Canada ‘What we’re supposed to do’: N.B. firefighters on their team-up with the CAF to rescue a dog

22:20  11 march  2018
22:20  11 march  2018 Source:   Global News

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And just so we ’ re clear, you’re passing judgement on most firefighters because of what you’ve seen in the And yes, if my sorry ass is stuck in a fire I do expect the firefighters to get me out, that’s their This was an unnecessary cost I suppose , but not if you always wanted to have a “back up ” to make

Oromocto firefighters and members from the Canadian Armed Forces teamed up to rescue a run away dog on March 9, 2018.© Ormocto Fire Department/Facebook Oromocto firefighters and members from the Canadian Armed Forces teamed up to rescue a run away dog on March 9, 2018.

The pair of firefighters who teamed up members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) on Friday in a search for a run-away dog have shed more light on why they chose to spend the night in a blistering storm.

Donald Tupper and Brian Inkpen are the pair of fearless firefighters who, in the words of Oromocto Fire Chief Jody Price, went "above and beyond the call of duty."

"It is a good news story and it's nice that it had a happy ending," said Price.

Inkpen, who has been a firefighter for a year and a half, says that this call has been unique.

Father of missing Montreal boy confident he will be found safely

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I served as a firefighter and a rescue crew chief in the US Air Force for three and half years We ' re never going to have to fight a skyscraper fire , or even work in a structure with more than three floors. I'm never going to be that good, so I'd just be getting in their way and taking up space that a better

You‚ re better than the best". As I looked up at her with adoration in my five year old eyes I told her "I'm going to be a firefighter , Mom". Determined to break a window, to rescue that angry dog Or fight the wild fires , to keep lands beauty how it belongs. Keep their team in motion, to know where one is

"This is I’d say my most exciting call so far and it’s extremely fulfilling,” he said.

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Tupper and Inkpen were part of the team that responded to a vehicle collision on the TransCanada Highway just outside Oromocto, N.B., on Friday.

Once they were on scene the crew found that the drivers were fine. However, the female driver reported that her dog, named Sherlock, had gotten out of the car and run away from the scene as a result of the crash.

"When we got on the scene it was already under control but we had heard that there was a dog that was missing," said Inkpen.

"We all jumped in a truck and we went looking for dog prints."

But they only found a clue when they looped back towards the scene of the accident a few minutes later.

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For the people that don’t pick up after their dogs – I’m not sure there is anything we can do to force them into it. Technically you are not supposed to dispose of feces in the trash, this also includes throwing away baby diapers, you’ re supposed to flush the feces.

But the miraculous rescue of 20 dogs confirmed how important it is to the firefighters to focus their lifesaving efforts on all living beings. " We ' re trying to be versatile, not just humans," Kris Palmer, President of the Lawrence Road Fire Company, told ABC Action News.

At the side of the road, they saw dog prints leading through a fence. So they started tracking them.

The pair were able to trace the dog's pawprints in the snow for over four kilometres before eventually losing the trail.

Help is on the way

But help was on the way in the form of two members of CAF from the nearby CFB Gagetown.

They were able to pick up Sherlock’s tracks and continue the search until they located the pup - roughly five kilometres from the scene of the crash.

Sherlock had got his leash tangled around a post and the firefighters believe he would have likely died overnight if he hadn’t been rescued.

“I was extremely excited to see him, I’m a dog owner myself and I've got two pups at home, so the whole time I [knew] I couldn’t leave without finding him," said Inkpen.

"He was a probably a little traumatized, it was a big experience for him, so once we got to him we calmed him down and he warmed up to us pretty quick."

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Some firefighters are career professionals while others volunteer for duty within their communities. There are four primary responsibilities and duties - putting out fires , rescuing and caring for the sick After receiving notification that a fire is in progress, a firefighter will suit up in the appropriate safety

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The pair say they were happy to bring the dog back to his owner, who was staying at a nearby hotel as they searched.

"I don’t know which one was more excited, Sherlock or the owner, but she was extremely happy," says Inkpen.

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Above and beyond

Tupper says that the call may have been out of the ordinary, but that the search was something he had no problem doing.

“I think at the Oromocto Fire Department we always go above and beyond. That’s what we’re supposed to do and we do and it wouldn’t matter if it was a dog or a cat or anything, we try to do the best," he said.

But Tupper refuses to take all of the credit. saying there was no way that the rescue could've been done alone.

"Although we were the two walking through the woods, this was a total team effort from everybody in the department," he said.

"There were people out giving us reference points and supporting it through the whole way, so it was definitely a group effort."

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