can too.&nbsp;Old dogs can learn new tricks, and “aloof” cats can too. While many see felines as strictly lackadaisical indoor pets who never wander beyond the garden, adventure cats across the[...]

Two Pilots Were Flying from Oahu to Hawaii—Then They Heard the Engines Go Quiet

Tuesday  18:08,   17 october 2017
Reader's Digest.CA

As her twin-engine Piper Apache sliced through the postcard-blue sky 5,000 feet above the Pacific Ocean, 23-year-old pilot Sydnie Uemoto heard the sound—a subtle change in timbre as the engines began to strain and rattle. Her co-pilot, 26-year-old[...]