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The Top 5 Most Beautiful Places in the World Celebrities Celebrate New Year's Eve

Tuesday  07:40,   26 december 2017
Architectural Digest

These are the destinations where you can expect to see the high-profile ringing in 2018It’s almost 2018. There are those who have plans for when the ball drops—and, then, there are those who have dropped the ball. No matter: We have made our own[...]

Adventurous things to do in Ottawa over the holidays

Monday  11:40,   25 december 2017

Looking for a way to get out of the house over your holiday break? Here are some active things to do when cabin fever starts to set in. Dog sledding There are several operators that offer dog sledding adventures near Ottawa. If you're down to[...]

These Are the Least Reliable Airlines in the World

Sunday  09:52,   24 december 2017
Reader's Digest

Few things are more frustrating than a delayed or canceled flight—seriously, this shows just how insane flight delays can be. The study was based on airlines’ number of flights and how many of them were delayed or canceled. The study also[...]

Transport Canada suspends West Wind flights

Saturday  15:22,   23 december 2017

All flights through West Wind Aviation will be grounded, after Transport Canada suspended the company’s Air Operator Certificate Friday, citing public safety concerns.The move comes on the heels of a West Wind crash in Fond-du-Lac, Sask., on Dec.[...]

4 Unexpected Places to Celebrate the Holidays in Style

Saturday  15:22,   23 december 2017
U.S. News & World Report

Stay close to home or travel abroad to celebrate the winter holidays in underrated locations.If you want to steer away from cookie-cutter holiday festivities and family customs this year, take the kids on a nontraditional holiday vacation. Whether[...]

'Hidden Iceland' Trips Take You Where the Crowds Aren't

Friday  21:36,   22 december 2017
Condé Nast Traveler

A new travel company says you can explore Iceland without having to share it with tourists.Think back to, say, a decade ago, when the average American knew Iceland as the land of Björk, Sigur Rós, and hard-to-pronounce volcanoes. Despite it only[...]

Why the Middle Seat Should Get the Armrests

Friday  17:52,   22 december 2017
Condé Nast Traveler

No window, no aisle: Shouldn't their arms at least get some extra comfort?It's simple math. A standard airplane row has three seats, but four armrests. Somehow, someone will gain and two will lose out; concessions need to be made. You may argue[...]

Inside Air Canada's cloud-surfing photo shoot

Friday  11:21,   22 december 2017

Taking that perfect shot of an airliner among the clouds isn't easy. As these Air Canada photos show, it involves careful and sometimes dangerous choreography.Air Canada had taken a 787 Dreamliner out of normal operation to be an actual runway[...]

Travel Companions: 4 tours to unexpected destinations

Thursday  19:51,   21 december 2017
Toronto Star

From the heady heights of the Himalayas to the sea-level sights of Ireland, each one of these four far-from-ordinary tours will take you to unexpected places and present unforgettable experiences. British Isles: Shrouded in Mist and MysteryWhat:[...]

Via Rail to allow more wheelchairs on trains

Thursday  16:36,   21 december 2017

Via Rail says it will no longer resist an order from the Canadian Transportation Agency and will double its capacity to accommodate wheelchairs on all its trains across the country .The national rail provider had been embroiled in a lengthy fight[...]

Delays expected as record number of Canadians expected at country's big airports

Thursday  13:09,   21 december 2017

Canadian holiday travellers are warned to brace for crowds and delays as a record number of passengers are expected to pass through the country's largest airports and highways are filled with holiday commuters. With Air Canada and rival WestJet[...]

'Nut rage' airline executive avoids jail after top court decision

Thursday  13:09,   21 december 2017

The former Korean Air executive whose onboard "nut rage" tantrum delayed a flight in 2014 will avoid jail as South Korea's top court upheld her suspended prison term on Thursday. Cho Hyun-ah, who is the daughter of the company's[...]

7 Moves to Make When Your Flight Is Cancelled

Wednesday  20:36,   20 december 2017
Money Talks News

What do airlines owe you when they cancel your flight? Not much. But there are ways to get better treatment. Here are seven tips for coping with cancellations.What do airlines owe travelers when they cancel a flight? Not a whole lot. But they will[...]

Man crawls through baggage carousel after waiting over an hour for his luggage

Wednesday  20:36,   20 december 2017
FOX News

After landing in Scotland, no direction was given as to when or how the 100-plus travelers could retrieve their belongings. “Passengers were getting more frustrated as time went on. At 11:25pm, one man tried to crawl through the door in the carousel [...]

A Look Inside the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

Wednesday  17:23,   20 december 2017
House Beautiful

Once you board, you enter a world of luxury, romance, and adventure.The train took its maiden journey from Paris to Vienna in 1883 and, today, features an opulent art deco interior. This means there's tons of polished wood, swanky upholstery, and[...]