Canada Feds aim at black market with marijuana math

13:22  11 may  2017
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Oilpatch fears higher costs when pot is legal

  Oilpatch fears higher costs when pot is legal CALGARY - Oilpatch CEOs fear their costs will rise when the federal government passes recently introduced legislation to legalize recreational marijuana. The issue of drug use is closely watched in the industry, where workers tend to be young and hazards include long commutes to and from remote drilling sites, wells that produce poisonous or explosive gas and exposure to heavy machinery. Many oil and gas companies have strict bans on alcohol and drugs at work.

BSD Analytics says it believes the study is the first of its kind. “The ongoing study is the most comprehensive and detailed look at cannabis consumers ever conducted,” the company said. Aiming At Black Market Marijuana In Colorado.

Legislation seeks to reduce the large amount of legally grown marijuana diverted to criminal sales.

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OTTAWA - The federal government is hoping to find strength in numbers as it tries to stamp out the illicit marijuana market.

Government officials are collecting data — everything from the street price of pot to how often people light up — to arm themselves in the fight against organized crime's presence in the trade, internal Public Safety Canada documents reveal.

The Liberal government has tabled legislation to legalize and regulate recreational marijuana use, with the aim of keeping pot out of the hands of children while denying criminals the hefty profits.

Lessons for Canada from Denver's edible pot market

  Lessons for Canada from Denver's edible pot market Lessons for Canada from Denver's edible pot marketBOULDER, Colo. - A tray of tempting pastel-coloured candies sits on a countertop inside AmeriCanna's production facility. Although shaped like pot leaves and stamped with Colorado's universal symbol for the mind-altering ingredient in cannabis – a diamond containing the letters "THC" – the gummies would only provide a sugar high at this point.

Now a leaked report from the panel tasked with planning Canada’s legalization scheme shows a strategy of aggressively undercutting the country’s -billion-per-year marijuana black market , which may mean making legal cannabis available to all adults over the age of 18.

Since cannabis is bizarrely classified as a Schedule 1 drug, the feds remain obsessed with knowing how much of the plant is being sourced from the black market . “The data could also show how much of the illicit black market for marijuana the state’s legal stores are capturing

Officials had already identified 45 specific categories of information they would need to gauge the success of the new policy. Of these, Canada collected data to calculate about seven, some partial information on a further 17 and little to no figures on the remaining 21 categories.

The wide variety of missing data includes a measure of the fire hazard posed by grow-ops, overdose statistics, the scope of crop-eradication efforts and effects of marijuana use on school performance.

The government plans to monitor patterns related to cannabis use, especially among young people, on an annual basis through the Canadian Cannabis Survey. In March, Health Canada began the two-month survey, involving some 10,000 Canadians, said a department spokeswoman.

Test-approved app could kill off the graphing calculator

  Test-approved app could kill off the graphing calculator Math students have a love-hate relationship with the funky, expensive TI-84 graphing calculators, but thanks to a new deal, they'll soon get a free option. The Desmos calculator will be embedded directly into the assessments, meaning students will have access during tests with no need for an external device. It'll also be available to students in grades 6 through 8 and high school throughout the year. The calculator is free to use, and the company makes money by charging organizations to use it, according to Bloomberg.

Black market marijuana “diversion” seemed to be a major focus of the conversations this week, which has been a concern of state regulators as well, with new plant limits aimed to reduce the potential for product to travel out of state, the Colorado Springs Gazette reported.

Sean Spicer suggested Thursday that the Trump administration will enforce federal marijuana laws in states where recreational pot is legal. Jeff Merkley (D-OR) said Thursday, "and to drive business back into the more dangerous black market ."

The planned questions most relevant to organized crime were related to the type, quantity and frequency of pot consumed, where it is being obtained, the purchase price and contact between users and police, say March notes released by Public Safety through the Access to Information Act.

"In a regime of legal recreational cannabis, price data in the illicit market is still important," say the notes. "This is because the behaviour of consumers of cannabis, such as switching between markets, will be influenced by price."

Some research results are already trickling in.

A study commissioned by the department pegged the cost of high-quality black-market cannabis in the 2011 to 2015 period at $7.69 a gram. Research also found that a 10-per-cent drop in the price of pot could cause a four-to-six per cent increase in the amount consumed.

Officials want accurate figures on the sheer amount of marijuana Canadians use to help with basic supply-and-demand modelling that will paint a fuller picture. They note such data exists in studies of legal and contraband tobacco, allowing criminologists and economists to build solid models.

Another key to understanding the price of pot is information about law-enforcement efforts, the notes say.

"For example, if more resources are dedicated to combatting grow-ops in one particular area, it would be expected that the enforcement would affect the price of marijuana in that area, as well as the areas surrounding it."

Federal agencies have also begun studying seizures of illicit marijuana, seeing the data as a window into the cross-border movement of cannabis, pot sent through the mail, the potency of strains and the involvement of organized crime.

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