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17:06  10 december  2017
17:06  10 december  2017 Source:   Toronto Star

Canadians detained in commercial dispute looming over Trudeau trip to China

  Canadians detained in commercial dispute looming over Trudeau trip to China Justin Trudeau may want to focus on trade during his upcoming trip to China, but a pressing problem is threatening to knock him off his positive message: a commercial dispute involving detained Canadians. He is facing growing pressure to resist entering free trade talks with China until a commercial dispute involving detained Canadians is resolved.

They need to start treating China as a third home market, after Canada and the United States.”34. Playing the Long Game : China ’s market opportunities for Ontario startups (Part 1) | 15.

(Yvon Theriault/Radio Canada ). Delayed trade negotiations and a surge in global blueberry production has prevented China 's rising middle class from eating enough of the British Columbia bumper crop that Chinese investors helped sow. "They're playing the long game ," said agent Michael Lu.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau meets with Chinese Vice Premier Wang Yang at the Fortune Global Forum in Guangzhou, China, on Wednesday.© Sean Kilpatrick Prime Minister Justin Trudeau meets with Chinese Vice Premier Wang Yang at the Fortune Global Forum in Guangzhou, China, on Wednesday.

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Journalism like politics depends on short memories. But many journos appear to be counting on their readers’ suffering instant memory erasure in their critique of the Trudeau China strategy. Last month they were flailing him for preparing to “sell out Canada to the Red Chinese.” This month they are attacking Trudeau for failing to make the sale ….

Trudeau begins busy day in Beijing

  Trudeau begins busy day in Beijing BEIJING - Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has started the first day of his four day trip to China with a visit to the headquarters of the country's most popular social media company, Sina Weibo. More than 200 cellphone toting millennials greeted him on a Monday morning visit to the headquarters of Sino Corporation, which owns Weibo. It was part of an attempt to promote Canada as a tourist destination and to launch the 2018 year of tourism between the two countries.Trudeau is taking part in a panel discussion at the home of the Chinese microblogging platform that has become more popular than Twitter.

Canada may not have signed a trade deal with China last week, but the trade mission should be considered a failure, writes Robin Sears.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says rising protectionist sentiments seen in the U.S. and Europe are unlikely to take root in Canada . Trudeau spoke at the end of the G20 summit on Monday in Huangzhou, China .

One might be equally skeptical of the claims of the long-retired diplomats and academics, recalling their time when China was not the ascendant power in the world, claiming they would have done it better in their day. China today is at the height of its power in a millennium. That makes negotiations a little different than any time before.

Serious poker players know that you play the hand you are dealt. You cannot fold every weak hand. You play it as well as you can and wait for the next round. Serious trade negotiators understand that setting out an ambitious agenda is to deal yourself a weak hand. You merely make it easier for the other side to roll their eyes and say no. But only a big agenda can deliver big rewards, albeit at the cost of greater risk of failure.

Canada and China still not ready to launch free trade talks

  Canada and China still not ready to launch free trade talks Canada and China still not ready to launch free trade talksBut at the end of a long afternoon of ceremony and discussions, Canadian and Chinese leaders emerged from an opulent meeting room without the big announcement that was widely expected.

Stop playing the game gopnik, you won’t win here… When Canada , Mexico and Cuba morph into Germany, Mongol- China and Turkey, complete with their histories; then we may begin to understand Putin’s foreign policy at more than grade school level.

Playing the Long Game : China ’s Investment in Africa. A Mayer Brown report, written by The Economist Intelligence Unit.

Just as the Mulroney government did in the original NAFTA talks, the Trudeau trade team made big asks of their European partners in the CETA talks, and they indulged in some creative brinkmanship to win — and did. They did it again at TPP2, insisting on changes to the Harper agreed deal at the eleventh hour. NAFTA2 is negotiating with a crazy person so no strategy can offer any guarantee.

They have adopted the big agenda, long-game strategy with China. To demand a big comprehensive economic agreement, including mandatory provisions on the environment, labour and social rights, is attacked by some as imposing our values. Not true. China is signatory to several international agreements on all these protections. Like Canada, they have not yet implemented many of them.

Would Canadians accept an agreement that did not guarantee strong environmental protections? No. Does it offer the potential to collapse the deal, as it may be a redline from Beijing’s perspective, as an intrusion on sovereign domain? Perhaps, but no Canadian government that signed such a deal could defend it, or probably survive politically. Pundits tempted to sneer as such a “progressive agenda” are asking the Trudeau team to defy Canadian political logic.

Trudeau says he raised human rights, death penalty in meeting with Chinese premier

  Trudeau says he raised human rights, death penalty in meeting with Chinese premier Trudeau says he raised human rights, death penalty in meeting with Chinese premierOver the course of a bilateral exchange with Premier Li Keqiang and subsequent dinner on Monday, Trudeau said he voiced Canada’s opposition to the death penalty and pressed Li on the importance of gaining access to Canadian citizens who face “difficulty in legal situations.

Chinese people will want to buy the fridges and cars, radios and cycles that China can produce in large numbers. China is now using her financial muscle to acquire resources and technology. China has learnt that competition does have its role to play .

With Beijing’s influence growing, European nations need to think strategically and to speak with one voice.

Going to Beijing without the assurance of a final deal on an agenda was inevitable.

Beijing wants a reprise of the narrow traditional Australian deal, one that has come to bite Australian politicians badly. That was never going to happen. Ottawa knows the value of a big economic agreement with a respected G7 country to China. It would be a big first, setting the stage for others.

It also knows that the gap with China on a necessary agenda started out very wide. The long hours of sometimes heated discussion in the run-up to this week’s deflating announcement moved the needle on the agenda we had set, but not to agreement. Now Canada waits for its next cards, and prepares a new round of talks to continue slow progress toward a potentially big win.

Did government fail to make the odds against success — given the gap in goals — clear? Yes. Did the PMO fail to manage expectations, allowing speculation about a full launch of comprehensive negotiations to get out of hand? Yes.

Should they have refused to come to Beijing in the absence of a guaranteed victory? Of course not. This is exactly how high-level bargaining between serious and mutually respectful partners takes place. Sometimes one side even walks out. As we did in the FTA, and in CETA. No one walked this week.

China not joining Canada's coal phase out

  China not joining Canada's coal phase out OTTAWA - Environment Minister Catherine McKenna says getting China into Canada's international alliance to wean the world off coal power would be a huge win, but says the world's most populous country cannot make that kind of commitment right now. McKenna is in Beijing this week as part of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's China trade mission. She tells The Canadian Press she trusts China is committed to climate change, but its reliance on coal is too heavy for it to join the alliance Canada launched with the United Kingdom last month.

Canada . China . Europe. Commercial truck makers say weight and cost of long -haul electric vehicles makes them impractical.

This is why I have consistently claimed that the group responsible for playing America's Long Game --the Deep State--is now splitting into two main camps: 1. The dominant Neocon camp that seeks to actively intervene on a global basis (mostly civilian).

Each side put the best face on the small advances made. Neither attacked the other for failing to make greater progress. Bejing understands that this measured response is the best possible approach for them and Canada. Nowhere in the state-controlled media in the first 48 hours was there any criticism of Trudeau. Coverage continued to froth about the “new golden age” in Canada/China relations.

Chatting with the team following nearly 72 hours of intense negotiation, one of them chuckled at the critical coverage they had received from the Canadian media and said, “We know we made real progress this week. You can’t brag about that until you get to the finish line. Our partner would be understandably angry. They’re already unhappy about how popular Trudeau and Canada are in China. We don’t need to add any friction just to make the Canadian media purr.”

Robin V. Sears, a principal at Earnscliffe Strategy Group, was an NDP strategist for 20 years.

Poulin, Canada already focused on Olympic rematch with USA .
Poulin, Canada already focused on Olympic rematch with USACanada had been outplayed for large tracts of the game, but with the urging of one of the largest crowds in the history of the sport — 17,468 at Rogers Place in Edmonton — Canada crashed the American net and rammed home the game-winner with 27 ticks left on the overtime clock.

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