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Canada Lobbying czar to feds: we need more funds

13:08  13 june  2018
13:08  13 june  2018 Source:

Convince Americans that a trade war will cost them, says Paul Martin

  Convince Americans that a trade war will cost them, says Paul Martin Former prime minister Paul Martin said this week he still hopes a global trade war over new U.S. tariffs on steel and aluminum can be avoided — but Americans themselves have to understand first that there's a price to pay for starting one. "The United States has to understand the seriousness of it for itself," Martin said Tuesday in an interview for the podcast edition of CBC Radio's The House .

Meanwhile, other needs are clear—very, very clear. If Congress really wants to feel useful, there are a few ways they can help. But, surprise, some of the same people calling for a “ czar ” are opposed to these solutions: 1. Restore federal funding for medical research.

That means we have traditionally spent less than half of the money the feds gave us in one of the most important funding programs for bicycle and pedestrian projects. Apr 20th, 2018 by Dave Schlabowske. Categories: Bike Czar .

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OTTAWA - Canada's lobbying czar says she needs more funding to meet the growing demands of her office and to properly modernize the country's lobbyist registry.

The federal lobbying commissioner's office has not received an increase to its annual budget of $4.5 million since it was first created 10 years ago.

Commissioner Nancy Belanger said she believes more must be done to increase education and outreach efforts to ensure all lobbyists and public office holders understand lobbying rules and to maintain a high level of transparency for the public — but she needs more money to do it.

Canada's foreign affairs minister heads to Washington amid trade feud with Trump

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Twice Convicted Illegal Alien Had Fed Work Permit. More information about these Obama czars should be part of the public record and transparent to the American people. Obama officials reportedly lobbied Congress to insert legislative language allowing the AIG bonus payments and then

You are at:Home»Uncategorized»German Drug Czar Attacks US Cannabis Lobby . The CSU-representative added that the wealthy nation of Germany was a desirable market for hedge funds — especially from the USA. According to Mortler, the cannabis lobby now has more direct access to

"We will not be able to sustain the level of demands on our staff right now and (on) the registry," Belanger said in an interview.

"If we want to be able to modernize, there is no way we will be able to do it with the current budget. That's clear. So one day we won't be able to put another Band-Aid on it and it will crash."

Half of the office's budget currently pays for salaries, which leaves little for program development, Belanger said, and even less for updating the technical aspects of the registry itself.

As a result, the registry has been forced to forgo more modern features, such as allowing lobbyists to upload information on mobile devices.

"We need to modernize our system, but I have such a small budget it's very difficult to prioritize and get to it when it's so I.T.-based and so expensive."

Can investors win by following government money?

  Can investors win by following government money? Can investors win by following government money?

White House smear merchants and their nutroots water-carriers are decrying “corporate lobbyists ” funded by the evil health care industry. I think that’s a lot of what you need to know about the motives of that group.” In late 2002, the feds had begun an investigation of Purdue, with the first of

Canada's new lobbying commissioner says the timeframe to begin a five-year review of the Lobbying Act this spring is “tight,” but doable, and that everything will be studied including restricting the political activities of lobbyists , making the registry more transparent

Belanger, who was appointed as Canada's lobbying watchdog last December, tabled her office's annual report last week.

In 2017-18, some 9,084 lobbyists were registered over the course of the year — the largest total in seven years, and a number that's only expected to grow. That's why Belanger said she needs to be able to expand her office's capacity.

"The monthly communications reports have been going up, everything is increasing," she said.

"That enhances the demand on our staff on all fronts, so at some point, with a team of 26 people, there's only so much we can do."

Her office asked Treasury Board for a one-time increase of $3 million over three years over three years to pay for modernizations like a new website and updates to the registry, as well as $700,000 more a year in base funding. No such help materialized in the federal budget.

Belanger said her office is "maintaining" things for now, but hopes government will consider an increase soon.

Ford to make case for NAFTA to U.S. counterparts

  Ford to make case for NAFTA to U.S. counterparts TORONTO - Vowing to stand with the federal Liberals, Ontario's Progressive Conservative premier-designate said he will travel widely in the United States in a bid to help bolster continuing and complex NAFTA talks. Doug Ford emerged from a nearly hour-long meeting Thursday afternoon with Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland and Canada's ambassador to the United States, pledging his help in trade dispute. The businessman and owner of a label-making business with a branch in the U.S., leaned on his background in sales to tell reporters that he will help federal efforts by travelling to the U.S. to discuss trade with U.S. politicians.

For whatever reasons, Congress was able to resist the pressures of the farm lobby to extend the ethanol subsidy. What has been needed for a long time -- and is needed now more than ever -- is the appointment of a U . S . czar with jurisdiction over all of our energy resources.

Fund this Report. NDP ethics critic Alexandre Boulerice sent a new letter this week asking the federal lobbying commissioner to examine exactly what happened in January 2015, when Charest met with five Investigative journalism has never been more important. Will you help? Subscribe.

Treasury Board did not respond to media inquiries Tuesday.

As for the work of her office, Belanger said she believes there's a lack of knowledge and understanding about what lobbyists do and why her work is important.

For many, lobbying remains a dirty word awash in corruption and secrecy — something that's simply not true in Canada, where stringent rules govern organizations and companies that wish to influence the decision-making powers of government, she argued.

"(Lobbyists) appear to have a negative reputation, when in fact the work that they do is good for democracy," Belanger said.

"It's good for our public office holders to have the information in order to make decisions that are in the public interest."

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