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Canada Social sharing of pot not consequence-free: Senate

06:31  06 june  2018
06:31  06 june  2018 Source:

Romeo Saganash's Indigenous rights bill passes in the House of Commons

  Romeo Saganash's Indigenous rights bill passes in the House of Commons Romeo Saganash's Indigenous rights bill passes in the House of Commons Bill C-262, introduced by New Democrat MP and reconciliation critic Romeo Saganash, won the support of MPs by a margin of 206 to 79 and is now en route to the Senate.

A ' social sharing ' amendment would protect parents or people close in age who share marijuana with teens. “I don’t think the full Senate will do much or anything in the way of introducing its own amendments.” “Close-in-age exceptions in the criminal law consequences are not uncommon,” he

Read more: Senate deal to vote on pot bill on June 7 means no sales before August. Tony Dean, the independent senator who sponsored the marijuana bill in the Senate accused Conservatives of taking marching orders from Scheer to delay the bill.

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OTTAWA - There should be some legal consequences for youths who share a joint with a minor once recreational marijuana is legalized in Canada, the Senate decided Tuesday.

Senators voted 42-31 to approve an amendment to Bill C-45 that would make it a summary or ticketing offence for a young adult to share five grams or less of cannabis with a minor who is no more than two years younger; it would be an indictable offence to share with younger minors or to share more than five grams.

They also voted 45-29 to require that any company licensed to grow marijuana must publicly disclose all its shareholders or executive members who are not based in Canada — an amendment aimed at ensuring organized crime doesn't use offshore tax havens to wind up secretly controlling the recreational marijuana market.

Family doctor, professor, Trudeau's new appointee to the Senate

  Family doctor, professor, Trudeau's new appointee to the Senate Community leader, family doctor and university professor Mohamed-Iqbal Ravalia has been appointed independent Senator to fill an empty seat in Newfoundland and Labrador. Community leader, family doctor and university professor Mohamed-Iqbal Ravalia has been appointed independent Senator to fill a vacancy Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the appointment today after a recommendation from the independent advisory board for Senate appointments.

The Wilson Building was the scene of a marijuana giveaway today, but one aimed at lawmakers instead of smokers. It's part of an effort to lobby the D.C. Council to confront Congress on legalization.

This article focuses on problems of over- sharing on social media sites like Facebook, Foursquare, and Twitter. If yes, who are they visible to? If you leave them to be visible to everyone, what could be the consequences ?

And they approved, by a close vote of 39-36, another amendment that would specify that police who seize cannabis plants don't have to keep them alive.

That brings to 43 the number of amendments the Senate has so far approved to Bill C-45. And there are likely to be more before the bill is put to final vote in the upper house on Thursday.

The amendment approved Tuesday on social sharing among young people is actually less restrictive than the original draft of the bill, in which the government proposed to prohibit anyone 18 years of age or older from giving any amount of cannabis to a minor.

However, that was softened last week by the Senate's social affairs committee — with the apparent blessing of the government — in a bid to ensure that an 18 or 19-year-old who passes around a joint at a party with peers aged 16 or 17 doesn't wind up with a criminal record.

Senate poised to vote on legalizing pot

  Senate poised to vote on legalizing pot Senate poised to vote on legalizing potBill C-45 appears likely to pass, despite the resolute opposition of the 32 Conservative senators and uneasiness among some independent senators.

It was the second of several hearings expected to take place in the coming months that are exploring a way for the Palmetto State to legalize the use of pot in a medical setting. Though Keel attended the Wednesday Senate hearing, he was not called on by legislators to speak. SHARE .

The debate over legalized medical marijuana in South Carolina. SHARE . Legalizing pot for SC medical use could bring ‘unintended consequences ’. More than a dozen speakers addressed the Senate panel during a marathon hearing that ran for nearly five hours.

The committee approved an amendment that would have allowed a young adult to share an unlimited amount of cannabis in social settings with minors no more than two years younger. But that proved too lenient for senators Tuesday.

"Make no mistake, colleagues, it will be abused," Conservative Sen. Don Plett told the Senate as he moved to tighten the committee's amendment.

He argued that restricting social sharing to five grams of marijuana is reasonable, amounting to 10 joints. Giving any more than that to a 16-year-old "goes beyond social sharing and gets awfully close to trafficking," Plett contended.

He pointed out that it is illegal for an adult to provide alcohol to a minor and questioned why it should be any different for cannabis. But, in keeping with the government's stated goal of not criminalizing young people for cannabis use, he proposed making it a ticketing or summary offence to share small amounts of cannabis with a minor.

Canada's Senate votes to legalize recreational marijuana

  Canada's Senate votes to legalize recreational marijuana Canada's Senate on Thursday voted to legalize recreational marijuana, clearing a major hurdle that puts the country on track to become the first Group of Seven nation to permit national use of the drug. The upper chamber Senate voted 56-30 in favor of the legislation but included amendments that the House of Commons will need to decide on before the law can be passed.While there is not yet a definite date for when marijuana will be available for sale, the Senate was one of the last significant obstacles standing in the way of legalization as a number of Conservative senators oppose the bill.

Share . Get the most out of your experience with a personalized all-access pass to everything local on events, music, restaurants, news and more. She believes that closing the door on social pot clubs by voting down the bill, which the Senate also did last year, is hampering progress and safety.

Legal marijuana growers produced nearly 500 tons of pot last year, the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division reported last Friday. The Senate Social Affairs Committee has approved the C-45 marijuana legalization bill with 40 amendments (most of them merely technical), including one that

"There must be consequences," Plett said.

Liberal independent Sen. Art Eggleton, the chair of the social affairs committee, said he understands social sharing to mean kids passing around a joint at a party. But he acknowledged that the committee's amendment didn't define the concept — a void that proved problematic for a number of senators Tuesday.

"To me, the simplest way of solving this is to actually have a definition of social sharing in the legislation," said independent Sen. Frances Lankin.

Tuesday's amendments are on top of the 40 amendments senators approved last week in accepting the report of the Senate's social affairs committee. The most significant of those would allow provincial and territorial governments to prohibit the home cultivation of marijuana plants, if they so choose, whereas the bill, as originally drafted, would allow up to four plants per dwelling.

In addition, senators last week approved another amendment that would tighten already stringent advertising restrictions on cannabis companies, preventing them from promoting their brands on so-called swag, such as T-shirts and ball caps.

Freeland meets U.S. Senate committee .
Freeland meets U.S. Senate committeeShe's the first Canadian politician to set foot in Washington following the Trump administration's personal attacks on Justin Trudeau this past weekend at the end of the G7 summit.

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