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LifeStyle: Travel

Unforgotten: Oil company preserves hidden slave cemeteries

Thursday  09:22,   14 june 2018

Unforgotten: Oil company preserves hidden slave cemeteriesThe Shell Oil Company marked, blocked off and spruced up the tracts near its Convent refinery west of New Orleans and held dedication ceremonies in March, about five years after[...]

Place 17 of 52: Cold and Remote Saskatoon Provides Its Own Warmth

Wednesday  21:10,   13 june 2018

Yes, the winters are long and brutal, but in warmer months this river-oriented metropolis is bursting with life — including celebrations of First Nations culture.Our columnist, Jada Yuan, is visiting each destination on our 52 Places to Go in 2018[...]

Best Restaurants in the World Where You Can Actually Get a Table

Wednesday  19:11,   13 june 2018


What One Couple Learned from Traveling the World Together

Wednesday  19:11,   13 june 2018

Rule number one? There's never a "right" time to do it.The prospect of picking up a backpack and traveling the world for a year is a fantasy for many, but what is it like to actually do it? After years of talking about just that, New[...]

A Spirit Airlines Plane Had to Wait for an Alligator to Cross the Runway

Wednesday  18:11,   13 june 2018

There are a lot of reasons why a plane can get delayed. Between bad weather, runway traffic jams, and unruly passengers, lots of flights can have trouble keeping schedule. Occasionally, even the animal kingdom can interfere with your[...]

Living with a monster: Tourism at a Guatemala volcano

Wednesday  10:45,   13 june 2018

Living with a monster: Tourism at a Guatemala volcanoSAN FRANCISCO DE SALES, Guatemala - Tourists reached out to feel the heat from the still-smouldering lava, tossed sticks to see them burst into flames or watched a guide toast marshmallows on hot[...]

Bathe naked with strangers? Welcome to a Japanese bathhouse

Tuesday  21:33,   12 june 2018

Japan is proud of its bathing traditions. For many Westerners, though, the fact that these traditions involve being naked with strangers is awkward at best, even though men and women bathe separately. (Stéphanie Crohin via AP) TOKYO — Japan is[...]

#Vanlife: Why I Left The 9-5 Behind To Travel The World Full Time

Tuesday  17:32,   12 june 2018

Weaving through the stars of endless continents, exploring off-grid forests, rejecting working for a wage. No doubt, living life on the road in a converted van feels pretty appealing.And it seems a lot of people agree. And it seems a lot of [...]

A Drunk Man and His Blow-up Doll Force Flight to Make an Emergency Landing

Tuesday  11:02,   12 june 2018

There is a short list of things you can do that will get you kicked off your flight. Bringing on your own alcohol is one thing. Getting belligerent and drunk is another. There is a short list of things you can do that will get you kicked[...]

This New Resort Is the Las Vegas of the Caribbean

Tuesday  11:01,   12 june 2018

Baha Mar has all the world-class food and nightlife you’ll find in Sin City - plus a private beach.After more than 10 years, the long-awaited Baha Mar-the largest resort and casino in the Caribbean-is finally complete after its third and final hotel [...]

Why this photo is causing a social media storm

Monday  20:11,   11 june 2018

The blogger has received death threats for posting it.Self-described "full-time globetrotter" Nils Travel was forced to apologise for the image, which featured him modelling on top of a pillar in Pompeii's[...]

Remembering Anthony Bourdain—and His Favorite Places

Monday  20:11,   11 june 2018

Television host, author, and the former executive chef changed the way we see the world.Anthony Bourdain changed the way we travel. He passed away on June 8, 2018 in France. The following interview with National Geographic took place in 2015, and[...]

TSA searches 96-year-old woman in wheelchair in viral video, sparking outrage

Monday  20:08,   11 june 2018

The encounter is drawing mixed reactions on social media.On May 15, Jeanne LaBrier Clarkson shared the six-minute clip to the social network of her nonagenarian mother, Evelyn LaBrier, being screened in her wheelchair by two female TSA security[...]

The One Change That Lightened My Luggage for Good

Monday  13:26,   11 june 2018

<p>The One Change That Lightened My Luggage for Good</p>I've listened to many a friend and colleague sing praises about their e-readers but, despite three good tries, I just can't read on a screen for more than 10 minutes. It's not the same.[...]

How To Master Family Fun This Canada Day

Monday  13:26,   11 june 2018

How To Master Family Fun This Canada DayOttawa Tourism is a great resource to help in planning your trip. From singing 'O Canada' in between free concert sets, to soaking up culture at the National Gallery of Canada, to appreciating the finest views [...]