Canada Don’t put down the dog that killed my puppy and bit my daughter, Toronto mom says

09:41  14 may  2018
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My issue is I had 3 dogs and I don ' t know for sure who killed my puppy . They all got along great. My puppy was with us for a month before I can home to find him dead and the other 2 covered in blood. Was this a joint effort? Do they need to be put down ?

We had a similar experience, but our dog was four and bit me, my husband, and a neighbor who was watching him. He was a big, goofy pup most of the time, but then jeff cardozo says on 07/31/2015 at 10:19 am. I too had to put down my dog “Princess”. It was the hardest decision I have ever made.

The wound on Lana Novikova’s daughter arm, which required stitches.© Rene Johnston The wound on Lana Novikova’s daughter arm, which required stitches.

A Toronto mother is calling for help to save the life of the dog that killed her eight-week-old puppy and attacked her 12-year-old daughter at a Leaside park last week.

“In a proper environment, I believe the dog could be rehabilitated instead of killed,” Lana Novikova said of the animal, which is in quarantine with Toronto Animal Services.

Novikova said the incident happened as she was walking her two dogs, a five-year-old cockapoo named Cooper and an eight-week-old puppy named Cleo, with her boyfriend, Dennis Pal, and her daughter Wednesday evening in Serena Gundy Park, near Eglinton Ave. E. and Leslie St.

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If my dog killed any human, it would be put down . What an odd question. Are you actually expecting someone to say the dog would be allowed to live after You have an adult dog and adopt a puppy , but the old dog kills the puppy . What do you do? Why do some dogs kill and eat their puppies ?

Of course seeing my two dogs fight put me in panic mode and did everything you said not to do. Dog Bite : December 30, 2011. My Mom 's mut (labrador/retriever, chow mix) (female) attacked my He and my daughter have been actively involved with my neighbor's dog since he was a pup .

Cooper went to say hello to another dog in the park, and it attacked him, she said.

Novikova described the other dog as looking like an American bulldog, big and bulky and white with spots.

She said she got the dog off Cooper, but it then snatched Cleo from her daughter’s arms and shook the puppy around violently.

Her daughter, whom Novikova asked not to be identified, would later need five stitches for a deep gash on her left arm.

Novikova’s boyfriend was able to grab Cleo from the other dog, but the puppy later died.

The a man and a woman left the park with the other dog after a neighbour called police, she said.

Toronto police confirmed that the dog’s owner, a man, was arrested Friday night, but did not say whether the arrest was related to the incident in the park.

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The longer a pup stays with Mom and littermates, the farther along in their bite inhibition training they will be, but even a 12 My daughter and son in law new puppy bit their 5yr.old in lip tonight and one puncture in calf. I would immediately separate the puppy and put it in its crate until it calmed down .

The difference is if she were bitten by a small dog , she would most likely survive a rottie bite could kill her. But after I calmed down and read up, I do realize that dogs can see cats as prey animals and nature kicks in like you said .

The investigation has been taken over by the Special Investigations Unit (SIU), police said.

Tammy Robbinson of Animal Services said in an email that the dog is in their care and in a 10-day quarantine.

Robbinson said that charges will be laid under the Dog Owner’s Liability Act, and the fines will then be determined by the courts. One possible outcome in this case would be for the dog to be put down, she said.

Another dog owner, Rozeena Khote, said her Samoyed Samus was bitten by a white American bulldog at Sunnybrook Dog Park on May 1.

Khote told the Star that the dog bit Samus’s leg and refused to let go.

The dog’s owners did not restrain their dog or stop the attacks, she said.

Khote posted about the incident on the Sunnybrook Dog Park Facebook page. She says she thinks Samus was bitten by the same dog that killed Cleo.

Novikova said she does not think the dog intended to injure her daughter. “I looked the dog in the eyes, and it didn’t look violent towards humans,” she said.

“It was only going for the puppy, meaning that the dog might not be dangerous for humans.”

She said she does not feel that the attack was the dog’s fault and it should not be punished.

“It would be a problem to kill the dog and let the man go,” Novikova said.

Her daughter agrees. She said she hopes the dog can run free in the sanctuary in a big, open space.

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