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LifeStyle: Travel

All the Crazy Ways Passengers Try to Get a Free First Class Upgrade

Monday  10:05,   04 june 2018

All the Crazy Ways Passengers Try to Get a Free First Class UpgradeThe cameras captured the travellers’ faces as they were told they were getting a flight upgrade. Virgin Atlantic calls their reactions “Upgrade[...]

Swim Through the First Underwater Museum in the U.S.

Sunday  19:57,   03 june 2018

Opening this month, the museum features sculptures beneath the surface–intermingling responsible tourism, environmentalism, and creativity. The public space–which will be free of charge for all visitors–is a collaboration between the Cultural Arts[...]

Julianne Hough Has a Genius Packing Tip for Your Next Trip

Sunday  19:31,   03 june 2018

Julianne Hough and her husband, Brooks Laich, are planning their one-year anniversary trip. There not only deciding where to go, but also what to do and how their friends and family will get there. Luckily, the dancer, singer and actress[...]

Need a Vacation? Tour This Super-Relaxed Holiday House in Germany

Saturday  19:30,   02 june 2018

Blond woods and smart built-ins foreverFor her holiday home in Germany, less than half a mile from the Baltic Sea, Susanne Burghardt had it all planned out, down to the vegetation. "We had been dreaming about a house at the sea with an apple tree in [...]

U.S. customs reportedly took away a man's life savings of $58,000 — even though he was never charged with a crime

Saturday  16:30,   02 june 2018

U.S. Customs and Border Patrol reportedly seized a 64-year-old Albanian immigrant's life savings at an airport when he was traveling from Cleveland to Albania. Now he is taking action.US customs sent a letter to Kazasi two months later,[...]

What I learned from taking one kid on vacation—and leaving the other behind

Friday  21:28,   01 june 2018

It took this mom going on holiday with one six-year-old twin and leaving the other one at home with Dad to truly get to know[...]

A kind stranger helped this girl during a travel disaster...and turns out he's a famous NFL star

Thursday  22:07,   31 may 2018

After traveling to Europe, sports journalist Delilah Cassidy almost missed her flight due to a new American Airlines policy. Luckily, an NFL player came to her rescue.And that’s when a kind stranger came to her rescue. He asked the airline how much[...]

12 solo travelers reveal their #1 hack for making friends on the fly

Thursday  18:26,   31 may 2018

Twelve women who have traveled solo share their hacks for making friends on the fly — from where to stay, what to do, how to act, and more.There are a lot of things to think about when you decide to go solo traveling. Who will take your photos? (TG[...]

22 Airport Hacks to Remember Before Your Next Flight

Thursday  15:47,   31 may 2018

How to avoid airport blues as you're about to leave for your next trip.Luckily with just a little bit of research, there are many ways you can make your journey faster and more comfortable. We rounded up all the tips and tricks so you don't have [...]

Westminster Abbey unveils gallery in area closed for 700 years

Thursday  15:47,   31 may 2018

A space that was once used for storage at London's Westminster Abbey has now been transformed into a spectacular new gallery.The space was intended for chapels that were never built and has been closed to the public ever since it was built 700[...]

Is There a Doctor on the Plane? Airlines Often Hope Not

Wednesday  19:00,   30 may 2018

In May 2016, Lewis Christman was flying from Chicago to Rome when he suffered a bout of acute pancreatitis. In May 2016, Lewis Christman was flying from Chicago to Rome when he suffered a bout of acute pancreatitis. He curled into a fetal[...]

Honolulu Airport worker caught tossing luggage sparks Twitter debate

Wednesday  19:00,   30 may 2018

Footage of the scene has gone viral online.On Honolulu Airport baggage handler recently caught tossing luggage with apparent abandon onto a Hawaiian Airlines flight has sparked frenzied debate on[...]

How To Arrive On Holiday Feeling Like You Travelled First Class

Wednesday  19:00,   30 may 2018

Modern travel doesn't exactly scream hygge.Try these hacks to make the time in transit feel less budget and more Kardashian-private-jet, so you land feeling ready to make the most of every second[...]

Get Your First Look At Disney's Star Wars Park

Wednesday  16:11,   30 may 2018

Spoiler: It's crazier than that cameo at the end of Solo.For a while, people have been wondering which scenes - or even entire planets - the land could resemble. So far, reps for the park had called it the largest single-theme expansion they'd[...]

Boarding a Long-Haul Flight? Avoid These 8 Common Preflight Mistakes

Wednesday  16:11,   30 may 2018

Everything is in place for your trip. Your bags are packed, reservations are booked, and you scored a stellar deal on a room with ocean views. But the one thing that stands between you and relaxation mode? The hours you still need to spend in the[...]