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10:46  11 september  2017
10:46  11 september  2017 Source:   Quartz

4 ideas for island-hopping off the coast of Greece

  4 ideas for island-hopping off the coast of Greece 4 ideas for island-hopping off the coast of GreeceThe 6,000 islands and islets that dot the waters off Greece’s coast are literally the thing of legend. They serve as a playground not just for mythological gods, but for travellers too, with visitors lured away from the mainland by the volcanic lands, wild trails, ancient ruins, and authentic tavernas.

On a list of best places to live as an expat , almost no one would have picked Ecuador. Greece , on the other hand, is a surprise. Although expat life in Greece can be excellent, with a culture that emphasizes joie de vivre and some of the world 's most beautiful landscapes both inland and coastal

The idea of living on an idyllic Greek island is different in winter than in summer so try the destination of your choice in the worst possible conditions while living on the income you can There are many expat groups in Greece that act as a source of information and friendship so that you don’t feel alone.

  Greece is the worst place in the world to live as an expat © Provided by Quartz

If you want to have a decent working or family life, don’t move to Greece.

Greece is ranked as the worst country to live in the world as an expat, defined “in the classical sense of employees on a corporate assignment,” according to one of the world’s most comprehensive reports, Expat Insider 2017.

The networking group conducted a survey asking expats to rate and provide information on what it’s like to live and work in 65 countries that are considered key destinations for expats. Scores were calculated on 43 factors, including quality of life, personal finances, cost of living, education, and healthcare, to get an overall ranking.

You Need to Visit This Country Before It Literally Sinks Into the Ocean

  You Need to Visit This Country Before It Literally Sinks Into the Ocean Climate change has caused a lot of chaos in recent years, from maple syrup and coffee shortages to vegetarian grizzly bears to changes in Britain’s beloved fish and chips as well as its standing in the wine-making industry.Most horrifyingly, climate change has also done much to damage the homes of millions, in some cases making them disappear entirely. Thanks to rising sea levels, entire islands have disappeared into the ocean. So far, most of them have been uninhabited, but those few that weren’t resulted in evacuations and heartbreak.Many beautiful islands are currently at risk of being destroyed by climate change.

Of those expats living in Ecuador, 56 percent are Americans with an average age of 51.9 years. On the other end of the spectrum, Kuwait has been labeled the worst place in the world for expats : 53 percent of Greece and Nigeria also came in at the bottom of the list for expat destinations.

Greece is an extremely vibrant country that is famed throughout the world for its year-round good Greece is generally a very safe place and there is very little serious crime. They have one of the Key Facts Every Expat Should Know About Living in Greece . Greece is notorious for having one of the worst healthcare systems in Europe and there is no healthcare at all available to expatriates .

The survey had nearly 13,000 respondents, representing 166 nationalities, and Greece ranked at the bottom.

CountryOverall ranking
Saudi Arabia61

The people in this survey primarily moved abroad for work. Yet, half of the respondents in Greece say the money they earn isn’t enough to cover their daily expenses. One British respondent in the survey wrote of experiencing “feelings of insecurity due to the economic crisis.” Work-life balance is also absolutely dismal, respondents say.

This is perhaps unsurprising for a country that has been embroiled in a debt crisis for nearly a decade, and where even the government is still just about paying its bills and regaining creditors’ confidence. Speaking of the government, a third of expats rate political stability in Greece as very bad.

Even bringing up a family in Greece is rated as terrible. The report found that it is now more expensive to have childcare there, while the country’s score on education also tumbled. Given those developments, its overall score in the Family Well-Being sub-index put it in last place.

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