Canada 'Hey, I know you — you're my mother': mom finds long-lost son after cop's Facebook post

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Woman Finds Birth Mom Through Viral Facebook Post

  Woman Finds Birth Mom Through Viral Facebook Post The woman wanted to meet her birth mother before moving out-of-state.Bethany Conrad took to Facebook Jan. 25 to announce her plan to track down the whereabouts of her birth mom. The 29-year-old's search efforts, however, appeared to have come to a halt after a woman named Shelly Jimenez Domingo-crowe responded to the post.

Miracle: Four days after her plea, Ms Alvis received a response from her long - lost son , who marked his 22nd birthday on June 3 - he simply stated 'here I am mom '. The words 'Here I am Mom ' reunited birth mother and son after 22 years.

I have known my stepmother longer than I knew you . How does it feel knowing that another woman was a better mother than you were? Posted 6:59 am, “My mom was really troubled. We are at peace. I hate you ,” she wrote in a letter to her estranged husband.

'Hey, I know you — you're my mother': mom finds long-lost son after cop's Facebook post© Courtesy Mary MacKillop 'Hey, I know you — you're my mother': mom finds long-lost son after cop's Facebook post

On a cold Toronto day in late November, Const. Jason Kirkwood heard someone calling his name as he walked down the street after leaving a bank machine.

"I saw it was Danny, and I thought, 'Uh-oh,' as I know he saw me at the bank machine," Kirkwood said.

He has known Danny MacKillop for about five years through his work with homeless people and those living with addictions.

Kirkwood is a special constable assigned to Toronto Community Housing. MacKillop, 38, is from Reserve Mines, Cape Breton, and struggled with heroin and fentanyl addictions.

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The intent of this letter is to let you , Mom , know how much you mean to me and to also hopefully inspire other sons and daughters to take a second to embrace As a mother , you have what seems to be an infinite number of hats to wear. You ' re the guardian, the best friend, the provider, the teacher

Warning: you ' re going to want to think this story is a fake, but it isn't. A mother from Georgia is waffling between heartbreak and anger today after police notified her that her 30-year-old son had been killed in a motor vehicle accident. Would Facebook be the way they'd find you ? Image via west.m/Flickr.

"He asked me how much I had taken out. Then he asked me to count it."

Kirkwood said he was guarded as he took out his money, as he figured MacKillop would want some. But then he realized he only had $120 of the $160 he had taken out.

Then MacKillop pulled both hands out of his pockets with $20 in each, saying the officer had forgotten the cash in the machine.

"I said, 'Wow, Danny, thanks,'" said Kirkwood.

He gave him some money and went on his way.

"I thought wow, that was pretty amazing for someone who is a substance user and has no source of real income, to give me back my money. So I wrote about it on Facebook."

A few weeks later, he ran into MacKillop again and told him that he'd written a blurb on Facebook about his kind deed.

Kirkwood said MacKillop asked if he would do him a favour and tag him on the note, "'so my mom doesn't think I'm such a bad guy.'"

Facebook is testing a downvote button, but only for comment moderation

  Facebook is testing a downvote button, but only for comment moderation Today, screenshots depicting a new “downvote” button on Facebook began circulating on Twitter, leading some to speculate that the social network is actively testing a ranking mechanism similar to Reddit’s community-controlled comment system. The company has officially confirmed the test to The Verge, but a Facebook spokesperson says it’s only intended to be a method for flagging questionable comments on public posts. Tapping the downvote button hides the comment for the user who taps it, then asks them to say whether the comment was “offensive,” “misleading,” or “off topic.

Your mother is afraid to lose you , you stated that she nearly lost you when you were young, that After I had my second child (my son ) my mother would constantly ask if we’d have anymore, it to the point that a cop comes into the bathroom youre hiding in (b/c thats the last door youre parents

Hey mom , I 'm rad. = You are cold. 23 Mar 2015 Will you legit drop dead if you try to do the backstroke directly after eating a hot dog? You 've gotta let it go, you ' re losing all your hope. After a trial lasting five-and-a-half weeks, the a majority decision of 11 on those counts.

"I tagged him and then my page exploded with messages from Cape Breton," said Kirkwood.

One of those many messages was from Mary MacKillop, Danny's mother.

She hadn't seen her son in eight years, or been in touch with him for almost two.

"I was dazed," said Mary MacKillop. "I was trying to put it all together in my mind, like, oh my God, he's there, I gotta go."

She went to Toronto to find him and searched the streets with her sister.

"We checked every soup kitchen, every hostel, spoke to the security guard at different places."

As it got dark, Mary decided to end the search for the day.

Then, the almost impossible happened.

'Hey, I know you — you're my mother'

"This man passed me by and said, 'Hey, I know you — you're my mother,'" said Mary.

She said several days later, with the help of many of Danny's friends, he made it to a rehabilitation facility in Vancouver. Mary said her son had tried various rehab centres in the past, to no avail. This time, she said, he really wants to get clean.

"Danny is calling me every day. Every day, he sounds more positive."

Kirkwood calls Danny the hero in this story after that moment with the money — and wishes him the best.

"Three words for Danny: You got this," said Kirkwood.

Mary plans to go to Vancouver in a few months to see Danny.

"Now that I've found him, I don't want to lose him."

Facebook admits SMS notifications sent using two-factor number was caused by bug .
Facebook this evening clarified the situation around SMS notifications sent using the company’s two-factor authentication (2FA) system, admitting that the messages were indeed caused by a bug. Facebook uses the automated number 362-65, or “FBOOK,” as its two-factor authentication number, which is a secure way of confirming a user’s identity by sending a numeric code to a secondary device like a mobile phone. That same number ended up sending users Facebook notifications without their consent. When users would attempt to get the SMS notifications to stop, the replies were posted to their own Facebook profiles as status updates.

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